Top 7 Best HubPages Alternatives In 2023

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Top 7 Best HubPages Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about HubPages Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Medium


One of the most well-liked online publishing and blogging platforms is Medium. With a simple and elegant design, it enables anyone to effortlessly create & publish a blog article. Because of the Medium Partner Program, which enables authors to be compensated for posts made on the site, Medium is well-liked by authors.

Because it is perhaps the best blogging platform for authors who simply want to publish, grow an audience, and get paid, Medium is exceptional. Medium offers writers a built-in audience and pays authors based on the total amount of member reading time. Additionally, it is cost-free and takes all the work out of creating your own website. Bloggers who have tried HubPages but are seeking for alternatives are most likely to choose Medium.

2. Vocal.Media


Vocal.Media serves as a venue for promoting, identifying, and rewarding creators. Vocal gives authors, musicians, filmmakers, artists, and all other forms of creatives the narrative resources and active communities they need to get recognized and rewarded for their work. Vocal’s features were created to help writers monetize their writing and increase the audience for content sharing.

  • Vocal offers writers several financial benefits.
  • First, Vocal compensates authors according to the number of “reads” their works obtain.
  • Per 1000 reads, vocal creators are compensated $3.80.
  • Vocal+ authors receive $6.00 for every 1000 readers.

Vocal is fairly similar to HubPages, however many authors who have used HubPages try Vocal because it frequently pays more (especially if you can produce a lot of traffic) than HubPages.

3. Steemit


A blogging platform with a social network &bitcoin features is called Steemit. It shares certain features with Reddit in that users can follow topics, participate in discussions, and submit their own content in addition to upvoting and downvoting stuff. Users can, however, also receive a cut of profits in the form of the cryptocurrency Steem. There are opportunities for content producers, curators, and commenters to earn money.

Although there is an integrated monetization system on Steemit, unlike HubPages, Steemit has a totally distinct target demographic. The majority of Steemit’s readers are tech literate, interested in cryptocurrencies, or enthusiastic about blockchain technology. I agree to receive emails & tailored advertisements.

A user-generated content and revenue-sharing platform, HubPages was established in 2006. In 2016, the firm changed from having a single location to having multiple sites. the website where you may publish articles and, based on how many views they get, get money from them.

The HubPages author payout system is based on a formula that largely evaluates page views and the success of display advertisements as a result of your content. But where should authors go if they’re looking for a HubPages substitute? Check out this article about the best HubPages substitutes.

Alternatives to hubpages

4. Ghost


Open source blogging software called Ghost is used by authors and journalists. It has a clean and uncluttered user interface that makes blogging easier for its users. Ghost has built-in SEO plugins and tools that make it simple for users to optimize their content. Both professional editors employed at major media companies and inexperienced bloggers use the Ghost platform.

Ghost differs significantly from other blogging platforms due to the variety of services you may readily provide. In a world of blog hybrid-products like paid newsletter subscriptions, membership websites, gated digital material, providing courses, and selling digital goods, this is becoming more and more crucial.

5. WordPress

One of the multiple widely used open source systems worldwide is WordPress. WordPress powers better than one third of all websites today. It is frequently employed as a blogging platform as well as a content administration system (CMS) for websites. WordPress is appealing because it doesn’t require any technical expertise or experience to utilize. Bloggers, small business owners, & even Fortune 500 businesses use the site.

The Ghost’s most likely immediate rival is WordPress. WordPress offers more functionality than any other platform on this list while generally being easier to use than Ghost. The collection of WordPress plugins for bloggers is arguably WordPress’s strongest suit.

6. NewsBreak


Local news aggregation and digital publishing platform NewsBreak. The NewsBreak features mobile app prominently displays the majority of the content from this platform. With a network of more than 10,000 content providers, NewsBreak today boasts 23 million monthly readers. According to Sensor Tower, the app has more than 50 million installs worldwide across iOS and Android devices, with more than 99% of those installs coming from the United States.

The platform initially offered writers who were approved into its creator program and fulfilled certain publishing standards a $1,000 per month “guarantee” as part of their initial launch. Since then, it has changed to a model that pays a minimum per piece based on a CV score given to each published article, which ranges from 1 to 10. Additionally, there is a reward rate dependent on referrals and page visits.

7. Wattpad


With its website and mobile app, Wattpad connects writers and readers online. The website encourages a social community experience based on the original content contributed and is free for all users. Stories from a wide range of genres, including Young Adult literature, romance, fantasy, and techno-thrillers, are published on Wattpad by both novice and professional authors. Due to its simplicity & ease of use, Wattpad has steadily gained popularity, surpassing 80 million readers and writers.


One of the more seasoned competitors in the pre-monetized blogging market is HubPages. Additionally, it is unquestionably conceivable for writers to profit from the site. HubPages is not typically where new authors go when trying to grow a readership, though. Therefore, if you’re having trouble writing on HubPages or are just starting out as a writer online, you should take these HubPages alternatives into account.

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