Top 18 Best NFT Projects In 2022

This post will explain nft projects. Since the rise in popularity of these digital tokens, numerous projects have been created that have increased their usefulness. Although a few of these projects have achieved great success, most do not. Additionally, it typically leaves collectors and investors with a useless JPEG.

What NFT project would therefore be the best one to invest in? Should you finance an NFT project, too? Since it’s generally accepted among investors that you shouldn’t invest in anything you don’t completely understand, let’s define what an NFT project is.

What is an NFT Project?

A unique group of NFTs with a specific utility is referred to as an NFT project. The NFTs in this collection are not different from other NFT artwork. The primary distinction is the increased output of NFT projects.

Typically, NFT arts are produced on a small scale by lone artisans and sold on the NFT market. In contrast, NFT projects are developed by large corporations, and trading takes place on their platforms.

You may learn more about some of the top NFT projects in 2022 by reading the remaining paragraphs of this article. Additionally, we’ll be discussing some recent projects with you that are most likely to fail in the future.

What is the best NFT to Buy?

But how can one choose the NFT project that will be successful when there are so many of them available? How do you distinguish between people who will succeed and people who won’t?

There are no magic eight-balls, but there are several basic strategies that can help you land the ideal assignment.

Always arrive early to create a lasting impression! You still have time to choose from the list of excellent NFT projects that we have included in this article.

Please be aware that neither we nor this financial advice are connected in any way.

Where to Find the best NFT Projects?

Finding financially sound NFT ventures can be difficult. There are different things to think about and various places to research. I hope this has given you some ideas and possibilities to consider.

  • Utilize Twitter; it’s your best ally.

Twitter is without a doubt the king and the place where NFTs live. It is one of the best places to discover new communities, hear about upcoming projects, and keep up with ongoing projects. Twitter is an excellent resource for finding projects and promoting your own NFTs and collectibles.

You can become lost in the NFT Twitter rabbit hole, where the NFT community is highly active, by using the hashtags #NFT, #nftart, or #NFTCommunity alone.

  • Conflict is the starting point.

Discord is a great resource for finding NFT projects, albeit it isn’t always the easiest to utilise. A Discord server will be available from every NFT effort, group, or influencer worth their salt. Discord is a text, voice, and video chat application that uses servers, which are mostly exclusive, invite-only places. They stand apart from other platforms because of their particular focus on communities with like-minded members.

Like Twitter, Discord has a tight-knit community. You can contact with other server users and go deeper into projects thanks to this platform.

What you should look for

It only makes sense to devote some time in learning about anything you plan to put your own money in. It takes some time to uncover reliable projects in the NFT arena, but your chances of finding good projects increase significantly if you are willing to put in a little extra work. Investors would typically use the following method to judge a company’s success:

  • Efficiency (social, discord, influencers, etc.)
  • The group (people invested in the success of the project)
  • Sales (amount of sales and price changes during the previous days/weeks)
  • Roadmap and Whitepaper

NFT Community for Artists, Designers, and Creators

The Forest is the first NFT community specifically for artists and designers. But The Forest is more than just a neighbourhood. It is a learning platform and NFT marketplace that equips creatives with the information, contacts, and resources they need to succeed as NFT and Web3 professionals.

Top 18 NFT Projects for 2022

In this article, you can know about nft projects here are the details below;

1. CryptoPunksNFT


Larva Labs, a two-person development company that specialises in everything from web infrastructure to digital design and art to mobile games and utilities, launched CryptoPunks. The London punk movement, as well as cyberpunk literature and movies, served as inspiration for the team as they developed a pixelated character generator. It is a well-known project with 10,000 original punk-themed characters. This is another nft projects alternative. Also check Best cryptocurrency apps

There are twelve different categories of value for these CryptoPunks. The most prevalent kind are Human Punks. Other uncommon Punk species exist as well, including Zombie Punks (24), Ape Punks (9), and Alien Punks (88).

The collection’s most valuable piece, Alien Punks, sold for more than $8 million at an auction. The most costly NFT in the CryptoPunk collection cost an incredible 124,457 ETH to buy (about 532 million USD).

Because of this, CryptoPunk is regarded as the most expensive NFT project to date. The project currently has 5,238 purchasers and a total trading volume of 2,084,406,290 USD.

2. Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Four unnamed co-founders of Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) — Gargamel, Gordon Goner, Emperor Tomato Ketchup, and No Sass — came up with the concept. The collection is housed on IPFS and kept as ERC-721 coins on the Ethereum network. On the Ethereum blockchain, the project’s 10,000-pixel NFT avatar collection is hosted.

Because there are no two NFT characters exactly identical, BAYC is one of the most popular NFTs collections. This increases the value of each NFT in the BAYC collection dramatically.

