Top 14 Best Joe FM Alternatives In 2023

Best Joe FM alternatives will be described in this article. Are you interested in the realm of podcasts but are unsure of where to begin?  Or perhaps you’ve stopped listening to podcasts and want to know which ones are most popular right now. In any case, let’s examine the most well-liked podcasts of 2022. (all of them are either open on Spotify, Apple, or both).

Top 14 Best Joe FM alternatives In 2023

Top 14 Best Joe FM alternatives are explained here.

Despite the reality that there are millions of podcasts available, these are the most well-liked ones that you should be attending to right now.

Try one of these podcasts out, regardless of whether you like comedies or crime dramas. The Joe Rogan Experience, in order The Joe Rogan Knowledge is the most popular podcast.

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Knowledge, one of the most well-known podcasts in the world, was introduced by Joe Rogan in 2009. Anyone interested in 3-hour-long discussions about politics, UFOs, stand-up comedy, history, psychology, psychedelics, and any other topic under the sun should check out the podcast, even though it is primarily listened to by guys.

Joe Rogan is a controversial personality who has made headlines for all the wrong reasons, most notably for having guests that disseminate false information about Covid.

Joe has a tendency to be a little too open-minded, which causes him to occasionally welcome conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones. Joe Rogan has nevertheless also hosted respected scientists including Sir Roger Penrose, Professor Brian Cox, Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and Dr. Steven Pinker.

Joe is obviously open to hearing from anyone as long as they have anything worthwhile to say. Each episode of the podcast receives about 11 million listeners. Here are the episodes to watch if you want a taste JRE #1368, Edward Snowden—a There’s solid reason why this episode has received 32 million views on YouTube.

The NSA has been spying on people, the well-known whistleblower exposes in it, and how his discovery prompted the US intelligence establishment to pursue him. JRE #1315, Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell—This episode delves into the world of UFOs, and Bob Lazar provides an interesting commentary on Area 51 and the alien technology he discovered there.

  • Elon Musk, JRE #1169
  • Do you want to see Elon Musk stoned?
  • Joe and Elon discuss Tesla, space exploration, and the future of AI in this episode.

2.  The Daily

The Daily

Are you looking for a podcast that delves deeply into the most recent, important news stories? After the Joe Rogan Experience, The Daily is the second numerous popular podcast in the world. Consider The Daily to be a podcast version of the New York Times. Each episode lasts 25 to 45 minutes. Michael Barbaro serves as the host, and it includes interviews with New York Times reporters who covered the day’s most popular stories. This post will explain Joe FM alternatives. Also check TuneIn alternatives

The excellent music and pertinent audio samples that are played throughout the podcast improve the production value and storytelling. In addition to important news events, the podcast also discusses national and international politics. It debuted in 2017. 2 million people downloaded each episode by the year 2020.

Did you understand that The New York Times records in great quality using Riverside?

Learn more about Riverside or register right away.

3. This American Life

This American Life

The host of the radio show This American Life, also known as TAL, is Ira Glass. The Pulitzer Prize for best audio journalism was awarded to it in 2020. TAL offers excellent narratives. Field recordings, strange music, essays, and radio monologues are used to discuss real-life American experiences of regular people. The tales are startling, hilarious, and bittersweet in nature. Despite being one of the oldest podcasts on this list, TAL is still quite well-liked by listeners.

Here are the top episodes of TAL so you can have a taste of it:

  • Episode 589, “No Coincidence, No Story,” requested listeners to submit amazing coincidences that had occurred in their lives.
  • Summer camps are the focus of episode 109 of Notes on Camp.
  • Others adore them, while others despise them.
  • Between the two factions, the episode aims to create a bridge.
  • Harper High School, Ep. 487 and 488 —
  • This two-part show focused on the string of occurrences involving firearms at Chicago’s Harper High School.
  • This programme was recognised with a Peabody Award for its investigative journalism.

4. Stuff you should know

Stuff you should know

Are you generally interested in the world and how things operate? Then check out Stuff You Should Know, also referred to as SYSK by aficionados. The podcast has more than 1400 episodes. Even just reading the episode titles makes you eager to put on your headphones and start listening. This post will explain Joe FM alternatives.

Here are a few instances:

  • How Money Laundering, Schizophrenia, and Police Interrogation Operate.
  • The programme is based on facts and science.
  • The show’s creators aimed to explain everything in their production.
  • The two broadcasters have terrific chemistry and humour, which makes listening to the podcast entertaining. Episodes are one hour long.
  • Several of their top episodes include:

Ep. 454, “How Electoral Colleges Work,” if you’re interested in learning more.

Then read ep 454, which explores the history and purposes behind the establishment of the electoral college in the United States.

If you wish to learn about the beginnings of the diamond industry, watch episode 412, “How Diamonds Work.”

It also discusses the development of diamond advertising across time and how diamonds came to represent the modern wedding standard.

  • What is fascism? (Ep. 197) —
  • Exactly what is fascism?
  • The fundamental ideas of fascism are covered in Stuff You Should Know, along with frequent myths about it.

