Top 8 Best Kast Alternatives To Watch Video Together

Best Kast Alternatives To Watch Video Together will be described in this article. When your favourite cousins or best friends groups are far away from you and you can’t meet them regularly then how does online hangout sound to you? If it amazes you, then you must have come across some Kast or its alternatives that are best known for online hangouts and live streaming.

Kast is a replacement for the famous video streaming website and mobile application known as Rabbit or, that is no longer in business. With Kast, online parties and hanging out with friends has become easier. You can stream videos together, watch movies, play games and stream live content with your friends and family members. Although it sounds like a good place for live-streaming hangouts, based on the current user reviews, Kast is not as good and user-friendly as Rabbit was. It has a rather complicated structure to operate and in short; it is not a good option for online hangouts anymore.

So, if you don’t want to use Kast but found Rabbit as a good platform, then you don’t have to worry anymore because, in this article, we are going to give you some satisfying Kast alternatives for online hangouts and get-togethers.

Top 8 Best Kast Alternatives To Watch Video Together

In this article, you can know about Kast Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Rave


Rave is a popular Kast alternative where you can watch the latest release content from famous streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney, YouTube, Prime Video and many more. You can also attend to music from popular music streaming apps and have more fun streaming with your friends and family members anytime and anywhere.

The working of Rave is easy. You can connect with your friends from across the world through voice messages or instant messaging tools. So, decide on a time to stream and watch your favourite and anticipated series or movie together.

Key Features

  • Listen to music from Spotify, Pandora, and other platforms.
  • Share the videos on your Google Drive for global movie nights.
  • Users can synchronise their phones to create an instant speaker system.
  • You can join friends on android and iOS devices along with VR.
  • Users can create mashups with RaveDJ and other tools.

Compatible: Android, Mac, Windows and iOS

2. Watch2Gether


Watch2Gether allows you to enjoy and sync on the internet and hang out with your friends and cousins. Together, you can watch videos, go on online shopping and listen to music and have a real-time online hangout. With Watch2Gether, you can try synchronising players in video games and have a good time playing games with your pals. So, go on with group calls, discuss your projects and know how life is for your friends in different cities and towns.

It is easy to use and anyone can join the hangout party from across the world. All you need is an account created on the site and you can either create your own room or join through the invite link.

Key Features

  • Sync your online hangout parties with popular streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.
  • Ability to chat with your friends in integrated chat rooms that come along with streaming rooms.
  • Additional sources like Amazon prime, Disney, Netflix, and Joyn & Co can be integrated through W2gSync.

Compatible: Web

3. Airtime


Airtime is a group video chat web application, which is a live social space where you can stream the content you love. Let it be audio, video or normal chatting, ask your group members to join in and have the best time hanging out online.

It gives you opportunities to build a community that includes people with shared passions and interests. Whether you are a diehard fan of music, comedy, make up or just want to chat and stream the most anticipated content by your friends – Airtime is set to give you all the services you need.

Key Features

  • Choose how you want to show up, like allowing for your video, only audio or just chatting.
  • Meet new people with similar interests or hang out with your friends.
  • Share the stage with live creators, hosts, and other members at Airtime.
  • Turn the public room into a private room and spend time with the people who have received the private room link to your room.

Compatible: iOS, Web and Android

4. Zoom


Zoom is another Kast alternative where you can work from anywhere directly through website or app. It can also be best in use when you casually want to hang out with your friends and stream content from different platforms that enable live streaming. Also check Sprig Alternatives

It is a user-friendly platform where it allows you to chat with internal and external contacts, chat privately with the members of livestream, allow your video, only audio or nothing to be switched on at the time of streaming and customize your profile.

Key Features

  • You can record the live stream.
  • As the creator of the room, you can allow who can speak and turn on their videos and he can’t.
  • Enable or disable private or general chatting.
  • You can raise your hand whenever you want to say something in the middle of the live streaming or for any different purpose.

Compatible: Web, iOS and Android

5., or better known as Kosmi, is an entertainment service which brings your favourite movies, music, games, TV and other apps, all together in one place. At Kosmi, people from any state and country can join the party, chat, play games, stream series, drama, watch videos and do all sorts of things.

It permits you to create public lobbies where you can have fun with strangers and people who share similar claims as you or you can create private lobbies and send private room links to your friends and hang out with the.So, Kosmi offers all the services you need for live streaming along with online hangouts and is one of the user-friendly Kast Alternatives.

Key Features

  • Create public as well as private rooms and moderate settings whenever you want.
  • Sync with a big number of options like Netflix, Pluto TV, PS3 emulator, Disney plus, YouTube live, twitch, NES emulator, Tubi,and more..

Compatible: Android, Web

6. Hyperbeam


Hyperbeam is a platform where users can open any third-party app or website, synchronise the video and audio within a few seconds easily among multiple participants in the group and enable multi-user control for group moderation with few lines of codes. It has out-of-the-box support for all sites where you don’t have to worry about wasting your precious time in maintaining and dealing with integrations with X-Frame-Options issues.

Key Features

  • Worldwide server locations are optimised to provide you with minimal latency.
  • You can render Hyperbeam’s Virtual computers to your 2-D and 3D virtual world seamlessly.
  • You can hide parts of the UI to give the screen an outlook of any native app.
  • As a creator, decide who can control the virtual computer and when and who can’t.
  • Users in the group can gesture, drag-and-drop and tap on their favourite mobile devices.
  • Embed WebGL apps with custom-built servers that are specifically made for GPU-intensive workloads.

Compatible: Web

7. Caracal


Caracal is a place to experience a shared browser, where you will do everything that you usually do on your browser, but the highlight is, everyone in your room will be together with you while you browse.

And you can find a room that has a goal similar to your liking or create your own room and invite your friends and family members to take part in live streaming. After that, watch movies together, listen to songs on YouTube and do whatever you want with your friends.

Key Features

  • Offers both private and public rooms.
  • Search for a room through filters like popularity and new or by name through the search bar.
  • You can moderate the settings of your room even while the live streaming is ongoing.

Compatible: Web

8. Twoseven


Twoseven is another one of the good Kast Alternatives which allows you to have virtual movie nights with your partner, family, colleagues or friends staying away from you in different cities, states, or countries. So, gather as many people as you want, send out the room invite links and when everyone is in place, start streaming the favourite content you all had expected. With a few simple clicks you can synchronise the video and audio settings by using third-party websites or apps and have fun together. Twoseven supports a good variety of platforms including Crunchyroll, Vimeo, HBO Max, Apple TV, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime, Disney plus, Hulu, personal videos from galleries, screen share and many more. Also check AO3 Alternatives

Key Features

  • With the webcams synchronisation, you can watch your friends’ reactions in real time and through live video chat.
  • The creator of the room can adjust the settings whenever he or she wants.

Compatible: Web

Final Words

We hope by reading our list of Kast alternatives, you now have enough options to choose your favourite hangout and get-together platform from.

Frequently asked Questions

Is Kast the same as Rabbit?

Yes, in fact Kast was released in replacement of Rabbit, the platform which is no longer in action. However, based on the user reviews, Kast has a rather complex structure than Rabbit and they’d prefer Rabbit over Kast.

Is Kast GG free?

Yes, Kast is 100% free to use with options to subscribe for base or premium subscription plans with additional premium features.

Can you stream Netflix on Kast?

Yes, you can stream Netflix on Kast and along with Netflix, you can stream content from more third parties like YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon prime and sync with video games and other options online.

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