Despite being a relatively new initiative, BAYC faces stiff competition from a number of established NFTs projects that have already been made public. The project was listed by Decrypt as the second most well-known NFT project that has garnered attention, right after CryptoPunks.

This is another nft projects alternative. The inclusion of Bored Ape Yacht Club in our list of worthwhile NFT project investments in 2022 was a no-brainer given the present ranking of BSYC as one of the top NFT projects.

Bored Ape Yacht Club’s total trade volume is currently 1,384,829,779 USD with over 9,500 buyers, and those numbers are increasing daily.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

The non-fungible token-based online game Axie Infinity was created by the Vietnamese firm Sky Mavis. The game is renowned for its cryptocurrency-based in-game economy, which is based on Ethereum. Nintendo’s preferred Pokémon series serves as its inspiration.

One of the major characters in the NFT sector, Axie Infinity is well known for developing the idea of play-to-earn NFT games.

The Axie Infinity Game’s in-game animals are referred to as axes. A minimum of three Axies must be purchased in order to play the game.

The cost of these Axies fluctuates and rises as the platform becomes more and more well-liked. Depending on its features and attributes, each Axies is valued differently, but you can still get a respectable one for about $200 right now.

The total amount of money traded for this project during its entire history is currently 4,019,390,587 USD, with 1,645,122 buyers.

4. Art Blocks NFT Project

Art Blocks NFT Project

An venture called ArtBlocks gives collectors access to a network of individual, programmable, and configurable NFTs that are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Erick Calderon, who was involved in the ceramic tile industry, and Jeff Davis launched it in 2021. The idea behind this project is to use blockchain technology to enable artists to combine digital elements to produce one-of-a-kind NFT artworks. It is built with blocks.

With Art Blocks, the computer chooses what to mint at random, and both the artist and the customer approve it. As a result, generative art has reached a new level. The artist must go back and tweak the algorithm until it is perfect since Art Blocks demands that they sign each and every algorithm output. They are unable to merely choose the top outcomes. This is another nft projects alternative.

This project achieves this by using NFT drops, in which users mint NFTs without knowing what kind of NFT art they will ultimately receive.

There are currently 26,977 purchasers and a total transaction volume of 1,200,650,344 USD for this project.

5. Mutant Ape Hath Clubs NFts

Mutant Ape Hath Clubs NFts

Yuga Labs’ The Bored Ape Yacht Club was a huge success, and the follow-up, The Mutant Ape Yacht Club, was created. The Bored Apes were monopolised by celebrities and businessmen, therefore a mutant ape project was started that offers a less expensive way to access the same network.

A total of 20,000 Mutants were made available, with some of the rare “Mega Mutants” fetching as much as 3,000 ETH ($9 million).

Members of the Bored Ape Yacht Club received the Mutant Apes via airdrop. You can get early access to Adidas’ “Into the Metaverse” NFT project, which is already selling for more than three times its retail price, by purchasing any of Yuga Labs’ 30,000 apes (both bored and mutant).

Investors anticipate that in the future, the minimum price for a MYC will be in the range of 25 ETH. Being a part of this initiative pays.

6. NBA Top Shot NFT

NBA Top Shot NFT

Basketball fans may display their enthusiasm by collecting “NBA moments,” a collection of NBA highlight videos that can be traded like cards, in NBA Top Shot, an NFT initiative developed by Dapper labs. Essentially, it is a cooperation between NBA and Dapper Labs, a blockchain startup with a $7.5 billion valuation.

NBA Top Shot does a good job of simulating the tactile souvenir-collecting experience of basketball fans in the real world. The value of a user’s library of NBA highlights might also rise with time.

As of right now, there have been 419,583 buyers and a total trading volume of 938,251,588 USD for NBA Top Shot.

7. Meebits NFTs

Meebits NFTs

This is another nft projects alternative. Meebits was developed by Larva Labs as a sequel to the popular CryptoPunk game. A collection of 20,000 3D figures inspired by well-known video game characters, including those from Minecraft and Roblox, make up Meebits, another remarkable NFT creation.

In May 2021, the initial offering of 9,000 NFTs sold out for 22,500 ETH in eight hours.

Meebits can be sold on any cryptocurrency exchange platform because it is based on the Ethereum blockchain and adheres to the ERC-721 token standard. Additionally, the NFTs created for this project can be used as avatars in video games, virtual environments, and the metaverse.

Meebits is ranked eighth among all-time most successful NFT projects by Cryptoslam, with a total trading volume of 404,398,876 USD. Also check Cryptocurrency companies in new jersey

8. Azuki NFT Project

Azuki NFT Project

The name of this NFT project makes it clear that anime in the Japanese style was an inspiration. Surprisingly, four unidentified youths working for the company Chiru Labs came up with the idea for this endeavour.

