Best 8 Free Tools You Can Use To Improve Your eBook Writing Skills

This post will explain Tools to improve ebook writing skills. Writing an eBook can be a difficulty for even the most experienced authors sometimes, not to mention for those just beginning. Whether you’re seeking to get published or ghostwriting an eBook for a customer, a little help from eBook writing tool-scan go a long way in making certain your eBook is not simply error-free but likewise sticks out from the crowd.

Best 8 Free Tools You Can Use To Improve Your eBook Writing Skills

In this article, you can know about Tools to improve ebook writing skills here are the details below;

Whatever your motivation, we need to commend you for taking the primary step in a long series of steps towards compiling, formatting, and releasing an eBook. The eBook market is ever-growing, with the worldwide eBooks market standing at $15.7 billionin 2020 (1.01 billion readers worldwide).

Which is not the end of it. With a growing number of people diverting towards reading, the market is anticipated to see a 6.2% year-on-year development in income and a 7.9% boost in readership. You might be doubting this point how the eBook market can complete versus physical books, right? Well, here is a chart demonstrating how the sale of eBooks has actually increased throughout the years.

As the eBook market grows, the need for online editing tools is likewise growing– specifically totally free ones. There is an over-whelming number of these editing tools available, and all it takes is a basic Google search to discover the majority of them.

Nevertheless, how do you understand this is the best eBook modifying software application? How much does it cost? Exist any totally free tools for eBook editing? & if there are, are they worth it?

Here, we’ll go over the top 8 free eBook editing tools that you can use to instantly enhance not simply your writing skills, however likewise the reading experience of your followers. Consider them as Shadowfax for Gandalf the white– carrying him over country miles in speed and being a buddy to him for many years.

 1. Grammarly


No list of online modifying tools would be total without having Grammarly in it. You’ll find this tool in nearly every such list, every professional computer system, and probably in every experienced eBook author or ghostwriter’s system.

Grammarly’s algorithms check your sentences completely for four major classifications:

– Correctness.

– Clearness.

– Engagement.

– Delivery.

There is likewise a plagiarism check that you can allow, however that is a paid function.

What makes it a useful eBook writing tool is the reality that it enables you to set objectives according to your requirements. For instance, if you’re writing a fictional eBook, you can target the “basic” audience. If you’re writing an instructional eBook, select “experienced,” and so on. Here is a screenshot to reveal you some of the settings you can modify. Also check online crm tools

Grammarly can fix over 249 English language errors and has an add-in that you can integrate straight into your Microsoft Word application. Grammarly unleashed the same add-in for Mac as in April 2020 so that nobody gets left!

If you wish to acquire the premium subscription of Grammarly, it costs $29.95/ month.

 2. Read-Able.


With Read-Able, it’s everything about you and your target market. Initially, it learns, then it carries out. It essentially evaluates your writing design and then rates your work based upon its readability. It offers you a rating along with highlighting locations with poor readability red, and average in yellow.

Some locations where Read-Able can assist you consist of:.

  1. Blogs/articles.
  2. Technical writing.
  3. Academic writing.
  4. eBooks.
  5. Introductions.
  6. Job descriptions.
  7. E-mails.
  8. Video scripts.
  9. Social media posts, and so much more.

Each of these has a various requirement in regards to how you ought to structure your sentences, specifically eBooks, which is precisely what this complimentary tool for writing eBooks helps you achieve. What’s more, it’s free to utilize. In the free version, you can get spell checks and the all-time beneficial readability score.

Moreover, you can go professional for as low as $4 and get access to full readability reports, team management and results sharing capabilities.

 3. PlagTracker.


Available in 6 various languages, PlagTracker is the very best totally free plagiarism checker that you can get. Plagiarism, be it in an organization paper, blog, or an eBook is unacceptable.

That is where enters play, scanning your eBook from the working title to conclusion against material online. Which’s not completion of it. If PlagTracker finds plagiarism in your file, it implies rewrites in order to ensure that they are unique.

4. Dragon Dictation.

Dragon Dictation

For those of you who are glancing to publish an eBook however do not want to compose, you have two options;.

  1. eBook Ghostwriting services.
  2. Dragon dictation.

