Top 6 Best Free AI Tools You Can’t Miss In 2023

Best Free AI Tools You Can’t Miss will be discussed in this article.

Top 6 Best Free AI Tools You Can’t Miss In 2023

In this article, you can know about Free AI Tools You Can’t Miss here are the details below;

It may surprise you to learn that over 58% of marketers that use artificial intelligence (AI) to create content report improved business results.

AI has revolutionized the convention range is created today, whether it is through ideation or engagement improvements. The abundance of AI platforms facilitates the creation of excellent content that can easily reach target audiences.

But not everyone is able to pay these platform fees.

The ideal answer for content producers is here: free AI tools. Free tools can help you save money and time whether you’re a freelancer or employed by an organization. You can manage productivity, picture creation, video production, copywriting, and more with these tools!

Use programs like Rytr to produce captivating content in minutes or Fliki to make films more quickly. Let’s explore the realm of the top free artificial intelligence tools to improve your content production.

What is AI and How is it Changing the World?

The study of programming computer systems to emulate human decision-making and problem-solving processes is known as artificial intelligence. These programs enable machines to handle, evaluate, and comprehend data so they may come to conclusions on their own without outside intervention.

It is applicable to several fields, including hardware, analytics, computer science, engineering, and neurology.

AI encompasses a broad range of technologies & subfields, such as deep learning, computer vision, & machine learning. These domains’ main goal is to provide systems with the tools they need to analyze data patterns and draw conclusions.

AI was previously only used in computer science and medical research. However, as times have evolved, AI-based software is now used in a variety of fields. For this reason, according to 83% of businesses, AI will be a major business strategy in the upcoming years.

Take a look at the amazing ways AI is being used and how the world is changing.

Content development: With AI technologies on your side, producing captivating text, video, and audio content is a breeze. Program code, essays, and even video scripts may be produced in a matter of minutes via platforms such as ChatGPT!

Education: Teachers can help pupils by using artificial intelligence to build individualized lesson plans. The technologies can be used to check academic papers for errors in grammar, plagiarism, and pattern recognition. Thus, mentoring pupils will be simpler and more successful.

Healthcare: AI helps physicians identify conditions, evaluate patient symptoms, and create potential treatment plans. They can use data from patient records to anticipate how well the treatment will work. AI also advances patient monitoring, medical research, and drug development.

What are AI Tools?

Tools for artificial intelligence are computer programs that carry out tasks using algorithms based on artificial intelligence. These can include both paid and free AI technologies available online. Because the tools are largely user-friendly, they can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

The AI tools and software can carry out user-provided executive orders by utilizing deep learning or machine learning. Rytr, for example, assists content producers in crafting captivating narratives for their viewers. In addition to a plagiarism checker, the program supports more than 30 languages and 20 writing tones.

Fliki, on the other hand, enables users to record voiceovers for videos using text instructions.

Online, there are a plethora of AI applications available for business automation, social media management, productivity enhancement, and video production.

Benefits of Using AI Tools

Time and resources are the main benefits of using AI solutions. You can save hours of work when you can create videos from straightforward written instructions.

To create engaging content, you no longer need a group of copywriters, video editors, and designers. You can get them done using AI tools.

Understanding the guidelines and workings of these platforms is crucial. Furthermore, using free tools allows you to save a ton of money that you can use for other projects like product development.

Other benefits include-

  • Analyzing customer data and forecasting the market
  • Automate repetitive jobs to free up resources for more important tasks
  • minimizing mistakes when creating content
  • Streamline communication and enhance business procedures
  • These resources are constantly accessible. 24 x 7
  • Using a mobile application or a browser, you can effortlessly access them.

Top Free AI Tools for Content Creators

After learning the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and its related tools, let’s move on to the important stuff: free AI tools. Since AI tools now provide so much for free, you might not even need to pay for their subscriptions.

These technologies also provide cost-effective options if you require additional features.