Despite the fact that the Azuki project was only launched at the beginning of this year, it broke a sales record by selling 8,700 characters in less than three minutes and earning over 29 million dollars.

OpenSea data indicates that 30 days after its first release, this NFT project sold collectibles worth approximately $300 million USD, placing it at the top of the leaderboard for trading in digital collectibles in January 2022.

At the time of writing, Azuki had an overall trading volume of 374,334,143 USD.

9. CloneX NFT Project

CloneX NFT Project

An NFT collection called CloneX contains 20,000 different 3D avatars. The CloneX avatars can be used by collectors in games, movies, and other media. This is another nft projects alternative.

The project is the result of a partnership between Takashi Murakami, a Japanese artist, and RTFKT. The artist is renowned for his distinct aesthetic and bold colour palette, both of which can be seen in numerous renowned art collections.

All of the avatars in this collection were made with Daz 3D and RTFKT technology and have a combination of realistic features and characteristics that are influenced by Murakami.

10. Proof of Beauty Studios NFTs

Proof of Beauty Studios NFTs

This is another nft projects alternative. The outstanding NFT project Proof of Beauty is focused on honouring and preserving the legacy of the Ethereum blockchain. Before starting from scratch, the group first compiled a history of Ethereum.

Users can convert previous and private blockchain transactions into NFTs using HASH, the first NFT series from Proof of Beauty. This project’s algorithm transforms transactional information into forms, colour schemes, and textures. The NFT from Vitalik’s original Ethereum transaction through Jay-Cryptopunk Z’s purchase is one of the most well-known of these NFTs.

Shortly after its debut, LONDON, the second series from Proof of Beauty featuring an assortment of 8,888 Ethereum generative art works, was sold out. London gift NFTs were made available during the hard fork, and the first transaction following the EIP-1559 upgrade took place on the sale of London NFTs.

11. The SandBox NFT

The SandBox NFT

Sebastien Borget, a co-founder and COO of the SandBox, has developed another play-to-earn NFT game called The Sandbox. This NFT initiative makes use of blockchain technology to give gamers a way to enjoy the game while making money from their free time.

A lucrative investment opportunity, this NFT project has the potential to draw millions of new participants into the cryptocurrency market. The Sandbox project is currently gaining popularity and has extended to other nations worldwide. This is another nft projects alternative.

According to CryptoSlam, The Sandbox has 19,143 asset owners and a trading volume of 365,423,547.

12. Upland NFT Project

Upland NFT Project

Upland is a cutting-edge blockchain-based metaverse NFT project with real-world addresses mapped to it.

Uplandme, Inc., a Silicon Valley startup sponsored by Block. one (the developers of the EOS blockchain) and business leaders from the gaming, real estate, and technology industries, established and manages the project. The company was founded by Mani Honigstein, Idan Zuckerman, and Dirk Lueth. Through the use of play-to-earn features, this platform enables individuals and companies to commercialise their land (metaverse space).

Players can buy and sell NFT land using the project’s provision of Upland’s token, UPX. There is also a 6,000 UPX welcome incentive for new users. The cost of land in Upland is among the lowest in the metaverses, with prices beginning at only a few dollars.

13. Metaverse Land NFTs

Metaverse Land NFTs

This is another nft projects alternative. Virtual reality, often known as metaverse land, is one of the most intriguing NFT projects to invest in. Decentraland is one example of a metaverse land project. One of the most complete virtual reality ecosystems where virtual space may be bought and sold. Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano, both from Argentina, launched Decentraland in 2015. Digital land plots cost about $20 when it was launched in 2017, while Mana tokens were only worth $0.02. Consider the increase over a brief period of time.

With the use of this platform, you may also profit from the development of your land; some investors have done this by erecting NFT casinos, amusement parks, and museums. Others only invest speculatively in virtual reality land, planning to sell it at a profit later.

14. Rich Cats Nation NFT

Rich Cats Nation NFT

On the Binance blockchain, there are 1,000 NFTs in the collection Rich Cats Nation. The project gives users the opportunity to acquire original works of digital art featuring cats that have various random unique traits.

Similar to past well-liked NFT collections, some Rich Cats are thought to be rarer than others, leading to higher secondary market valuations.

Rich Cat NFT has a value of 0.0085 ETH, a $2,284.202 trading volume, and a market cap of $57,195.729.

You can join Rich Cat Nation, an exclusive group with a number of benefits, if you own a Rich Cat NFT. The benefits include royalties, NFT Airdrops, live events, Rich Cat apparel, and more.

15. Doodles NFT Project

Doodles NFT Project

If you’re seeking for long-term growth, one of the best non-traded funds to invest in right now is Doodles. The NFT market has been completely taken over by this 10,000-character collection, which includes anything from pickles to bones to animals. Illustrator Scott Martin draws each Doodle by hand, making each one entirely unique. This is another nft projects alternative.

