7 Methods To Fix Sound Not Working On iPad

Methods To Fix Sound Not Working On iPad will be discussed in this article. iPad remains an outstanding gadget for multimedia demands on the road. Credit to the firm, Apple has jam-packed iPad models with some of the greatest sounding lecturers. But what if the speakers fail to work in the first place? Here are the approaches to fix the sound not working on the iPad problem.

7 Methods To Fix Sound Not Working On iPad

In this article, you can know about Methods To Fix Sound Not Working On iPad here are the details below;

Fix Sound Not Working on iPad

Apart than binge-watching the current Ozark or Ted Lasso season, iPads are most useful for taking a quick Google Meet, FaceTime, or Zoom chat. Sound not working will leave you with a ruined experience though. Let’s put an end to this problem.

Before we continue to any complex approach to cure the iPad sound issues, you need to check off a handful of basic procedures.First, you need to verify volume levels for ringer and alerts in iPad Settings. Head to Settings > Sounds and make sure you boost the volume using the slider. Using the actual volume buttons, you can easily increase the volume manually. Use the tips below if the sound is still not working.

1. Check connected Bluetooth Devices

This situation recently came up for us. We double-checked Bluetooth devices saved on our iPad Pro when the speakers stopped operating. The iPad Pro immediately connected to an external speaker in a different room, as we discovered. You only need to unpair Bluetooth devices from your iPad because the speakers are functioning as planned. How? Read on.

Open the Control Center menu by swiping downward from the top right corner. Play some music again after turning off Bluetooth. To open the Control Center on iPad models with a physical home switch, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

As an alternative, you can disconnect linked devices from your iPad by following the instructions below.

  1. Switch to your iPad’s settings.
  2. Access the menu for Bluetooth.
  3. Look through saved devices and click the i button next to it.

Check saved devices

  1. From the menu that appears, choose Forget This Device.

Select Forget This Device

2. Check the iPad Case

You’ll hear a mono sound if the case covers any of the iPad speakers. Usually, with well-known case brands, this is not a problem. However, some customers might choose unknown, low-cost brands from Amazon, which results in a product with irregular holes or cutouts. Make sure the iPad case isn’t blocking the speakers by closely inspecting it. Also check Methods To Fix Snapchat Keeps Logging Me Out Error

3. Clean iPad Speakers

If you reside in a dusty place, it’s possible that the surroundings have contaminated the tablet speakers with dust and other debris. To clean speakers, you can use earphones or a slow air blower.

Painter’s tape shouldn’t be used to clean iPad speakers since the glue it contains may further harm the speakers, and high-speed airflow will harm the iPad’s internal components.

4. Disable Mute in Meetings

The majority of video conferencing applications have a specific mute button. You cannot hear anything on your side if the other participant in the meeting has used it. To try again, ask the guests to turn off the mute button (activate the microphone).

Disable Mute in Meetings

5. Check the Bluetooth Device

Are you having trouble hearing the iPad when you try to connect it to a Bluetooth speaker? Turn increase the volume on the Bluetooth device and check it again. The linked device’s battery life can also be checked, and if necessary, a charge can be applied.

6. Adjust Mono Audio

You can adjust the sound volume on the left and right speakers by using mono audio. Use the mono audio option available on iPadOS if you feel that the audio is unequal on both sides.

  1. Access the iPad’s settings.
  2. Select the options for accessibility.

3. Select Audio & Visual.

Tap on Audio & Visual

4. Enable Mono Audio. The slider at the bottom can also be used to change the audio volume.

Enable Mono Audio

7. Force Restart iPad

It’s time to force restart your iPad if the sound is still not working.

To force an iPad restart, use one of several methods. You must carry out the procedures below for iPad models without a home button. Also check Methods To Fix Discord Not Working On Android And iPhone 

  1. Press the volume button that is closest to the power button, then immediately release it.
  2. Press and hold the volume control again.
  3. Hold the power button while pressing it.

Press and hold the power button

Release the greatest button once you see the Apple logo. If your iPad has a home button, you can simultaneously press the power & home buttons and then let go once the Apple logo appears.

Enjoy Crystal Clean sound on iPad

Update iPadOS to the most recent version if none of the tips are effective. You are forced to schedule an appointment at the closest Apple store if your iPad sound problems persist.

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