10 Best Sites like LiveLeak In 2022

This post will explain sites like liveleak. Liveleak is a very well-liked website where users may upload and share videos. In actuality, this website serves as the hub for all types of viral content. I have some incredible content to offer customers looking for other sites like LiveLeak. You may find videos relating to genres including reality, war, comedy, politics, current events, and many more on the websites I’ve gathered here in this list.

10 Best Sites like LiveLeak In 2022

In this article, you can know about sites like liveleak here are the details below;

They are the largest platforms ever for posting and sharing videos thanks to their incredible supply of general journalism and public support.

1. Engage Media

Engage Media

In the same way as LiveLeak promotes rights, equality, and other social issues through citizen journalism, Engage Media is similar to LiveLeak in that it is also a non-profit platform.

Despite the fact that the majority of its content is geared toward or concerned with Asia.

It is connected to several events and projects, including MovieMento, CrossRoads, Camp Chindwin, Camp Sambel, etc.

It also uploads research from other independent uploaders as well as its own; among its most well-liked uploads are its Video4Change and VideoChronic studies.

It is feasible for users to upload their own films, articles, or event details without having to register on the network.

However, using or simply visiting the website is absolutely free and doesn’t involve any such conditions.

Users can share videos in a variety of sizes, and you can even download them in their original quality or in Mp4 High/Low resolutions before moving on to WebCam quality, which again offers options for High and Low resolutions.

Although a little disorganised, the interface does provide a summary of the movie and the country when hovered over.

2. Dtube


The first decentralised, blockchain-based video platform ever is called DTube.

When it comes to layout and design, it’s basically like Youtube, although it does have a few brand-new capabilities. Also check Torrent2DDL 

Unlike YouTube, which is heavily regulated and removes videos for even the smallest infractions, there is absolute freedom of speech, opinion, and transparency because it is Decentralized and based on Blockchain.

They basically hijacked Youtube and turned it into DTube by removing everything we don’t want it to have, such as corporate commercials, censorship, policies that invade our privacy, and so forth.

Everything that you are unable to upload on YouTube due to censorship is available here.

Even NFSW stuff is permitted!

However, censoring isn’t entirely pointless either, am I right?

As a result, the platform has a “upvote” and “downvote” system.

Users vote on videos, and a video’s authenticity, correctness, or usefulness are decided as a result.

Despite being one of its main draws, users can upload their movies and earn actual money from them.

Anyone can see the transparently disclosed earnings for each video, which are also available to see.

In terms of the user interface, there is a top-positioned search box for keywords and a left-side menu with options like “Home,” “Upload,” “Hot Videos,” “Trending,” “Watch Later,” “Watch Again,” etc.

This is another Sites like LiveLeak . Similar to how videos appear on YouTube, the remaining portion of the screen shows thumbnails for each video along with information about the channel, upload date, and earnings per video.

It goes without saying that users can comment and subscribe to these channels.

Registration is required for uploading, commenting, and like on videos but not for streaming.

On Steem, registration is required and is completely private, unlike Youtube.


Another cryptocurrency-based video-sharing network, Bit Tube prioritises freedom of speech, anti-censorship laws, and an open platform ecology.

Additionally, because it is open-source, anyone may audit the code to ensure that it is indeed what it purports to be.

Similar to DTube, it also compensates content producers for posting videos to the platform.

Since BitTube doesn’t believe in advertisements either, none are ever displayed.

Viewers that watch the videos earn cryptocurrency, which is subsequently given to the uploaders.

If they appreciated the content, viewers can also directly “Tip” the channels.

The user interface is polished and contemporary. Has a sidebar that appears when users hover their cursor over the icons.

It has options like “Login,” “Register,” “Trending,” “Newcomers,” “Live,” “Categories,” “Upload,” “Broadcast,” and even “Start Mining Coins”!

The video players support pop-out videos and offer controls for speed, quality, and both!

Provides a high degree of site colour and theme customization.

It allows users to live-stream content as well as broadcast it on the platform, which is not available with the majority of the other options on this list, as the selections suggest.

Additionally, users can migrate all of the content to BitTube by linking their Youtube accounts.

It appears to be a lively group since several movies are submitted every hour.

There is no need to log in or register in order to stream.

5. Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video

Because of its adaptability, list sites like LiveLeak have ranked Xfinity as the top option.

Whether you’re looking for amusing or pornographic content, Xfinity has all kinds of videos available.

However, there exist certain restrictions with regard to Xfinity Video, the first of which is that a fee is associated with the services.

You would need to pay $49.99 a month for Xfinity Video’s internet and TV services, which I think is reasonable considering you get 10 channels. With various bundles, the sum varies. You receive a full dashboard from Xfinity that you can customise and contains a variety of services.

When it comes to the website’s content, you may find films on subjects like news, entertainment, lifestyle, TV, finances, sports, etc. This is another Sites like LiveLeak .

You can also access the videos associated with numerous well-known platforms and media organisations via their own channels. Also check  Series pepito

You can see the newest, most popular videos on the site itself when you visit the homepage. On the whole, the UI is slick, and I have no doubt you’ll love using Xfinity to watch videos.

6. Metacafe


Metacafe is one of the most widely used video hosting and sharing sites among all LiveLeak-like sites.

It offers a highly organised and straightforward platform with all different kinds of films in numerous categories, all of them are of extremely high quality. The first step is just to register for a Metacafe account, after which the rest is history. You can view as multiple videos as you like on Metacafe without worrying about any time restrictions, and using it is completely free.

You can browse various categories, such as humour, sports, science, video games, art animation, and many others, in addition to the general categorization of the newest, most watched, and trending films.

Sites like LiveLeak that host and share videos are a terrific way to stay up to date on global trends, and Metacafe is a great example of this.

On this network, you may also start your own channels and subscribe to popular ones, which is a strategy very similar to YouTube. Additionally, you may use the provided search bar to look for any films you desire.

7. YouTube


Not including YouTube in this category of sites like LiveLeak would be completely foolish. The most widely used platform for watching videos and viral material from around the world is this American video sharing website. The biggest video-focused website ever is currently YouTube, which is one of Google’s subsidiaries.

On its platforms, YouTube offers a wide range of services, including the ability to upload videos, create channels, rate, share, subscribe to channels, host full-length videos, and more.

Additionally, YouTube offers various paid solutions for accessing the most recent content. Although the explicit content is completely prohibited on this site and users must transfer to other video hosting sites for this, this is still the largest platform ever for viewing a range of videos. Short documentaries, movie trailers, live broadcasts, video blogging, and many other types of content are also hosted on YouTube.

This is another Sites like LiveLeak . The platform offers Google AdSense as well, which enables advertising revenue generation. You can also make money using the site by starting your own channel and earning money based on the number of views it receives.

8. Break


I completely understand if you haven’t heard of Break, but trust me when I say that the website is just as well-known as YouTube. is a top choice among websites similar to LiveLeak and is primarily used for seeing all of the world’s comedic content.

On Break, you may discover everything from films to photos, and it’s all incredibly high quality. Through the views on the videos, you may learn about the most watched ones and just watch the greatest content.

Regarding the amusing category, the website also features several sub-categories, like saucy, odd, nerdy, animals, pranks and fails, and many more.

This website allows you to contribute your own content, just like other websites do, thus it functions somewhat like a channel.

The break has a separate archive option where you may view films from earlier enrolled years as well.

Break features incredible viral content on its platform in addition to amusing videos.

On Break, you may register for a free account and immediately begin watching high-quality videos.

9. MyVidster


Among all the LiveLeak competitors, MyVidster stands out because it primarily functions as a social video sharing and bookmarking platform. Also check Torrentparadise Alternatives

The website enables you to search for and gather films from many online sources before assembling them for you under one roof.

The services provided by this website are completely free, but there is a pro version available if you are annoyed by the adverts or want to upgrade to better features. After successfully creating an account on MyVidster, you can follow users and request that they follow you in return. In fact, you may utilise it when you’re on the go with the help of its iOS app.

Even if the site doesn’t categorise its movies, you may still watch them by selecting from lists like “popular,” “recent,” or “on shuffle.” MyVidster is unquestionably a wonderful pick for the list of LiveLeak alternatives when it comes to entertainment. This is another Sites like LiveLeak .

You may gather all of your videos onto a single platform with the help of the MyVidster browser extension.

