Uses for Payment Gateways in the DeFi Industry

Utilizes for Payment Gateways in the DeFi Industry. Utilise product accumulations such as Mercuryo’s beyond conventional use cases. If you’re currently working at a DeFi or Web3 protocol, using an on- and off-ramp may seem like something unnecessary. However, protocols and businesses alike can utilise product stacks such as Mercuryo’s beyond established use cases.

Uses for Payment Gateways in the DeFi Industry

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Mercuryo products offer payment security through data security technologies, encryption protocols, firewalls and anti-fraud layers that can seamlessly integrate into your business website.

Pay Employees

You and your peers have spent time and energy building a Web3 product — why not give the option to be paid in crypto? Payment in cryptocurrencies is a perk that helps gain and retain young talent. Studies have shown that over one-third of millennials and half of gen Z would be happy to receive part of their salary in crypto.

Digital asset transfers are fast, inexpensive and reliable. Using stablecoins such as USDT or USDC is a simple way to pay in crypto without worrying about the current market conditions.

Get Tipped

Similar to Twitter’s tipping mechanism and systems like Twitch’s, adding a tipping function would allow passionate users and community members to express their gratitude for the team’s work.

Whether it’s to a writer on the content team or a developer working on a community request – make it as simple as possible for the community to show their appreciation.

Take Web3 into the Physical Realm

Got branded merch or tickets to IRL or online events? Using an on-ramp makes it incredibly simple for your community to purchase goods from your website using crypto or fiat currency.

And Mercuryo’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) makes it easy for you to leverage our comprehensive financial infrastructure by implementing modular components including bank transfers, IBAN accounts, and easy access to payment funds.

Worried About Upcoming Regulations for DeFi?

Stay one step ahead of regulations when you partner with an on- and off-ramp such as Mercuryo. We’ll make sure all your KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) are compliant with regulations while you can continue working on your company.

Spend time where your passion and business lies, and we’ll make sure your regulatory admin is complete. Mercuryo also saves you from dealing with bureaucracy and workflows associated with payment processing, which often slows down the purchase process.

A Way to Grow into New Markets

Utilising a product stack like Mercuryo’s allows you to target a much larger audience on a global scale with a higher conversion rate. It’s critical to consider the payment infrastructure available in the countries your business is targeting, as well as the payment system landscape.

Allowing local users to pay using methods they’re comfortable with is one way of ensuring a higher conversion rate.

The Rails to Simple Onboarding

Payment gateways will be a defining and necessary factor for onboarding society into DeFi and Web3. If you’re looking to make your product as accessible and user-friendly as possible, allowing users to easily on-ramp using their traditional payments is a great way to start.

Being able to offer fiat payments for your native token, for instance, is a simple way to gain more stable conversion rates. Studies have shown having at least three different payment options is a sure way of increasing conversion rates by as much as 30%.

Next Steps

You’re ready to start integrating an on-ramp into your dApp? Great! We have already partnered with over 200 industry names such as Trust Wallet, Ledger, Unstoppable Domains and Huobi.

When you become a part of the wider Mercuryo ecosystem, you gain far more than our product stack. Get in touch with our team today.

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