16 Best Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16

The 16 Best Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16. “Why can’t I install iOS 16?” you ask. Is it the query that prompted you to come here? Or, while attempting to install iOS 16 on your iPhone, do you receive error messages such as “Unable to install,” “Unable to check for update,” or “Preparing to update?” It’s not just you. Other iPhone owners who try to install iOS 16 have trouble. There may be a number of causes for this, including insufficient storage, compatibility issues, internet issues, and others. Let’s look at a solution to the iPhone not updating to iOS 16 problem.

16 Best Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16

In this article, you can know about Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16 here are the details below;

1. Check Compatibility

Apple discontinues support for outdated iPhones every year. iOS 16 harms devices older than the iPhone 8. This means that iOS 16 will not be available for older iPhone models. The list of iPhones that support iOS 16 is as follows:

  • iPhone 14 (plus, plus plus, pro, and pro max)
  • Apple iPhone 13/13 mini/13/13 Pro/13 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (second and third generations)
  • iPhone 12/Mini/12/7/8/X/12 Pro/Max
  • Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone XS/XS Max
  • iPhone 8/ 8 Plus iPhone XR iPhone X iPhone X

2. Look at the Right Place

Users are permitted to continue using the iOS 15 update by Apple. As a result, while downloading the new update, you might see iOS 15 instead of iOS 16 on your screen. “Why am I not getting iOS 16?” may be on your mind. The Upgrade to iOS 16 button may be found immediately below the iOS 15 area under Settings > General > Software Update, but you have to search there. Also check Methods To Fix VPN Not Working On Android Phones

3. Restart phone

If your iPhone can run iOS 16 but you can’t install it, just restart the device. If you restart the phone, the error warnings will frequently disappear. This is another Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16.

Long press the Power button on your iPhone until the Power off slider seems to restart it. To switch off your iPhone, move the slider to the right. Afterward, press the Power button one more to restart the iPhone.

4. Put Device in Airplane Mode

Try placing the iPhone in Airplane mode if restarting it looks like a difficult effort. By doing this, you can disable the majority of your phone’s network connections, which will resolve any transient network issues that may have interfered with the installation of iOS 16.

Open Settings on your iPhone and turn the toggle next to Airplane mode on to activate the mode. Attend to a mite. After that, disable the same toggle to exit Airplane mode.

6. Charge Your iPhone

To install iOS 16, your iPhone’s battery must be at least 50% full. Therefore, you must charge your iPhone first before attempting to load the update if it has a low battery (less than 50%). This is another Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16.

6. Check Wi-Fi

When installing iOS 16, you should check the Wi-Fi connection if you see errors like “Unable to verify update” or something similar. The most common cause of this error is a bad internet connection.

You can try the following advice to repair it:

Start your Wi-Fi modem again.

If you have access to one, try installing iOS 16 using a different Wi-Fi connection.

Disable Wi-Fi and use mobile data to apply the update.

7. Check Date and Time

Occasionally, issues with the iOS 16 installation can also be brought on by a discrepancy between the date and time on your iPhone and the Apple servers. Go to Settings > General > Date and time to correct it. Switch on the setting for “Set automatically.”

iPhone time is automatically set using iOS date and time settings.

8. Free Up Storage

To download the most recent version of iOS without any problems, your iPhone needs to have between one and two gigabytes of free space. Go to Settings > General > iPhone storage to check your iPhone’s storage. Find out how to expand iPhone storage if it is full.

Examining iPhone storage

View the breakdown of iPhone storage by category

9. Turn Off Hotspot

Turn down your hotspot if you’re installing iOS 16 using one, and download iOS 16 using a regular Wi-Fi connection instead. This is another Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16.

10. Turn off VPN

While updating iOS 16, you should also turn off any VPN software that is currently running on your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > VPN to disable either a third-party VPN program or a built-in VPN service. Also check Methods To Fix Snapchat Not Working On Mobile Data

11. Turn off Low Power Mode

By turning off a few iPhone features, the Low power mode assists in preserving battery life. Low power mode may potentially be to blame for troubles with iOS 16 not installing. You only need to disable the Low power mode to repair it. Go to Settings > Battery to do that. Switch off the Low power mode switch.

Setting the iPhone’s battery and Low Power Mode

Advice: The battery icon in the status bar will become yellow when Low control mode is activated.

12. Remove SIM Card

Re-inserting the SIM card has occasionally been found to solve the strange problem of iOS upgrades failing to install. In essence, take out the SIM card from your iPhone, then replace it.

13. Turn off Content and Privacy Restrictions

Some customers claim that the iOS 16 installation problem was resolved by disabling the content and privacy restrictions.

Locate Content & Privacy Restrictions under Settings > Screen Time. The toggle next to Content & privacy restrictions should be turned off.

Alternatives for limiting content and privacy on the iPhone

Content and privacy restrictions are active on an iPhone

14. Redownload Software Update

iOS updates frequently fail to download properly, making it impossible to install them on your iPhone. Simply erase the existing download and redownload the software update to resolve this problem.

Access iPhone storage by going to Settings > General. Where X is the version number, tap on iOS X. To delete the update, click the button. This is another Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16.

IOS update deletion in the iPhone storage settings

After removing the update, restart your iPhone. Next, choose Settings > General > Software update to download and reinstall the update. Hopefully, iOS 16 can now be installed on your iPhone.

15. Reset Network Settings

You must then attempt to reset the network settings on your iPhone. By doing this, you can resolve any problems that might be preventing the iOS update from installing by resetting network settings like Wi-Fi to their default values.

Reset network settings by bearing to Settings > General > Transfer and Reset > Reset.

iPhone settings reset

Reset network settings on an iPhone

16. Install update Using Computer

If you still have trouble installing iOS 16, you should try using iTunes on your PC, as is seen here, or the Finder software on macOS.

  1. Join your PC and iPhone.
  2. Launch iTunes, then select the device icon at the top.

iPhone 3 was linked to iTunes. To check for an update, click Summary.

for the iPhone 4, check the iOS update on iTunes. If an update is available, click the Download and Update button after that. This is another Ways to Fix Cannot Install iOS 16.

Have Fun With iOS 16

After applying the aforementioned patches, hopefully iOS 16 was able to be installed. The ability to see the battery level on the lock screen is one of the unique features that iOS offers. Learn how to obtain the features of iOS 16 on an Android phone if you like them.

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