10. Dailymotion


More than 300 million people use Dailymotion, which launched in 2005. This website for uploading and sharing videos has a sizable selection of premium videos from numerous sources. One of the largest platforms in the globe, it provides services in more than 18 different languages.

Dailymotion, which is renowned for its adaptability, enables users to publish, access, and share media that is categorised using auto-tags and channels.

In terms of approach and scope, Dailymotion can be compared to YouTube, making it one of the most well-known websites similar to LiveLeak.

You can start receiving recommendations after creating an account on it based on the types of videos you like to view there.

You can subscribe to channels on this site to receive fast updates on trending videos, which will also appear in your feed.

Dailymotion uses a fingerprinting method in addition to supporting high-quality movies on its site to identify copyrights. In reality, it also has a children’s channel that is entirely controlled by parents.

11. Veoh


Veoh is essentially an online television service, however it does not change the fact that it is not referred to as a LiveLeak substitute.

Veoh is popular primarily because it attracts audiences that are typically not present on other platforms, regardless of how well-known they may be. Veoh prioritises everything equally, from important productions from well-known studios to independent approaches to entertainment.

This is another Sites like LiveLeak . Veoh, a Qlipso subsidiary, is a totally free platform that operates similarly to the majority of the other sites like LiveLeak described above.

Various videos from genres like educational, music, cartoon, animal, person, sports, TV series, channels, and more can be found here.

In order to proceed on this site, you must first register an account before the site may begin to provide recommendations based on your preferences. Veoh also boasts a fantastic selection of music and movies in addition to videos.

12. Vimeo


When compared to other sites like LiveLeak, Vimeo is a significantly higher quality platform.

Naturally, it belongs in the category of hosting and sharing videos, but since it is a premium service, Vimeo also provides some paid features.

There are several subscriptions available in addition to the free Vimeo Basic plan. These three options are Vimeo Plus ($7/month), Vimeo Pro ($20/month), and Vimeo Business ($50/month). Due to the associated storage space, these plans are distinct from one another.

In addition to the staff picks and suggestions, Vimeo has a sizable library of incredible-quality movies that you can peruse. Additionally, you can make some money here by selling your films.

You can learn about the best content on the website by using options like short films, series, staff selections, best videos, popular, etc. For its premium services, Vimeo is fairly well-known, and I’m sure you’d love to check it out as well.

13. BitChute

Similar to LiveLeak, BitChute is a site for uploading and sharing videos. However, like LiveLeak, BitChute prioritises “free expression” over other kinds of content.

The design is straightforward, with only masses of content—divided into Popular, Subscribed, and Trending videos—overflowing the entire screen.

The videos’ overall number of views is shared, but not much other details. Additionally, it allows users to choose between a day and night mode (themes which change the overall appearance of the platform).

Users can access the categories by clicking on the three horizontal buttons on the left-sidebar. The list includes (but is not limited to) categories for art, anime, games, health and medicine, music, and so on.

As long as they register on the platform, anyone can set up their own channels and upload content for no charge. There is no registration required for video browsing. The website is free of advertising (no hidden, on-click, popups). This is another Sites like LiveLeak .

It is possible for creators (uploaders) to monetize their channels, and BitChute makes it autonomous so that tips and donations can be accepted separately on services like PayPal, Paychute, CoinPayments, BitBacker, and others.

14. Kill Some Time

Although not very well-known, Kill Some Time is a great addition to the list of LiveLeak-compatible sites.

The platform may not be as large as some other companies’, but I really appreciated how everything on their site was kept well-organized and user-friendly.

The fact that you don’t have to register on our site is one of the things you’ll appreciate the most.

Despite the fact that it lacks the recommendation element as well, it also does away with the inconvenience of registration.

When it comes to the main categories on this website, it functions very similarly to other sites like LiveLeak.

These categories include many others, such as humorous photographs, fails, jokes, games, fight videos, and most popular.

On this website, there are also several channels that you can follow to get fascinating content.

I especially adored the additional content on Kill Some Time. Here, you can play some flash games and view their photo gallery. Jokes and humorous videos have their own categories, too.

15. CrazyShit

You can even find softporn movies on CrazyShit because it belongs to the category of video sites like LiveLeak that focus more on adult and sexual content.

