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How To Change Snapchat Username Without Making A New Account

This post will explain how to change snapchat username. IF you Stuck with a username on Snapchat that you understand you do not truly like any longer? If you’ve attempted going into your settings to alter it, you might not have been able to find a method to do so. This is because, unfortunately, it’s not truly possible.

How To Change Snapchat Username Without Making A New Account

In this article, you can know about how to change snapchat username here are the details below;

Snapchat has stated they don’t allow username modifications due to security concerns, so there’s no other way to do it from your account. However, you can attempt a couple of workarounds, so you do not need to feel stuck to a name you don’t like permanently. You can also check another post about rabbit alternatives.

Change Your Display Name

The easiest method to hide your username is to produce a show name. This is what will give up to your good friends in chats, stories, and all over else your name appears. Although people can still see your usernames if they click your profiles, it will imiteelp to cover it up with something you like.

To do this, taps your Bitmoji icon in the leading left to access your profile. Then, tap the settings icon in the leading right, which looks like a little gear.

how to change snapchat username

Under your settings, you will see the Title option. Draw on this, and you’ll be taken to a page where you can alter both your first and last name.

You do not have to start your real first or surname, and it’s not needed to go into both. You can actually make this name whatever you desire it to be. You can even just include emojis if it fits you.

how to change snapchat username

After you get in a name you like, tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen. Your display screen name will then be changed all over. The nice thing about these options is that you can go back and change it whenever you want, as sometimes as you want.

Create a New Account

If you truly don’t like your username, the only path you can take is to totally produce a new profile. This would not be so bad if Snapchat allowed you to transfers your data from your old account, but once again, they don’t for security factors.

Nevertheless, you can quickly make a new account and still find your good friends from your old account if you desire a brand-new username. Just make certain not to delete your old account up until after you’ve completed developing your new one. Here are the steps to do this correctly:

1. Log out of your original Snapchat accounts by going to your profile, then Settings > Log Out. Decide to save your log-in info if you want to get back in easily.

how to change snapchat username

2. On the primary Snapchat page, tap Sign Up in the bottom left. A screen will show up where you enter your First and Last name. This is what your display screen name will look like, explained above. Tap Sign-Up & Accept to accept the Snapchat conditions and continue the account development. Also, view Alternatives.

3. Enter your birthday, and then you will be able to enter your username. Ensure you like it!

how to change snapchat username

4. You can then develop a password and enter your telephone number or e-mail to verify your account.

Now that your account is produced, you’ll wish to re-add your good friends. There are a couple of various ways you can do this. Right after you create your accounts, Snapchat will allow you to add your pals who you have in your phone connections if you allow the appliocation access to it.

Below will likewise be a Quick Add choice, where you might discover pals from your old account that you can add again. As soon as you’ve included the good friends you can find here, continue to produce a Bitmoji for your account.

Once you’re in your brand-new Snapchat account, you can go to your profile and scroll down to the Friends area. Tap Add Friends to by hand add any person who didn’t appear in your contacts or Quick Add. This is where your old account might be available in helpful to examine the usernames of your good friends.

Deleting Your Old Snapchat

Now that you’ve produced a brand-new Snapchat and a new username, you have a few methods to continue. You can either erase your old account or keep the multiple accounts on the app to log into whenever you want.

Be warned that when you delete your old accounts, you won’t have a way to access any of the snaps and chat logs you have in it. So, you’ll wish to save any memories you have on your old accounts to your phone. You can do this with swiping up on the electronic camera, then clicking the checkmark icon in the top right to pick numerous snaps. Then, tap Export to conserve these to your cam roll.

Once you have all the snaps you wish to keep conserved, and all your pals added, you can delete your account if you want by doing the following:

1. Browse the web to Snapchat’s account portal. Get in the username and password for the account you wish to erase. You may likewise require to enter a verification code through your phone or e-mail.

2. After the tab Continue, your account will be deactivated for 30 days. During this time, your buddies won’t have the ability to call you through this account.

3. After thirty days, if you do not log into the account once again, it will be completely erased. Any data, such as photos and videos, will be erased. Also, check FireRTC alternatives.

If you do not want to be logged into your account but still desire it available, you can always log-out of it and choose to conserve your log-in information. Then, whenever you log out of your brand-new account, you’ll still have the ability to log into your old ones if you want to.


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