The top free AI tools for several areas, including productivity, marketing, copywriting, and video production, are examined in this section. Now let’s get going! Also check How To Quickly Fix AT&T Email Login Issues

1. Fliki- Create Engaging Videos


Fliki is the first artificial intelligence application on our list; it can assist you in turning straightforward text instructions into visually engaging films. With the program, you can quickly produce beautiful films that you may post on various social media networks.

Nearly 54 percent of consumers demand high-quality films from companies or producers. Use this tool to capitalize on the trend and expand your consumer base.

Visit the platform to submit your video concept and begin making videos from text. Enter your script if you have one ready already. Or, type some concepts or guidelines regarding the video you want to make. Fliki will begin choosing appropriate material on its own for the instructions or script.

For the background voice, you can select one of the several AI voices that are accessible in several languages. And that’s not all! To produce a voice that sounds like yours, the platform has voice cloning capabilities. You are welcome to add your own photos and audio files to customize the video.

Thus, you are able to begin using their Free plan. A $28 monthly Standard plan and a $88 monthly Premium plan are available.


  • aids in creating interesting films using twitter, PPTs, and blog posts
  • smooth interface that can be used by producers of all backgrounds
  • delivers AI voiceovers that have the most human-like tone.


  • The premium plan offers access to several sophisticated features, such as voice cloning.
  • Videos from the Free Plan have a watermark.

2. Write compelling Text

An ineffective copy causes a website’s engagement to drop by about 58%. is the tool for you if you have brilliant ideas but struggle to compose copy that engages readers. It’s regarded as one of the top free AI writing tools that can be used by both novice and expert copywriters.

This program can handle any type of content, including blog entries, long-form articles, social media postings, and ad copy. Almost any type of material can be produced by given the instructions you supply. You’ll get top-notch material because the site is powered by the potent OpenAI GPT-3 large language model! Also check Elai Alternative 

To begin utilizing the site, you must first register an account. Enter the prompts or instructions that specify the duplicate you want to create after that. For example, the assignment might be to “Write a 500-word article on future AI trends.” The resulting content can provide you with some fantastic ideas.

Adjust guidelines, provide more precise cues, and play about with the tool until you have the draft you want. Additionally, make use of the Infobase feature if you want to store important data for later.

You can begin using the free plan and upgrade to the $36/month Pro plan after that. Plans start at $3,000 per month.


  • Quick and easy to use interface
  • effectively produces branded content to improve marketing
  • More than 10 million people trust it, and it provides the highest level of data protection.


  • Certain consumers might find basic paid plans to be pricey.
  • Options for tonality can be enhanced.
  • Making long-form copy can be a little challenging.

3. Semrush– Boost Search Engine Rankings


To differentiate your material from rivals, it needs to be more visible and rank higher in Google searches. Semrush is one of the best free AI SEO tools, which is why you should check it out. In the event that you lack an SEO staff or professional, the tool will help you get started.

Primary keyword research and on-page SEO are good places to start. Thus, go to the official website and register. Use the Keyword Magic Tool to enter the primary terms or theme of your work.

A list of recommended keywords organized by criteria like intent, volume, and keyword density will be sent to you.

To discover cluster keywords based on your main term, also look through the term Manager. Semrush also provides local SEO, keyword tracking, competitive keyword analysis, and link building.


  • vast collection of more than 21 billion keywords
  • Tracking keywords and strong connecting features
  • provides over 76 AI-powered SEO tools.


  • The monthly cost of the Premium Pro plan, which starts at $129.95, is high.
  • covers only Google; excludes Bing and other search engines.

4. Playground AI: Effortless Images Creation

Playground AI

Next up is Playground AI, a free AI tool that lets you create amazing photos without needing to be an expert. With the program, you may create visually stunning graphics from written prompts or directions. The platform is perfect for novices who want to unleash their creativity when it comes to image editing!

Whether it’s a landing page design, cover art, or business logo, Playground AI can handle it all with ease. Simply visit their website & register for an account. After that, a request to create a new Canvas file that will serve as your workspace will appear.

