Three unique property types and lavish apartments in Turkey

For all those who love the extraordinary over the conventional, this post is for you. You are welcome to comprehensive content on three beautiful property types indigenous to Turkish origin.

You may already know about conventional modern houses such as condominiums, villas, Duplexes, Bungalows, etc. Still, as an ex-pat in love with rich history, cultural architecture, and beauty beyond the ordinary, you should check out these three property types that are unique and indigenous to Turkey.

What architectural style is unique to Turkey?

This country has been through many eras, and as one era phases into another, a piece of its architectural style remains visible in the cities to date. For example, many of the architectural styles in the country were largely influenced by the Seljuk construction style, which was later reflected in the Ottoman seasons. These classical buildings had tall roofs with Muslim dome-like pillars or designs and big hallways on the inside. Also, after the Hagia Sophia, many mosques were designed to mimic the structure, meaning that historic structures also impacted building styles in Turkey.

Indigenous Turkish housing style

Most of the Turkish architectural styles present today were influenced by the Ottoman era; read more on the official website Turk.Estate. There are three major most famous housing styles which, interestingly, are still being built today.

Ahsap Elver

These are wooden houses scattered across the black sea area. They are constructed from sturdy planks obtained from the hills. The foundations are often arranged to suit the mountains so that they can sit beautifully on the hilly side of the country. These houses could get really cold in winter, making a very good heating system important. Additionally, based on their sitting, people who love living in the mountains/hilly areas will find an Ahsap Elver house incredibly fine. It is quite unclear when this type of property originated.

Ottoman Town Houses

Ottoman Town Houses were the houses for the rich as far back as the Ottoman era, which was between 1300 – the 1920s. The oldest set of Ottoman Town Houses has been refurbished and redesigned in recent times. To date, you can find Ottoman Town Houses mostly around the Safranbolu area and a handful in Istanbul, but they are rarely for sale. These large two-three-story buildings are constructed with a mixture of stone and wooden materials and bright colors such as white and red. They are supported by concrete pillars and wide windows, which are often scattered across the rooms. The most famous politicians of old lived in these houses, and they were quite expensive to buy in 2023.


A seaside mansion that will qualify as a villa in recent times. Strategically positioned by a small river, often having a short bridge into the river or a wooden porch for relaxation. Yali houses are made of concrete, stones, and wood and were also developed in the Ottoman era.

Lavish apartments to purchase in Turkey in 2023

In search of luxury apartments in Turkey? Search no more. Other not-so-old or historical but luxurious apartment styles in 2023 include the following:

  • Seaside Villas – These modern buildings are designed to aid an affluent lifestyle. They often have an open river in the front or back yard, and some may have a pool en-suite, depending on the suitability of its surrounding waters for swimming. They are often large townhouses with imported design ideas and many rooms.
  • Beach Houses – an opportunity to experience the ocean waves in your yard, easy sunbathing whenever you like, and a wide range of beach activities. These days, beach houses can be anything from simple wooden houses to modern tech design houses. These villas are one of the most expensive in town.
  • Expensive Condos – Condos are patronized by those who love small-sized units. The expensive condos lately form part of a bigger building or tower, as the case may be. They are enclosed units, often with an open window space from where you can view the surrounding areas.

The aggregator website mentioned above is the place where you can find all kinds of properties in the real estate market that are available for sale.

Preparing a budget for Turkish indigenous housing

These Turkish homes are made of wooden materials, stones, or dried bricks, utilizing the materials available in each locality. You must be aware that they are culturally relevant artifacts, and those which have not been converted into a museum or gained international recognition are still regarded as historical and, as such, very expensive. They cost above the $88,000 average housing price, and some may run above two hundred thousand dollars.

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