Top 41 Best Movie HD APK Alternatives In 2023

Best Movie HD APK Alternatives will be described in this article. A free online streaming software containing a vast library of films, TV shows, and live channels is made available to users by the website Movie HD APK. This streaming service offers subtitles in hundreds of different languages and allows users to access content in HD, especially new releases. While optional add-ons like Real-Debrid and provide extra benefits, it can even give its consumers access to a streamlined, ad-free interface that improves the user experience.

Movie HD APK offers benefits like tracking watch history and making a favorites list, although registration is optional. Even if the program isn’t available on the official Play stores, it is still possible to install it by downloading an APK file from the website.


  • Several films and television shows
  • Updates with the newest releases frequently
  • Option to download content offline for later viewing
  • Easy navigation with a user-friendly UI
  • HD resolution streaming of high-quality films


  • Streaming in HD quality
  • Large film library
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Offline downloading choice
  • Updating the content frequently


  • Advertisements may interfere.
  • Calls for dependable internet
  • Collection of only a few series

Top 41 Best Movie HD APK Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Movie HD APK Alternatives here are the details below;



One of the entertainment apps with the quickest growth is RTS TV, which enables one-click streaming of movies, live sports events, and web series. You may access it from anywhere in the globe, and it is completely free to stream content. The ability to access more than 1000 national and international TV channels makes this entertainment software superior to others, which is the most intriguing aspect about it. You can stream sports events and league games online with the app.

2. Filmzie


The online portal Filmzie can provide its users a television resolution that gives them access to a limitless number of shows and movies. Due to the great resolution of each piece of content on our site, users can enjoy themselves. It may also allow users to access updates on the most recent director-promoting films from the whole film industry. Additionally, Filmzie supports smartphones so that users can access video content using the media player mode.

3. Doxcy


Doxcy refers to the simplest approach for its customers to browse their favorite films or TV series as well as in-depth information about each film. This platform enables users to instantly look up any movie they want to see more information on using sophisticated search engines. In addition to providing information on hundreds of TV shows and a vast database of movies based on both old and new releases.

4. Momix


Users of the Momix online streaming software may quickly and simply view new and old movies, web series, live television, and more. With the use of this platform, users may access a variety of OTT services like Netflix, Red Bull TV, Amazon Prime Video and Shows&Suns, and many more additional. Customers may even be allowed to download this streaming app on several devices, such as smart TVs, smartphones, and other gadgets. Additionally, Momix offers all of its services to consumers without interspersing them with adverts so that they can.

5. Videomix


Anyone can stream countless TV series and movies using the internet software Videomix, which is based on a solution. All of the accessible content is flawlessly categorized into categories, making it simple for the user to locate the information he wants to watch at that particular time. A customer using Videomix can also use the built-in search feature to locate exactly what they’re looking for. Even the servers that host the content on this platform.

6. WatchFree


WatchFree is centered on free TV shows and movie streaming, both of which may be downloaded for later offline viewing. In this market, you may either employ the search bar to look up movies & TV shows, or you can sort the results by clicking on different genres. Additionally, WatchFree has a simple interface that is both slick and user-friendly. Additionally, a number of films and TV episodes are supported by Putlocker, despite the fact that it also has its own.

7. CucoTv


Streaming free movies and TV episodes in 1080p resolution across several platforms is simple with CucoTv. The ability to cast your selected material on Roku, MiBox, Chromecast, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 is one of its most eye-catching features. The most recent version of CucoTV includes an integrated request feature that allows users to offer popular and current questions to the CucoTV crew.

8. Flixoid


The one-of-a-kind Flixoid Android app for TV series and movies runs flawlessly on Android phones, Android TV, Fire TV, and other devices. Exclusive online films are available on Flixoid, which also offers stunning user interface and 4K and 1080p resolution. Alldebrid, Premiumize, Subtitles, Real-Debrid, and other formats are supported. You may access incredible stuff in high definition with the aid of this Android app for TV series and movies. Flixoid offers public domain TV shows and films after crawling them in a highly staffed and organized manner.