The software imitates your individual typewriter, writing everything down as you speak into your phone’s microphone. This way, you can determine your eBook and just touch the document for editing as soon as you’re done. Also check Online survey tools

This saves a lot of time & effort on your part. After all, how difficult is it to speak into a phone?

The most recent versions can likewise support voice commands, however that one isn’t free, nor is it particularly helpful for an eBook writer. Instead, you can discover older variations online free of cost and start ‘writing’ an eBook with your voice!

 5. Verbix.


For those of you looking for complimentary tools for eBook writing, Verbix is yet another fantastic eBook writing tool– specifically for those who are not as strong at grammar. It works with English, German, Italian, Arabic, Japanese, and Latin verb conjugations, so that you get to go nuts with you eBook.

There is no premium account– instead you get access to all the offered features free of charge. There is an alternative to donate, but it’s up to you whether you want to contribute or not.

 6. Hemingwayapp

Hemingway App

Enjoyable truth: resolving the mobile application, it’s not “the Hemingway App” however it’s “the Hemingway App.” Weird, isn’t it?

Jokes aside, Hemingway Application itself is a wonderful web-based eBook writing tool for those of you wanting to enhance their eBooks. It’s vibrant, it’s valuable, it’s effective, and most notably, it’s totally free.

It includes whatever we have actually listed above in other apps and more, with another thing that comes with the paid version– benefit.

It helps authors tackle the subtleties of English language, helping you break down intricate sentences, overused words, prepositions, and everything in between. Its readability rating gives you an approximation of how understandable your content is.

For example, a readability score of 5 ways that your material can be checked out and understood by the average fifth grader. It highlights the verbose sentences in yellow and highlights in red those sentences you fear might be tough to comprehend.

You also get tip on how to improve the structure and circulation of your content, which is a big plus. All that, and you do not need to pay a single cent! That modifications, nevertheless, if you’re looking for the desktop app and plagiarism checker.

 7.Pro Writing Aid.

Pro Writing Aid

Okay, this one is an essential for fiction writers. It is thought about to be an industry-standardeBook modifying and writing tool. Pro Writing Aid is utilized by eBook and printed book publishers alike, not to mention eBook ghostwriters, so you ‘d fare off pretty well with it. Also check Ai tools for media creation

You do not have to buy it, either. The text editing software is readily available in web-form for free. You can modify approximately 500 words at a time with their complimentary web tool. It might be a grind, however you can get it to work regardless. The text is checked for the following:.

– Plagiarism.

– Unclear or abstract words.

– Alliteration analysis.

– Typos.

– Grammatical errors.

– Flow.

– Trendy problems.

The very best bit, apart from it being free, is that Pro Writing Help is rather singing about any mistakes, making sure you learn along the way. The tool has actually seen numerous an eBook, both in totally free and paid variations.

The premium versions begin at $70 a year (less than 6 dollars a month), so it is certainly a take and worth it, considering how well an eBook offers.

 8. One Look Reverse Dictionary.

One Look Reverse Dictionary

As a writer you must have encountered this circumstance on a regular basis when there’s a word at the idea of your tongue (fingers, in this case), however you just can’t remember it. You understand what it implies but can’t put your finger on it. Know what we indicate?

Well, the next time you’re dealing with such a conundrum, attempt the One Appearance Reverse Dictionary. It works as a ‘reverse’ thesaurus. You merely key in the definition or a rough abstract in your mind and this eBook writing tool will note down 100 coordinating words for you. You can choose whichever one looks like the word you’re searching for and sort accordingly. With-in a few clicks, you’ll find the word you’re trying to find.

This tool is free and by the appearances of it, will stay so for the foreseeable future.

Writing itself is a long and rather tough procedure, but when integrated with an eBook, it becomes even more challenging. There are easier ways to finish your eBook and get released such as ghost book writing usefulness or by using any of the eBook writing tools we discussed above.

It will spend some time, but you will ultimately master it. And let us suggest you this from experience, the grind is well worth the fruits in the end!

If you think we have actually lost out any essential free tool or if you simply wish to share your thoughts, let us understand down in the remarks. We’ll be waiting to speak with you!

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