Top 6 Ship Station Alternatives In 2023

Best Ship Station Alternatives will be discussed in this article. There are now more order management systems (OMS) available as a result of the expansion of e-commerce, a sector with an estimated $8 trillion worldwide market by 2026. Customer orders, catalogs, and shipments are managed via OMS platforms like ShipStation. They frequently enable businesses to automate and accelerate shipments by integrating with marketplaces, shopping carts, and even third-party fulfillment services like Amazon Supply Chain.

The comparison of couriers and on-demand label printing are two of the primary services offered by ShipStation and comparable platforms. Let’s examine how that functions.

How do Order management systems work?

Let’s say you want to send a box, but you’re not sure which shipping company will provide the greatest service at the best price. Simply enter your mailing information into one of these platforms, then select a postage option from a selection. The chosen courier, such as UPS Ground or UPS Next Day Air, will subsequently receive a printable mailing label with a barcode.

Printing your label, attaching it to your shipment, and sending your package away are the only steps left. In essence, websites like ShipStation function as authorized suppliers. You pay the vendor instead of USPS or UPS directly. By doing this, you can benefit from discounts and lower prices while cutting down on the number of post office journeys.

Top 6 Ship Station Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Ship Station Alternatives here are the details below;

Due to its numerous interfaces with carriers and marketplaces throughout the world, ShipStation is a well-liked OMS platform for multichannel retailers, but it might not be the perfect option for everyone.

One drawback is that it might be somewhat expensive; monthly subscriptions start at $9.99 but can rise significantly based on factors like the amount of shipments and users. Additionally, it takes some time to get used to because it is a big platform with lots of options and functions. There are a few options to think about if you’re searching for something simpler and less expensive.

1. Ship by Sticker Mule

Ship by Sticker Mule

Shipping via Sticker Alternative to mule ship via sticker mule shipstation

The mantra is “simplify, simplify.” What Ship helps you do is exactly what Thoreau advises for living. This is another Ship Station Alternatives.

Finding the finest shipping service for your dollar and producing your own USPS or UPS shipping labels are simple, 100% hassle-free processes with Ship.

  1. Register for free (takes a second)
  2. Sender and recipient information (name, address, etc.)
  3. Type the dimensions and weight of your package.
  4. Select from a selection the most affordable and effective USPS or UPS alternative.
  5. Pay for your shipping label; there are no further costs.
  6. Immediately print or download your label.

In addition to assisting you in selecting the most cost-effective carrier for your requirements, Ship enables you to follow and control the status of numerous orders using various postal services on a single platform. What’s best? You won’t be charged any recurring fees or monthly subscriptions by Ship. Not even a penny. The most user-friendly of our free ShipStation competitors, Ship, is at the top of the list. Also check WinRAR Alternatives.

2. Shippo


Shippo and ShipStation are comparable in that both provide services for multichannel businesses, and both have partnerships and connections with numerous international couriers and e-commerce platforms. There aren’t many differences between ShipStation and Shippo when comparing the two. Both feature sizable platforms, the ability to print labels in volume, and a variety of practical task automation possibilities. This is another Ship Station Alternatives.

Shippo is an intriguing alternative for people or small enterprises because, unlike ShipStation, it provides a free option for single-person customers. However, it will continue to charge you for additional services, such using its order-tracking API.


Popularity of is widespread throughout the US. It provides a more limited service that is only compatible with USPS and UPS, similar to Ship. But for a set monthly price of $17.99, it also offers a number of choices, including:

  • Compatibility with retailers with many locations;
  • Order imports from shopping carts;
  • Bulk CSV inputs;
  • And recipient shipping notifications is one of the best ShipStation options for small retailers and businesses, despite having some restrictions, such as allowing only one login per user. This is another Ship Station Alternatives.

4. ShippingEasy


Shipping Easy easily earns the fourth spot in our list of alternatives because to its simple user interface, first-rate customer care, and a wide range of integration options with third-party platforms and order management services. It offers, among other meritorious qualities:

  • Complete reports with shipment graphics
  • Users can receive automated shipment progress notifications and real-time order tracking to stay updated at all times.
  • Send return address labels
  • From the convenience of your home, print mailing labels

How do we compare ShipStation to ShippingEasy? The most important thing to keep in mind is that ShippingEasy offers a free package, with a monthly cap of 25 shipments. It might be a more advantageous choice than ShipStation for small firms trying to reduce shipping costs. Also check Squarespace Alternatives

5. EasyShip


Despite sharing a name with ShippingEasy, EasyShip differs from it in a few respects. Additionally, it provides a free subscription (limited to 50 monthly shipments), in which case users are simply charged for postage and insurance. Its monthly entry-level subscription, though, costs $29, making it a tad more expensive. The key distinction is that several of its best features, such as pre-generated return labels, phone help, label customization, and displaying import taxes and duty at checkout, are only accessible to premium customer tiers. This is another Ship Station Alternatives.

6. ShipHero


In the OMS market, ShipHero is a tremendous powerhouse. It helps with warehouse management and order fulfillment in addition to offering tracking and label printing services.

As a result, it can be a perfect option for bigger merchants seeking for someone to handle the majority of the shipping flow. But there is a hefty price to pay for that, of course. Because of this, it is a less appealing choice if your demands are simpler and you don’t need to scale exponentially in the near future.

Courier, Wrap it up

A staggering 21.6 billion items were delivered across the US in just 2021. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are numerous order management systems available. How can you locate the top order management and tracking solution for your company? As always, “it depends” is the best response. For those who operate large, multi-integrated stores with tens or hundreds of employees and a wide variety of diverse shipping management demands, ShipStation is a potent platform.

However, we believe Ship is the ideal alternative for you if you’re searching for a straightforward and cost-free platform to assess the finest shipping courier options, track your shipments, and print USPS shipping labels without any additional costs.

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