By entering the text instructions in the given text field, you may start generating gorgeous graphics from text instructions. Simple editing options like image dimensions, filters, styles, instantaneous advice, and mixed image editing are available on the website.


  • Easy alternatives for novices to customize images
  • Utilize instructions and suggestions to edit images
  • access to a sizable collection of AI-generated photos


  • restricted interaction with additional design tools
  • When internet connections are slow, creating images may not be as effective.
  • Insufficient personalization choices for experienced designers

5. Looka: Design Logos Like a Pro


Do you need a logo for your brand-new Instagram or LinkedIn page? You don’t need to be an expert to produce beautiful logo designs thanks to Looka.

Entering your company name, industry, favorite color for your logo, and slogan comes first. To help Looka better understand what you’re looking for, you then need to choose a few logos from the collection that already exists. The tool generates several customizable logos in a matter of minutes.

Then, feel free to alter the backdrop design, tagline, color, layout, and container to your heart’s desire. The finest aspect? The platform provides a Brand Kit that includes social media layouts, email signatures, business cards, and mockups of web designs.

Moreover, the Brand Kit Web Subscription costs $129 a year, while the Basic Logo plan starts at $20.


  • Outstanding facilities for customizing designs
  • takes into account brand attributes when creating a logo
  • No prior design experience is necessary.


  • Brand Kit subscriptions are available for a fee.
  • possibly produce generic logos
  • Perhaps unsuitable for seasoned designers

6. Framer: Build a Top-Notch Website to Attract Audiences


Landing pages have an intermediate conversion rate of 9.7%. It follows that in order to draw in customers, content creators require a website. Selling goods or services will require you to do this.

The ideal tool is Framer, a free website builder! You must register for an account and provide text instructions that explain the context of the website you want to visit. In order to generate a website with the proper color schemes and layout, AI examines the instructions.

The canvas feature lets you update the website with media, animations, and a content management system. You can quickly edit any section of the website using the drag-and-drop functionality. It is also easy to add plug-ins such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Twitter.

You can also alter the features and design of the website to draw users in. A design editor and a Framer banner are included in the free plan for producing websites. Monthly payments for paid plans begin at $25 (billed annually).


  • building a responsive website with a smooth user experience
  • Support for SEO and simple plug-in integrations
  • Perfect for people with a range of abilities


  • Absence of e-commerce functionalities for websites
  • The custom domain is not available on the platform.
  • The free plan’s limited features

The Bottom Line

That concludes our discussion of the best free AI tools for content production! This is by no means an exhaustive list.

You now know about free AI picture and video creation tools as well as copywriting tools. Try out the instruments to become proficient with them and enhance your content production endeavors. Monitor the outcomes to observe how the tools affect interaction and conversions.

AI is used by more than 42% of business workers to provide personalized content. Thus, the need in the market will bring up more innovative tools. Always choose your tools based on your team size, budget, target market, and business objectives.

As you explore these fantastic resources, remember to continue producing excellent content!

CTA: Join Fliki to produce audio and video at a professional caliber in only a few minutes!


Are these AI tools Free Forever?

According to their basic plan, these AI tools are free for a limited set of functionality. For intricate brand requirements, the premium plans offer more comprehensive functionalities.

Are AI tools suitable for users with no technical expertise?

Indeed, the majority of AI technologies are appropriate for non-technical consumers. They are able to independently use the tools for creating videos or creating content.

Can AI writing be detected?

Indeed, information created entirely by AI can be identified using free AI tools like Copyleaks. Therefore, don’t just copy and paste AI stuff; instead, draw inspiration from it.

How will the tools boost a content creator’s onlines presence?

By producing articles, movies, or designs swiftly to draw viewers, content creators can increase their visibility. Additionally, they can boost their visibility by attracting more buyers for their brand through affiliate marketing by using free AI technologies.

What should i Keep in mind while using AI writing tools for free?

Check the data produced with AI writing tools or any other tools. Details in the image, video, or copy might not always be correct. Be cautious because inaccurate information in your material can reduce engagement.

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