Top 10 Best Examination Test Software In 2022

This post will explain examination test software. Everything was affected by the Corona Virus, including little shops, companies, businesses, schools, and colleges. As a result, the majority of schools and institutions were unable to hold typical final exams. The decision was made to use online tests as a solution, which lowers the risk of coronavirus by avoiding the simultaneous gathering of large numbers of students. Online examination is not a new idea; some colleges have them for entrance exams. Which software is therefore ideal for the aforementioned use?

Top 10 Best Examination Test Software In 2022

In this article, you can know about examination test software here are the details below;

1. TCExam


Online test administration software called TCExam was created by It is a web-based programme that works on any platform. You are not need to use a specific kind of platform, such as Desktop, Android, etc. All you require is a machine that can run a web browser. Additionally, it is language-neutral. It offers benefits like open source software, GitHub community support, high stability, platform independence, no particular hardware requirements, simplicity of use, effectiveness, low error rates, data import and export, ORM recognition, etc. Also check CRM Software app 

2. Test Invite

Test Invite

The software used for secure and effective online testing of student abilities is called Test Invite. This software can be used on a platform or the Web. You may design formative assessments, practise exams, personality tests, and more with its capabilities, which include real-time camera proctoring, email invitations, and many other features. Exams can be administered in numerous sections, each with its own time restrictions, question bank management, different methods for collecting responses, thorough test reports, and more. Use of it is not free; the licence starts at Rs. 7000 per month. This is another examination test software. Also check medical billing software

3. Eklavya


Online examination is available through Eklavvya. It is used for exams by a lot of institutions. It offers features including the ability to take personality, aptitude, and test series as well as practise exams. The management of registrations, remote proctoring, secure browser, and admission tests can all be handled by institutions using this platform. With Eklavvya, you can also take oral exams and vivas. Other capabilities include managing candidate data, managing exams, managing results, managing assessments with proctoring, managing schedules, managing question banks, and many more.

4. Think Exam

Think Exam

This is another examination test software. One of the most well-known computer-based testing platforms is Think Exam, which is utilised by organisations like Aakash, Allen, TIME, Chandigarh University, Indian Army, etc. It offers features such as total freedom in test development, instant results, an intuitive platform, an advanced reporting system, smart subscription, etc. You get tools like a highly controllable question library, candidate management, a panel of test-takers, a reporting system, and many more for administering exams. Pricing for the enterprise edition ranges from nothing to Rs. 16000 per month, with bespoke pricing.

5. Virtualx


PIT solutions created the online testing platform known as Virtualx. The pro version of Virtualx has 14 different types of questions, support for negative marking, an extension period for homework, tags, and more. It offers features like custom question creation, role-based access, exam schedules for individual and group exams, 12 different types of questions, support for written formulas and equations, randomization of the problems presented to the examinee, graphical analysis, document sharing, and more. Starting at Rs. 3500 to Rs. 25,200, the price range is. Also check Live Streaming Software

6. PaperShala


GoodFirms created the online testing platform known as Papershala. It is used by organisations like IES Master, VED Academy, Mock 99, etc. It offers features like compatibility for several platforms, including desktop, laptop, Mac, etc. The licence costs between Rs. 0 and Rs. 35/student and includes a versatile question bank, student dashboard, admin panel, test scheduler, reused questions, self-registration for students, instant exam results, and many more features. This is another examination test software.

7. Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam

Conduct Exam is an online testing platform created by conduct exam technologies that is used for tests by schools like Engineer’s Circle, AOSmith, STUDY Virus, etc. It offers features like the simple addition of questions from Word or Excel files, support for many additional types of problems, the ability to create tests quickly by asking random questions, email notification, sharing of documents, videos, etc., analysis of student performance, third-party integration, instant scorecard, provision of solutions, question bookmarking, and many more.

8. Talview


This is another examination test software. A platform for online interviews and evaluations was created by Talview. Large businesses utilise it for hiring new personnel and conducting interviews. It offers tools including an AI-powered resume viewer and recruitment bot, as well as live interviews, online tests, and automatic proctoring. Talview is also used for course exams and for online admissions. It offers capabilities including multi-geographic student applications, applicant evaluation, scheduling asynchronous and live video interviews on mobile devices, student authentication, live and automated exam proctoring, browser policing, etc.

9. Mercer Mettl

Mercer Mettl

A platform for online hiring, evaluation, and interviews is called Mercer Mettl. It offers solutions for online examination and proctoring, software for online assessments, recruitment, and L&D. It offers resources including talent evaluation, code evaluation, lateral recruiting, online hackathons, organisational development, 360-degree feedback, and reskilling. Tests that the examiner can take include psychometric tests, behavioural exams, technical tests, tests of coding proficiency, and many more. Enterprises like ISB, AICA, Microsoft, Adobe, Accenture, etc. use Mercer Mettl, a significant business platform.

10. Exam Soft

Exam Soft

Exam Soft is a computer-based examination system for a variety of academic disciplines, including law, medicine, nursing, and more. It offers features like formative assessments, student engagement, ExamID with two-step verification for security, proctoring to prevent unfair means and exam cheating with an in-person and one-on-one invigilator, and curriculum planning to ensure that all the topics are hidden and nothing is left out. On the website, you may see more features in full detail. This is another examination test software. Also check medical billing software

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