5. Pod Save America

Pod Save America

This podcast is recommended for anyone looking for a more left-leaning political discussion that covers the week’s political happenings.

After Donald Trump was elected president, three Obama staff members created a show, with the first few episodes focusing on his administration.

Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, & Joe Biden are just a few of the prominent people who have been interviewed on the programme.

Although Pod Save The World offers more global coverage, Pod Save America mostly focuses on American issues.

6. The Ben Shapiro Show

The Ben Shapiro Show

The best podcast on the other side of the political spectrum is The Ben Shapiro Show.

Following his discussion of gun control with Piers Morgan, Shapiro gained notoriety.

He is well-liked by conservative thinkers and is well-known for his quick speech.

From a conservative viewpoint, the programme discusses news, culture, and political developments in America.

7. Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy

Women enjoy the sex-positive dating and relationship podcast Call Her Daddy Call Her Daddy. The stories, sex advice, female banter, and millennial culture are all included in the filthy, raunchy stuff. Nothing sums up the show more effectively than this New York Post quote:

Virtually nobody is off-limits for the two roommates on their weekly programme, which ranges from talking about sex acts like the “gluck gluck 9000” to listening to each other get intimate from the next room (with the exception of Cooper’s prior connection with Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard).

Within two months, 12000 to 2 million listeners flocked to the content. The podcast premiered in 2018 and was purchased by Spotify for $60 million in 2021. Watch out for the following episodes: The first episode of the podcast, titled “Sext Me So I Know It’s Real,” is a terrific place for new listeners to start. Ep. 3, The Gluck Gluck 9000 – One of the most famous scenes in Call Her Daddy history may be found in this episode.

It contains explicit sexual content and sex advice.

Even now, dating apps contain references to this episode.

Miley Cyrus, episode 92

In the episode, Miley Cyrus is interviewed and discusses her past relationships and sexual history.

8. Office Ladies

Office Ladies

Want to revive your nostalgia for The Office’s earlier seasons because you miss them?

After that, watch Office Ladies, which is anchored by Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) & Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin).

The two reply to queries from fans while commenting on episodes of The Office.

Co-stars, producers, and writers from The Office are among the visitors, with Rainn Wilson standing out.

The hosts of the podcast have terrific chemistry and share funny stories about their personal lives and the production of the TV episodes. The podcast has the same fun tone as the TV show.

Each episode of The Office is introduced with a brief introduction, followed by a scene-by-scene analysis and interesting information about the filming, props, and scripts.

9. Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Interested in horror and true crime?

Then tune into Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, hosted by hairstylist Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley and autopsy technician Alaina Urquhart.

  • Murder.
  • Spooky myths
  • Eerie history
  • Haunted locations.

You may anticipate this from the podcast.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though; the show also contains a decent amount of humour.

The following are some episodes you must not miss:

Ep. 184, The Incredible Life & Corruption of Carl Panzram – The first of a series of podcasts on the serial killer who admitted to 21 killings and 1,000 acts of sex assault against boys and men, Carl Panzram, is featured in this episode. Also check Subreddits for gamers

The first episode focuses on his formative years, which were marked by abuse and incarceration.

The Tragic Case of Molly Bish (Episode 214) —

In Warren, Massachusetts, a 16-year-old lifeguard named Molly Bish vanished while on duty.

The case gained notoriety and was covered by the majority of the US’s top news outlets.

The Chicago Ripper Crew, episode 178

This podcast investigates a satanic cult that was said to have kidnapped and mutilated women in the 1980s and included serial killers, cannibals, necrophiles, and rapists.

10. My Favorite Murder

My Favorite Murder

Fans of the well-known true crime podcast My Favorite Murder refer to themselves as such. In addition to discussing true crime, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark also discuss more serious topics in the genre such sexual assault, mental illness, women’s rights, and sex work. This post will explain Joe FM alternatives.

The two hosts also talk about their personal experiences with addiction, mental illness, and religion. In 2020, the podcast averaged 35 million downloads per month. Each episode airs every two weeks and lasts between 60 and 120 minutes. The most recommended episodes to watch are:

Ep. 183, Here We Back Are, explores the urban legend of the Mothman, a 10-foot-tall black creature with red eyes and wings that was allegedly spotted in Virginia in the 1960s.

The mythology holds that the beast was to blame for the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge.

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark discuss Issei Sagawa, a Japanese guy who cannibalised, dismembered, and killed Renee Hartvelt in Paris in 1981, in episode 116 of Robot Grandma.

Later, Issei was freed on a legal technicality.

400 Peeled Potatoes in Episode 185

This episode steers clear of graphic violence and doesn’t involve any murder.

Instead, it tells the tale of Malachi Love-Robinson, a Florida teenager who conned numerous people by pretending to be a doctor without a medical licence.

11. Criminal Junkie

Criminal junkie

This post will explain Joe FM alternatives. Another true-crime podcast that Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat host is called Crime Junkie. A new episode focusing on a different crime airs every Monday. It feels like you are listening in on two friends talking about their favourite subject because the hosts get along so well.