9. FilmPlus 


With FilmPlus, you can do a free online search for the TV episodes and movies you want without spending any money or time. Most websites and streaming applications either offer plenty of adverts or are merely a collection of phony links. The most recent and premium material across practically all genres is available on services including HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and more. For Firestick, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC, respectively, you can download the FilmPlus apk. Despite the time you waste trying to find a good movie.

10. Relax TV

Relax TV

On Android, you might use the Relax TV app to have countless hours of enjoyment while watching your favorite web entertainment. While listening into stations from different nations, you can turn your mobile device into a hub of entertainment. People can watch a variety of things, including sports, television shows, movies, online content, dramas, and other things. Officially, Relax TV is no longer part of the internet, however Relax TV apk is still accessible on many platforms, though its reliability isn’t guaranteed. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives. Also check  jalshamoviez Alternatives

12. Zmovies


Zmovies is a service that streams content online & allows users to download a type of HD-quality movies and TV shows for free. Without making any kind of website registration or login, the customer can even watch free movies online. Unlike other streaming websites, Zmovies is a platform with no commercials, thus the user didn’t encounter any intrusive ones. Various download options are available, including the year.

12. HBO Max


HBO Max is a high-end streaming service that combines hit movies, exclusive MAX originals, and TV shows into one convenient location. With limitless access to countless hours of entertainment, the HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. The Cartoon Network collection, for example, has something for every member of your family, so relax on your couch and find your new favorite from one of its expertly chosen hubs.

13. WatchAsap


The streaming service WatchAsap enables users to access limitless streaming of their preferred TV shows, shows, episodes, movies, and much more. Through a Web-App, the platform is seamlessly compatible with a expansive range of instruments, including mobile and desktop platforms. Users of Watchasap can also rent DVDs via mail, allowing them to watch both classic and contemporary movies, television programs, and other media on their preferred devices. A movie filtering tool is also available to users. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

14. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb Movies & TV

In the palm of your hands, IMDb Movies & TV puts one of the most reliable and well-liked sources of TV shows, movies, celebrity rumors, and other fascinating content. The go-to location for viewing trailers, purchasing tickets for future films, and finding showtimes whenever you want is IMDb: Movies & TV Shows App. You may track your watched content, rate and review the content you’ve seen, store your most-liked selections, and receive personalized suggestions for movies. Also check Movies Found Online Alternatives

15. Lifetime


A dependable source, Lifetime gives you unlimited access to all the reality, drama, movies, and more whenever you want. Every day, new content is released to enable you have real pleasure, including entire movies, full episodes, preview segments, behind-the-scenes videos, and more. You may continue to enjoy watching your most popular Lifetime shows on mobile devices and tablets like Android, Kindle HD, iPhone, iPad, and more. For users who wish this feature, Chromecast compatibility is also offered.

16. TVZion


You may watch free movies online on TVZion whenever, anywhere, thanks to its fascinating and extensive OTT platform. With a big library of free HD movies, TV series, and massive video content, enjoy free video streaming pleasure. With two editions and a stylish user interface, the TVZion app is very simple to use. Instant access to fundamental features is available with TVZion’s free edition without having to spend anything. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

17. Redbox Free Live TV

Redbox Free Live TV

Redbox Automated Retail created Redbox Free Live TV as a free entertainment source. People can access a wide variety of films, TV shows, and programs thanks to this ground-breaking platform. With it, you may enjoy the best possible video quality while watching all of your favorite TV shows or networks. Because it supports many languages, it offers more than a thousand TV channels from around the globe. Additionally, this entertainment software offers both buy and rental choices to users.

18. Zinitevi


Zinitevi is the fastest-growing mobile application that gives you unlimited access to watch movies, TV episodes, and trailers. It serves as a Netflix substitute and has features and an equivalent user interface. To serve only HD and full-length movies and TV series, a professional crew hand-picks every movie on our app. The best thing about this app is that it lets you see trailers and little clips of each movie, which makes it easier to discover new movies.

19. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV

People who enjoy viewing movies online and having a lot of fun can find pleasure on Terrarium TV. Even though Terrarium TV has a ton of incredible features, it has been permanently stopped and is no longer directly or indirectly offering its services. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for Terrarium TV-like applications or websites. These are the highest Terrarium TV alternatives that offer its users around the world the same amount of fun.

