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How to Screen Record IOS 14 Complete Guide For 2021

This post will explain screen record ios 14.  How to tape-record the screen on the iPhone? All of us take screenshots with our smart devices but also it is possible to tape videos of our screens. These kinds of recordings can be useful, for example, to reveal someone what the problem is that you are having or you can tape your gameplay, etc

How to Screen Record IOS 14 Complete Guide For 2021

In this article, you can know about screen record ios 14 here are the details below;

In the case of Android, there are numerous complimentary and easy apps for this purpose. iOS, however, offers us a new function that allows us to record the iPhone screen quickly and rapidly. Let’s see how to do it.

iOS 14: How to record the screen on the iPhone?

As we stated, tape-recording the iPhone screen is a really simple task: simply include the shortcut in the control panel and trigger it when you want to start recording. Follow these actions:

– Go into the ‘Settings’, go to ‘Control Center’ and open it.
– Select ‘Tailor controls’. You will see 2 sections: ‘Include’, with the functions that you presently have in the control panel, and ‘More controls’, with the functions that you can include.
– Click on the (+) icon representing the option ‘Screen recording’ and you will see how it relocates to the top.

How to record the screen on the iPhone? [iOS 14] When the ‘Screen Recording’ function has been added, every time you wish to tape the screen, you simply need to access the Control Panel (to do this, swipe below the upper right corner). Follow these actions to learn how to tape-record the screen on the iPhone. Also check best note taking apps.

screen record ios 14

– Now a new button appears appearing like a circle; press it and it will start a three-second countdown to begin taping whatever on the screen.
– When tape-recording starts, that button will turn red to suggest that it is recording, you can activate the microphone to capture your own voice.
– When you leave the Control board, you will see a red-orange bar in the upper left corner of the screen. Also check How to export iMovie project on Mac.

When you want to stop the recording, you simply have to tap on it and press ‘Stop’.
In this post, you found out how to tape-record the screen on the iPhone. And remember this function record your entire screen, so if you don’t want to show your notifications, and so on. We suggest you to utilize do not disturb mode when you record the screen. Also check mediabox hd.

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