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How To Fix iPhone iMessages Not Working?

How To Fix iPhone iMessages Not Working will be discussed in this article. IPhone users prefer iMessages over traditional text messages(SMS) for communicating with fellow iPhone users. Not just iPhone users, the same is applicable for iPad and Mac users. However, there could be times when you may face problems sending or receiving iMessages on the app. You can detect it when the blue speech bubble turns green on the iMessage app. Besides, if the iMessages are not showing in proper order, it is evident that your iPhone iMessage app is not working properly.

How To Fix iPhone iMessages Not Working?

In this article, you can know about How To Fix iPhone iMessages Not Working here are the details below;

What Is iMessage?

iMessage is Apple’s Messenger app through which Apple users can send instant messages. It is very different from text messages as it needs an internet relation to send and receive messages. Besides, there is no such 160-character limitation on iMessages that you generally find on text messages(SMS). The only thing to keep in mind is that iMessages can only be exchanged between users having Apple products. You cannot send an iMessage to a user with an Android smartphone.

Reasons Why iMessage Is Not Working?

There are multiple reasons why iMessage on your iPhone is not working. It could be an issue with iMessage server, iMessage app, or even your iPhone or iPad whichever you are using. Here is the list of all the possible reasons –

1. Problem With Your Apple Device(iPhone, iPad, Mac) –

iMessage needs a data connection to send or receive messages. Therefore, if your Apple device does not have an active data connection, iMessage won’t work. Hence, make sure your mobile data is turned on and that your data pack has not expired. If a nearby Wi-Fi connection is available, turn off your mobile data and connect to that Wi-Fi network and see if iMessage works. If it does, then there is an issue with your data connection.

If a Wi-Fi connection is not available, you can open the web browser on your instrument and open a website to see if the internet connection is perfect. Moreover, make sure you do not have Airplane Mode turned on due to which data connection cannot be established.

2. iMessage App Issue –

When iMessage is not working, you have to make sure that iMessage is turned on. Go to Settings> Messages and see if iMessage is turned on. You or someone else could have turned it off by mistake. Moreover, go to Settings> Messages and make sure that your phone number is correctly set to send or receive messages.

It is also possible that you have too many iMessages stored on your iPhone, and your iPhone’s storage is full due to which the app cannot download or receive any further iMessages which is why it is malfunctioning. In such a scenario, do check your iPhone storage, and you can delete some iMessages manually to fix the issue for the time being.

Another possible scenario is that you might not have updated your iOS for long. There is always a possibility for an older version of iMessage to malfunction which is why you should always update iOS wherever available.

3. iMessage Server Is Down –

Lastly, it is not often that you find news of iMessage servers being down but there have been such rare cases in the past. Therefore, you can check on social media platforms and even call up your friends to check if iMessage is working for them or not. If there is a problem with iMessage server, everyone must be facing the same issue.

What Are The Green Speech Bubbles and Blue Speech Bubbles On iPhone?

When you open iMessage app on your iPhone, you will come across two types of sent messages. Some of them have blue speech bubbles while others have green speech bubbles. If messages are in a blue speech bubble, this means that the messages were sent via iMessage using the internet. If the messages are in a green speech bubble, this means that the messages have been sent using a cellular network like SMS.

Steps To Fix Your Issue With iMessage –

When you are facing any iMessage issue, you should check if the issue is for one of your contacts or any of your contacts. If the issue is with only one contact, the problem is likely to be on your friend’s end. Maybe his/her iMessage is not working properly. If the problem is with all of your phone contacts, the issue is on your side, and you have to take steps to fix it. Even when iMessage is working, but the messages you are receiving seem to be out of order, the problem is still on your side. Also check Why Am I Getting Discord Notifications But No Messages

How To Fix iMessage On Your iPhone or iPad?

Step 1: Send A Test Message

To ensure iMessage is not working, send a message to any of your contacts and see if the speech bubble is blue or not. If it is blue, then iMessage is working properly. If not, send another message to another contact and if it is still not blue, you have to try out the following steps to fix iMessage issue.

Send A Test Message

Step 2. Toggle iMessage Off and Reboot Your Device

  • Go to Settings on your iPhone

Go to Settings on your iPhone

  • Message and toggle off iMessages to turn off iMessage on your Apple device completely.toggle off iMessages

Message and toggle off iMessages to turn off iMessage on your Apple device completely

  • Then hold down the power button until you see Slide to Power Off option on your screen.

Then hold down the power button until you see Slide to Power Off option on your screen

  • Slide to Power Off option on your screen.
  • Slide the bar to hang off your iPhone or iPad. Then turn on the device again.

Message and toggle on iMessages to turn it on again

Step 3. Set Up iMessage Correctly

  • Go to Settings> Messages> and tap on Send & Receive.tap on Send & Receive

nd tap on Send & Receive

  • This will open the list of phone numbers and email address that you are configured to send and receive iMessages.
  • Go to Start new Conversations From option and make sure that there is a tick mark beside your phone number so that it is configured for iMessages.make sure that there is a tick mark beside your phone number

Go to Start new Conversations From option and make sure that there is a tick mark beside your phone number so that it is configured

Step 4. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not ok, iMessages won’t be sent or received. In order to check if your internet connection is working perfectly, open your web browser and visit any website and see if it is opening smoothly or not.

Step 5. Sign Out Of iMessage and Then Sign Back In

Sign Out Of iMessage and Then Sign Back In

Go to Settings> Messages and tap on Send & Receive. Tap on Apple ID and opt for Sign Out option. Thereafter, you should sign back in with your Apple ID and send if this solves your iMessage issue. Also check acquiring guide data 772 message

Step 6. Update iOS If Available

 Update iOS If Available

We have already stated that if iOS is not updated, iMessage can malfunction. To check and update iOS, go to Settings> General> Software Update. Apple sends out iOS update to fix any issue that Apple users may face from time to time. If an update is available, take a backup of your data and go for the update. When you update iOS, you should be connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

Step 7. Reset Network Setting

Reset Network Settings

We have already stated that an issue with your internet connection leads to iMessage not working. If you have tried out the above steps, it is time to reset your network settings to the factory. This means network settings will be reset to default values. Go to Settings> General> Reset> tap on Reset option.

Step 8. Contact Apple Support

If your iMessage issue is not solved by any of the above-mentioned steps, you have to take your iPhone or iPad to the nearby Apple Store so that the experts can fix the issue. However, before visiting Apple Store, do take a complete backup of your device because all data can get erased when their professionals work on your device to solve the problem.


iMessage is extremely prevalent among iPhone and iPad users. Therefore, when iMessage stops working, life comes to a standstill. There are various reasons for iMessage to stop working, & you have to spot the issue & take appropriate steps to fix the issue. If you can’t, you have to walk into Apple Store to solve the problem.

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