20. Live NetTV

Live NetTV

With only one app, Live NetTv gives you access to more than 800 TV channels. It may legitimately promise to offer all of your favorite channels. Channels are separated into 9 categories, including Music, Kids, Documentaries, Movies, Religious, News, Sports, and International, to make browsing and choosing content simple. Due to its daily data upgrades, Live NetTv is your best option if you want unrestricted entertainment that is also free. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives. Also check DosMovies Alternatives

21. Kodi


An ultimate entertainment hub with a beautiful UI, faultless features, and a host of other features that make your media come to life. While playing practically all types of media that you are looking for, it neatly puts your smart TV to shame. You can immediately enjoy great TV episodes, photographs, PVR, exclusive Games, and a variety of other things, in addition to exclusive music that suits your tastes and movies that you love to watch. It functions flawlessly on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi.

22. BeeTV


One of the best and most attractive entertainment centers is BeeTV, where you may enjoy watching an endless supply of TV shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment. With Android, you have free access to the most recent version of BeeTV and a screen full of movies. The button brings up a menu where you may select the TV show or movie you want to stream from the menu. It gives you the option to choose the stuff you wish to see.

23. OneBox HD

OneBox HD

With OneBox HD, you may enjoy watching TV episodes, movies, and other entertainment with your family and children directly on your smartphones and tablets. While using one of the top apps, you can watch online television and movies. You may download the OneBox HD films app for free on your chosen devices and it has millions of users from across the world. You cannot download the most recent OneBox apk from Google Play Store and purchase OneBox HD there. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

24. CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

Free movies, TV shows, and other entertainment options are readily available on tablets and mobile devices. You may cast movies and TV shows directly to your smart TV using the CyberFlix TV app, which supports Chromecast. One of the few video-on-demand services that offers a wide variety of language subtitles so you may watch movies in your language. It features one of the quickest streaming sources accessible, as well as lightning-fast server speed.

25. CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK

With CatMouse APK, you can stream all of your favorite TV shows, films, series, and other content directly to your mobile device or tablet. You may watch films without bothersome commercials and get all the entertainment content for free. It enables you to deliver a media library with HD video material and direct video downloads to your devices. Due to its built-in video player’s wide range of compatibility, you can play videos without downloading any additional ones.

26. Morph TV

Morph TV

The app’s apk contains all of your most popular Hollywood movies. The Morph TV app provides the most incredible amusement for your most likely movies and TV shows whenever and wherever you want it. On Android, iOS, PC, and FireStick, you can stream content through the Morph TV app. Compared to what Morph TV is offering, it offers superior downloading speed. It includes a ton of fascinating features in addition to the most recent TV series, movies, and on-demand media on Android. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.



To save you time and effort while allowing you to watch more stuff quickly, Cyrose HD is a cinehub alternative that compiles thousands of the newest movies and TV series in one location. You can use the sorting options to see the most popular films at the top of the list and watch those first. The platform provides movies from popular genres like action, war, drama, horror, romance, comedy, and history all at one location.

28. Maxtorz


Since it is an entertainment platform, you may download all of your preferred movies and store them on your phone so you can watch them at a later time and conserve mobile data. A substitute for Cinehub, Maxtorz offers direct search possibilities from several online entertainment websites including YTS and Piratebay. In contrast to the Cinehub app, it offers a broad variety of filters that let you sort the available movie selection in accordance with your preferences.

29. NightOwl


NightOwl is a one-stop shop that enables you to stream TV shows & movies on your phone’s screen without first downloading them to internal memory. If you want to watch a new movie every day, you can update the list of movies and TV series every day. You can let your loved ones know where to find a movie. It’s a substitute for Cinehub, but it stores all downloaded media to Google Drive for quicker downloads and streaming online. It’s a cinehub platform.

30. Cinema HD

Cinema HD

With Cinema HD, an online streaming service that serves as a substitute for Cinehub, you can access all of your favorite movies while you’re on the road and watch them whenever it’s convenient for you. You can look up movies by typing their names or key terms into the search field to quickly see details about all the linked movies. It has a significant selection of all the most recent films and TV shows organized by genre and film kind.

31. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a substitute for Cinehub that offers a large choice of popular movies & TV episodes to enable users to use their free time in a novel way. In order to give you more kid- and family-friendly material, the platform tailors the selection of movies based on your viewing habits. It enables you to download a movie or TV show and store it in a different folder so that you can watch it later while offline. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

32. AirTime


AirTime is a fantastic social platform where users create products based on shared hobbies and passions. Regardless of whether you’re in quarantine, away from home, or still lacking in genuine connection, you can still enjoy watching entertaining content. You can interact live, express what matters to you, watch movies, and more. The app makes it simple to take in live events and listen to music anytime you want. Using an app like Airtime, a live social space, is great.

33. TogetherTube


Another option to Watch2Gether and Hulu where you can enjoy watching videos, listening to music, and streaming your most likely stuff whenever you want is TogetherTube. Strong moderating features, superb synchronized playback, and more are all provided by Watch2Gether. Additionally, it has a voting system that puts useful features right in your hands. You may enjoy watching entertaining content whenever and wherever, whether it’s on YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, or any other streaming site. By including your inner circle, you can make space.

34. Watch2Gether


You may spend time together watching fascinating content in real-time with Watch2Gether, another app that competes with Hulu and Rave. Create a room right immediately, share the URL, and start watching things together. Just like Hulu and Rave, you may enjoy streaming your most likely music by logging in or signing up. If you don’t like Watch2Gether, come on over and let’s look at some Watch2Gether substitutes. Create a fun space in your home with exclusive synchronizing.

35. Teleparty (Netflix Party)


In this coronavirus pandemic, Teleparty (Netflix Party) is one of the most exceptional apps since it enables true entertainment wherever and whenever you are. With the same content and setting that you’re looking for, Netflix Party is now Teleparty. There are millions of people who have Netflix Party installed, and they can watch their favorite episodes whenever and wherever they want with the friends they choose. Similar amounts of entertainment are provided by Teleparty and Netflix Party. It is… This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

36. Hulu


Because of its excellent features and functionality, Hulu is one of the top alternatives to Rave. Due of its feature-rich environment, users are switching to the Hulu app rather than rave. Although the app has advertisements, they are not offensive. You can watch content while on the road and take pleasure in watching your favorite shows, films, music, and other fascinating content all at once. It’s fantastic to get a tailored TV experience with Hulu: Stream new TV episodes, movies, and series.

37. Pikashow


Finding and watching the ideal movie is a difficult undertaking because there are thousands of movie streaming apps available online. Pikashow is one of the greatest, most feature-rich, and secure streaming apps for Android and iOS devices that is created specifically for crazy streaming fans who want to watch high-quality and full-length movies. You may access live TV episodes, online series, and much more without any restrictions with the app. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

38. Peacock TV

Peacock TV

The NBC movie pouring site Peacock TV, which contends with Soap2day and provides nearly all of the same benefits and features, is the one with the shortest growth. The website offers access to & playback of thousands of the top films, TV shows, anime series, and channels available on the planet. All of your favorite entertainment is conveniently available on Peacock TV, a movie streaming service from NBCUniversal. Peacock TV: Watch TV, also offers HD streaming and movies online.

39. BIGSTAR Movies


Finding movies online can be challenging, but websites like BIGSTAR Movies greatly assist you in managing your search. An impressive selection of foreign films, documentaries, independent films, film festival winners, and more can be found on the award-winning BIGSTAR Movies & TV app. You can watch hundreds of movies that are likely to interest you for free and then enjoy them. BIGSTAR Movies also offers a premium subscription for $4.99 a month, while you can only access a certain amount of content. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

40. Rave


Leave your friends, even your relatives and loved ones, in this trying and brutal time of the coronavirus pandemic when everyone is inside their houses. With the help of apps like Rave, Hulu, TogetherTube, and others, you can live happier and more entertaining lives. Numerous applications are available that enable you to keep up with your friends on a single screen as this concept ages. You can take pleasure in watching amusing films, Netflix programs, YouTube videos.

41. Cinehub


Are you a die-hard movie buff who wants to view all of your favorites on your phone without first logging into the app? If so, you can always stay occupied with the CineHub app, which offers you the newest episodes of widespread TV shows as well as high-quality movies. You may either check the most popular movies of the week and the month in the Trending area or search for movies by entering the title in the search bar. This is another Movie HD APK Alternatives.

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