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Top 15 Methods To Fix Screen Mirror Or Cast Not Working On Samsung TV

Methods To Fix Screen Mirror Or Cast Not Working On Samsung TV will be discussed in this article. You can attach your Android phone or iPhone to a Samsung smart TV using screen mirroring and casting, two incredible technologies. These two services don’t require any technological expertise to use. However, you have come to the right place if you are unable to cast or mirror to a Samsung TV. This page will explain various solutions to the problem of a broken screen mirror or cast on a Samsung TV.

Top 15 Methods To Fix Screen Mirror Or Cast Not Working On Samsung TV

In this article, you can know about Methods To Fix Screen Mirror Or Cast Not Working On Samsung TV here are the details below;

1. Restart Device

Restart the affected devices to start the troubleshooting procedure. The Wi-Fi modem, the phone from which you are trying to cast or mirror, & the TV must all be restarted. Simply unplug the TV and Wi-Fi modem for 10 seconds, then plug them back in. Turning your phone on and off will restart it.

2. Restart the TV Using the Remote

Pressing the Power switch on your TV remote until the TV turns off & on is a miraculous trick that seems to work perfectly for every issue, including the screen mirror or cast not working on Samsung smart TV.

Restart the TV Using the Remote

3. Check Streaming App Plan

Some subscription-based apps do not allow TV viewing of content on basic subscriptions. Therefore, it will not work if you try to launch or mirror an app like Netflix or Disney+ from your phone to your TV with a basic subscription.

Advice: Get familiar with managing apps on Samsung TV.

4. Use the Same Wi-Fi Network

When casting or screen mirroring from an Android or iPhone, if your Samsung smart TV doesn’t appear in the list of devices, there’s a potential that your phone and TV are linked to different Wi-Fi networks. In order for cast or screen mirror to function, your phone and Samsung TV must be linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

Check the Wi-Fi network that is currently connected on your phone by heading to the Wi-Fi settings. Go to Settings > General > Network > Open Network sets > Wireless on the Samsung TV to check the Wi-Fi. There will be a blue check print next to the Wi-Fi your Samsung TV is utilizing.

connected Wi-Fi network

Advice: Find out how to solve Wi-Fi not working on Samsung TV if you’re having any problems with it.

5. Use 2.4GHz Wi-Fi

Try to secure your Samsung TV and phone to a 2.4GHz network rather than a 5GHz network if your router is capable of supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. This is due to some Samsung TVs’ hardware being incompatible with a 5Ghz network. Discover how to modify the Samsung TV’s Wi-Fi network.

6. Use the Right Technology

Casting and screen mirroring are two different technologies. To connect your phone to the TV, you should use the appropriate one.

The Samsung TV, which has a larger display than your phone due to the screen mirroring capability, shows whatever is on your phone. Please be aware that everything on your phone is mirrored to your TV by the screen mirror. That is, everything will show up on the larger screen whenever you navigate between apps, access the notification center, or do anything else.

On the other hand, you can display photos and videos on the TV using the cast feature without really mirroring your phone. In other words, you can minimize the app that is playing the video or photo and use your phone for other purposes while the video keeps playing on the TV. a practical means of protecting privacy.

You can proceed and apply the appropriate technology to connect your phone to the TV now that you are aware of the differences.

7. Re-enable AirPlay on TV

Thankfully, Samsung smart TV supports AirPlay mirroring and casting from iPhone. However, there is a potential that the AirPlay capability on your TV may be blocked if your iPhone won’t screen mirror or cast.

To enable AirPlay on a Samsung TV, take the following actions:

  1. Log into your Samsung TV’s settings.
  2. Select Settings > General > Apple AirPlay.

Apple AirPlay settings

  1. If AirPlay is listed as Off, pick it to make it active.

AirPlay says Off

  1. If AirPlay was already enabled in step 3 and you want to disable it, choose it. Restart your TV, and then activate AirPlay once more.

8. Use the Correct Steps to Cast or Screen Mirror

Open an app that supports casting, such as YouTube, on your Android or iPhone to start casting videos. When prompted, choose your Samsung TV by tapping the Cast icon up top. On your TV, choose Allow or, if prompted, input the code.

Cast icon

If the Cast option isn’t there in an app on your iPhone, tap the Share button, choose AirPlay, and then choose your Samsung TV.

press the Share button and select AirPlay

Open Control Center and tap the Screen Mirror button to mirror your iPhone’s screen to a Samsung TV. Choose a Samsung TV.

Screen Mirror button

Simply enter Quick Settings and select the Screen Mirror or Smart View tile to mirror an Android phone to a Samsung TV.

Screen Mirror or Smart View

Check out further phone-to-Samsung TV connections.

9. Grant Permission to Connect TV and phone

You will need to grant permission to attach your Android phone or the iPhone to a TV when following the above-mentioned instructions. Either you will be required to input a code on your phone that is displayed on your TV or the permission will occur as a pop-up on your TV screen where you must click Allow. Don’t forget to do it.

10. Turn Bluetooth off

Many Samsung TV users claim that the problem with cast or screen mirroring not working was resolved by turning off Bluetooth on their phone. You ought to try disabling Bluetooth and do the same.

11. Upgrade Software

A problem with the update itself may have caused screen mirroring or casting to cease operating on your Samsung TV after a recent upgrade. You must therefore verify and upgrade your phone or TV once more to the most recent version. Hopefully, that will make the problem go away.

12. Reset Paired Apple Devices

You should re-pair your Samsung TV & iPhone if casting or mirroring from your iPhone to your Samsung TV wasn’t successful after turning AirPlay on and off.

Go to Settings > General > Apple AirPlay Settings to accomplish this. demand a code.

Reset Paired Apple Devices

To reset linked devices, choose. You’ll see a confirmation screen. Choose Remove. Reconnect the iPhone to the TV as previously mentioned.

Reset paired devices

13. Enable Devices From TV

There’s a minor possibility that you unintentionally barred the connection of your phone and TV.

Go to Settings > General > External instrument manager > Device connection director > Device list to check and enable devices on TV. Select Allow after selecting the device.

device and choose Allow

14. Turn Auto Protection time off

If your Samsung TV is dormant for two hours or longer, a screensaver will appear. Many users have asserted that this feature is also to blame for Samsung TVs’ inability to cast or mirror their screens.

Turning it off will allow you to see if the Samsung TV screen mirroring problem has been resolved. Go to Settings > General > System Manager to do this. To disable it, choose Auto protection time.

Select Auto protection time

15. Try Another Smartphone

Finally, you should try casting or mirroring from another phone to your TV if nothing else seems to work to resolve the problem. By doing so, you can determine if the problem is with the phone or TV.

Tips to Use Samsung TV

After you have resolved the problem of your Samsung TV’s screen mirroring or casting not working, review the top recommendations for using a smart TV. Check out the top Samsung smart TV apps as well.

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