Its open approach toward adult content is what makes it more well-liked than YouTube. Making an account on CrazyShit and starting your own channel are both completely free. CrazyShit actually has a number of sister sites, including WTF People, Kaotic, FapChat, and many others.

So, after completing the registration process, you have access to a sizable library of videos on this platform that are arranged according to the time of their upload.

Additionally, you can look through sections for fighting, humour, sex, WTF, failure, odd, and many other things. On its platform, the website also hosts images. You can submit a post to the site since its content is carefully chosen, too. Numerous additional features are also comparable to those on other sites like LiveLeak, including the ability to rate and comment on videos.

The website is primarily used for viewing bizarre erotic content, gore videos, crime scenes, and other such things.

16. MediaGoblin

This is another Sites like LiveLeak . As a “Decentralized media publication platform,” MediaGoblin markets itself. Almost every sort of file can be shared via it, including books, audio, video, 3D models, and ASCII art!

It even makes the claim to be a “Youtube Alternative.” It’s possible to locate everything and everything on the network because it’s decentralised.

It is one of the only sites like Liveleak with journalistic-democracy and liberty, covering anything from political controversies to conspiracy theories to weird home movies.

Additionally, users can join other website’s sites or build their own. In other words, it is somewhat similar to WordPress and Blogger.

You can visit one of its many published sites for their content, write your own comment, and participate in other ways if you’re only interested in its “Liveleak-like” usage.

(A couple of active websites: and

Additional plugins for the platform can be made by more experienced users as well. There aren’t many restrictions either; users can submit almost anything as long as they follow the law.

However, setting up your own Mediagoblin site isn’t exactly straightforward. I wasn’t too impressed by the interface either. However, if all you want is material to read, watch, or share, it will certainly meet your demands.

17. Worldstarhiphop

Worldstarhiphop is without a doubt a website similar to LiveLeak if LiveLeak is a reality-video, citizen-journalism phenomenon.

It is directed both at everything and at nothing. In other words, you can submit and watch newsworthy content such as music videos, shocking or unexpected videos, and so forth.

This is another Sites like LiveLeak . There are other categories, including “Trending Now,” “Featured Videos,” “Today’s Videos,” and even “Exclusives” that are presumably not accessible elsewhere.

On the site’s main webpage or in the footer, you can choose to contribute your own videos. There is no registration requirement for video submission. You can choose from the available video kinds, which are: music video, promotional video, fight/vine/funny video, or just select the “other” category. You can also input your email address, specify a title and a video URL. The requirement to upload the films to is, however, mentioned.

There is no quality-control available with the built-in video player. However, the volume control is available, and the links to the videos can be copied. There are the typical like, share, tweet, and other social media buttons.

The website receives an average of approximately 500,000 views every day, making it very popular (according to Wikipedia). Even the comment section we saw had recent comments, demonstrating the site’s popularity.

18. Leaked Reality

The majority of the content on the website is actual video that individuals like you and me have filmed and submitted.

The majority of material is unexpected, perhaps even too obscene or violent for some. I did discover actual footage of homicides, fights, mishaps, etc. This is another Sites like LiveLeak .

Each video typically lasts less than a minute because they are all genuine, uncut clips. There are several content filters available, including all videos/HD videos, most recent, etc.

Additionally, there is a “Timeline” where you can look for videos posted “today,” “this week,” or “this month.”

There are also available categories and tags that make it easier to find material. Alternately, you can just click on one of the category links in the left-sidebar, such as “Accidents,” “Animals,” “Documentary,” “Politics,” “Weapons,” or “Science.”

In addition to uploading your own information, you may subscribe to other users’ feeds and leave comments on their content. Except for streaming videos, these actions demand registration. You can access countless videos, movies, and TV shows by visiting the following post:


These video hosting websites, like LiveLeak, have the advantage of exposing you to the reality that you frequently stay ignorant of.

The original truth is covered by the media outlets and other television platforms that sell information that is worth seeing.

You can learn about the full-length footage connected to other categories by visiting these websites, though.

You may undoubtedly encounter some disturbing content, but once you become accustomed to utilising these platforms, I have no doubt that you will stop using others.

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