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How To Fix The Error Code i2501 In 2023

How To Fix The Error Code i2501 will be discussed in this article. What should you do if Square Enix gives you the error code: i2501? Don’t worry; this post on the MiniTool website has some helpful suggestions. Simply give them a shot to quickly fix the issue code and resume enjoying Square Enix.

How To Fix The Error Code i2501 In 2023

In this article, you can know about Error Code i2501 here are the details below;

The Final Fantasy series, Tomb Raider, and Life is Strange are just a few examples of the action and adventure games published by renowned game developer Square Enix. However, some customers claim that they encounter the problem code: i2501 when making payments in their Square Enix accounts.

Reasons for the Square Enix error code i2501

In the nation where the user’s memory card (credit or debit) was issued, the user does not truly exist. The entry or payment method choice is in error. A VPN or proxy that is known to be running on the device will likewise reject payment. Also check Fix Windows 11 Troubleshooter Not Working

Please make sure you have a strong, active connection and accurate payment card information before continuing with the solution. You can continue the next solutions after checking it.

How to fix Error code; i2501

1. Turn off VPN and Proxies

Since some service providers, particularly banking organizations, have refused private connections that require full Internet access due to considerations of transparency, it is advised to turn off VPN and ad proxies in order to resolve the problem number i2501. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1: Press Windows + I at the same time to launch the Settings application.

Step 2: Next, access the Network & Internet section by clicking on it.

Then, click the Network & Internet part to open it

Step 3: Select the Proxy tab, then deselect Use a proxy server.

Click the Proxy tab and turn off the Use a proxy server option

Check to see if the error code: i2501 has vanished after that. If not, try the following option.

2. Pay via Mobile Device

Paying using the mobile device’s browser is another approach to get rid of the problem code: i2501. Despite the low success rate, it is still worthwhile to give it a shot.

3. Turn off Ad Blocker

Ad blockers typically do not affect payment platforms, however it has been demonstrated that disabling the extension, waiting a few hours, and then attempting to make another payment can resolve the error code i2501.

One of the top 5 free ad blockers for Microsoft Edge in 2022 can be used to stop intrusive advertisements in the Edge browser on Windows 10.

4. Contact Support

Contacting their assistance is the final option for you to resolve the Square Enix error number i2501. They will provide you some remedies when you describe the problem you are having.

5. Turn on incognito Mode in firefox

If the problem persists on Google Chrome, you should switch to Firefox. It can be accessed in Incognito Mode. Following are the steps:

Step 1: Launch Firefox and select the three dashes symbol located in the top-right corner of the browser. Also check wireshark no interfaces found

Step 2: To enable Firefox’s Incognito mode, choose the New Private Window option from the list. To enable private browsing in Firefox, click the Windows keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + P.

Next, see if the error code is still present.

How can I activate or deactivate Incognito mode on an Android or iPhone, Chrome, or Firefox browser? Observe the tutorial’s step-by-step instructions.

Final Words

Are you concerned by Square Enix’s error code: i2501? Take it easy, and now you can test out these solutions in light of your own circumstance. Fixing the game’s problem is simple.

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