10,000 generative NFTs were created by Jordan Castro, Scott Martin, and Evan Keast. The group’s “working aliases” are Poopie, Burnt Toast, and Tulip. Keast and Castro were well recognised in the NFT world before Doodles because they helped launch the renowned NFT project CryptoKitties in 2017. Martin, on the other hand, has been developing his creative identity within the NFT realm for almost a year and minting his own pieces.

The Doodles NFT initiative stands out from others in that token holders are involved in the growth of the community. Having a Doodle gives you the right to vote on specific subjects.

Voting for experiences and activations funded by the Doodles Community Treasury is possible for each Doodle. Doodle NFT is quite valuable, with a price of $50,227.12 as of this writing. A total of 10000.0 NFTs have been issued, and they are held by 4631.0 different owners, for a market cap of $502,271,202.24.

16. MetaTriads NFTs

MetaTriads NFTs

This is another nft projects alternative. Another important NFT project is Meta Triads. One cyberpunk character can be seen on each of the 10,000 NFTs in the Meta Triads collection. Each Meta Triad is represented by a cyberpunk Human, Humanoid, or Hybrid figure. Ownership of the Meta Triad, however, also comes with a variety of intriguing extra benefits in addition to the distinctive digital art.

The most notable benefit is being eligible for Meta Triads Marketplace shares if you have a Meta Triad NFT. The business is developing an aggregator marketplace that will let clothing producers electronically display their goods. NFT owners of Meta Triads will have ownership stakes in the market and receive TRIA$, the native token, for each sale. The value of the global apparel demand was estimated to be 1.5 trillion dollars in 2020 and 2.25 trillion dollars in 2025. Also check best cryptocurrency exchanges

17. Zed Runs NFTs

Zed Runs NFTs

A digital racehorse NFT on the blockchain that sold for $125,000. The Virtually Human Studio created it. It is an NFT project based on a computer game of horse racing. The same rules apply to buying and owning horses as NFTs do.

A cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain is called Zed Runs NFT. Horses cost less than $30 when the marketplace launched in 2019, but since then, prices have grown to a high of $125,000 and frequently reach $15,000. Over 11,000 horses have been sold since then, and an additional 8,000 have been created specifically for the game. Many stables mix breeds and genes to create exceptional racehorses.

According to Chris Ebeling, co-creator of Virtually Human and founder of Zed Runs, there is possibility for expansion and individuals might possibly make a living by trading, breeding, and racing virtual horses. Zed Runs NFT now has an average selling price of $142.3 and a $349.440,00 sales volume.

18. Yubo NFT Project

Yubo NFT Project

Yubo is a social live streaming platform that makes it simple to interact with friends and make new acquaintances from across the globe. It can be used for gaming, watching YouTube videos, and communicating. Additionally, Yubo makes it simple to create your own group of like-minded individuals or meet new people who share your interests. This is another nft projects alternative.

The brand’s first NFT collection, Yubo Randos, recently went on sale. Everyone requires a rando in their life, according to the collection’s premise. Even if they are careless, they are typically the most memorable people.

The ability to send, share, and pin your Rando NFT via the Yubo app is one of the main benefits for Yubo users. Later this year, Yubo intends to introduce special gatherings and live broadcasts for Rando NFT owners so you may create a network of NFT collectors who share your interests. In July 2022, the first private event is anticipated.

Randos are available for purchase at Yubo’s NFT auction for 0.1 ETH each. Randos can also be acquired by current Yubo users through giveaways and other opportunities.

Best NFT Projects Conclusion

These extremely valuable NFTs are selling for astronomical sums. At the time of report, the most affordable Bored Ape Yacht Club costs over 100 ETH, while the cheapest CryptoPunk costs roughly 75 ETH. The products on the market with the lowest “floor” prices are those. A top-tier Alien or Ape Punk will cost around 2000 ETH, or over $6 million.

It’s tough to exclude the possibility of a bubble with prices at these levels. However, some think that the upcoming generation of entertainment businesses will develop from these NFT collections. Businesses like Bored Ape Boat Club, which have hundreds of millions of dollars behind them, may throw VIP boat parties, exclusive concerts, and more for ape owners.

Additionally, owners maintain the intellectual property rights to their gorillas, and businesses like Diamond Supply Co. and Happy Dad Hard Seltzer have acquired gorillas for branding reasons.

The illiquidity of the majority of NFTs makes it difficult to determine the worth of a project or collection. However, treasures with a secondary use, such as works of art, Discord servers, and events, have a greater chance of success. Additionally, do your homework before funding any NFT initiative.

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