Both closed and open cases are mentioned in Crime Junkie. The typical real crime themes—murder, serial killers, and missing persons—should be expected.

The length of each episode might range from thirty minutes to an hour.

Missing: Niqui McCown

The first episode of Crime Junkie is a wonderful place for novices to start because it establishes the tone for the remaining episodes. MISSING: Niqui McCown

The podcast explores the issue of a missing single mother whose wedding was scheduled to take place in three weeks.

The description of the case makes it evident how much time and effort the hosts invested in their investigation.

Serial Killer: Herb Baumeister

More than a dozen men were killed by businessman Herb Baumeister, most of whom were seen at homosexual pubs.

On his property, he interred his victims.

Baumeister committed suicide before being apprehended or interrogated.

Survived: Elizabeth Smart

Elizabeth Smart, 14, was kidnapped from her bedroom while being held at knifepoint.

The town of Salt Lake City then embarks on a 9-month search for Elizabeth.

12. On Purpose

On Purpose

With each attack of his podcast, On Purpose, Jay Shetty, known for his sage advice, goes deeply into a different aspect of wisdom.

This programme, which was in fact started in Riverside, has become one of the most well-known self-development podcasts available. This post will explain Joe FM alternatives.

You may anticipate learning about many facets of life from a wide range of illustrious visitors.

He has conducted interviews with notable figures like John Legend, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Oprah Winfrey.

While the subjects he has explored span everything from methods for increasing job productivity and efficiency to relationships and personality kinds.

This is a wonderful podcast to start with if you want to better your life.

You can use Riverside to record your own podcast in high-quality, just like Jay Shetty does.

13. Why won’t You Date me?

Why won’t You Date me

Ever questioned your single status? This post will explain Joe FM alternatives. Nicole Byer questioned herself the same thing. She created the podcast Why Won’t You Date Me for this reason. Topics like love, sex, dating, and relationships are discussed by Nicole (who is hilarious) and her guests. Her past partners and childhood pals are among the visitors. The podcast’s major focus is Nicole’s quest to understand her single status. She welcomes visitors and poses the same query to them in an effort to answer this issue.

She also discusses her personal dating and sex life with the attendees. This podcast can make you think about your own dating history. But don’t worry, you won’t feel terrible because it’s amusing and entertaining. Check out the episodes listed below to get a sense for the programme.

Sasheer Zamata, Nicole’s best friend, and Nicole discuss a time when they had sex simultaneously but in different locations (and how the experience was horrible for them).

Sasheer also tells the tale of her very first kiss.

Diona Reasonover from NCIS talks about her nightmare wedding, which included a fractured wrist, a typhoon, and numerous wedding crashers in her segment, “A Nightmare Wedding Experience.”

14. Planet Money

Planet Money

Adam Davidson and Alex Blumberg came up with Planet Money.

The programme debuted on September 6th, 2008, to chronicle the 2007–2008 financial crisis.

This podcast is a fantastic resource for anyone without any prior knowledge of the economy to learn about the economy and how it functions.

If you solely have a short piece of time or want to listen to a podcast while doing chores, Planet Money is an excellent choice. This post will explain Joe FM alternatives.

The episodes are brief, lasting from 6 to 30 minutes.

Academic authorities, corporate leaders, and members of the general population are the interviewees.

Classical monetary theories, global trade, current affairs, taxes, insider trading, and other subjects are covered.

View the most well-liked episodes here:

Episode 650 of the podcast, The Business Genius Behind Get Out, explores how Jason Blum’s Blumhouse productions produces hugely popular films on a shoestring budget.

Get Out, one of Blumhouse’s productions, had a $4.5 million budget.

Eps 496–502 — The Planet Money crew tracks the development of a T-shirt from the cotton fields to the factory, and finally to the container ships that will carry it to its final destination.

You can discover more about the workings of container ships, the textile industry in Bangladesh and Columbia, and what happens to worn T-shirts in the US in these episodes.

What is the number 1 podcast in the world?

The most popular podcast in the world right now is The Joe Rogan Experience.

The podcast has around 11 million listeners every episode and is only available on Spotify.

What is the most listened-to podcast?

The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), with roughly 11 million listeners every episode, is the most popular podcast in the world.

What podcast gets the most downloads?

The Daily is the worldwide podcast with the most downloads.

JRE cannot be downloaded, so it isn’t the most downloaded podcast, although it does receive 2 million downloads per episode.

It frequently appears in the top 10 of various podcast rankings, including those on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Start listening to the most popular podcasts

You are now prepared and ready to start binge-listening to some podcast shows.

Uncertain of where to begin listening?

You should have all the information you require from our instruction on how to listen to podcasts.

Want to go from being a listener to a podcast host?

Riverside, which causes recording as simple as listening to a podcast, is what we recommend you try.

You can mark up on Riverside for free to start podcasting like a experienced the comfortable way.

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