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Netflix is the most well-known premium media web-based feature on the planet, having areas in pretty much every country. Almost every genre of movie and TV show that you can think of is on Netflix. It boasts a greater collection of well-known network content than any of its competitors, as well as more original programs, movies, documentaries, and specials. Streaming episodes and films through the web is truly outstanding and the most advantageous way of sitting in front of the TV, and Netflix is the most ideal decision for streaming entertainment.

Can you download movies from Netflix?

This question tends to be closely connected with the question, can one save movies and shows from Netflix for offline viewing? The simple answer is yes. Netflix provides you with the choice of saving your number one films and TV shows for offline viewing for the moments when you are not in range of network connectivity.  You can do this now across multiple platforms and devices, including iOS/iPad, Android, and Windows. Simply search for the white download arrow on whatever you’re watching and you will be good to go.

  Limitations of downloading from Netflix .

In as much as there are a vast number of things, we love about the Netflix platform as a whole and what it has to offer, there are various things that limit its users from fully enjoying its streaming and download features. To avoid such limitations, you’re advised to use a third-party Netflix video downloader.

Below, we name a few of them:

  1. Netflix has some of its contents being geo-restricted

This is quite possibly the most discussed downside among Netflix users. Not only with the quality of movies and TV shows that you can access you can get to be subject to where you reside, but also the number of the same that you can get to.

  1. Only Netflix’s original content is up to date.

When you try and search for the most recent Avenger movie, chances are you’ll be diverted to ‘The Equalizer’. Netflix’s library of non-Netflix original content is up to one year old. This is because of licensing agreements between TV networks. The strength of Netflix comes from promoting ‘Binging culture’ which is good for watching previous seasons’ episodes before another season is sent off. This makes publishers only release other Network’s content when their profitability has run its course.

  1. You own none of the media.

Yes, you have decided that you want to throw away your old CDs and DVDs for streaming services’ sake. You have paid exorbitant amounts of between 108$ to 192$, depending on the Netflix plan you have gone with. You have devoted yourself to binging as many episodes and movies as possible and at the end of your subscription period, you’ll have only your memory to show for it.

That is the miserable truth of present-day streaming services. Your access to content is exclusively reliant upon your payments. Even though you paid Netflix, you are only paying for access and not ownership.

  1. You are required to access the internet.

Despite the fact that you have paid for access to Netflix’s content, the level of quality you get is hugely dependent on the quality of the internet you are associated with. The speed and quality of your connection are the difference between you watching 240p and 4K. It is also the difference in the amount of lag you are going to get. Netflix does not allow you to share downloaded material, and you will be unable to access your premium content after your membership has been terminated.

Download movies from Netflix using StreamFab Netflix Downloader

StreamFab Netflix Downloader is a simple and effective video downloader that allows you to download Netflix movies and series and save them permanently on your device.

With this Netflix downloader, you can download videos from any Netflix website as long as you live in a country where the streaming service is officially available, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, or France. Thus, if you live in one of those approved regions, you may download any of your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows to your computer for offline viewing without having to deal with the pesky streaming restrictions.


  1. Download Netflix movies and shows from any Netflix website
  2. Save the Downloaded Netflix Videos as Universal MP4 Files
  3. Choose Audios and Subtitles of Your Preferred Language
  4. Save Subtitles as SRT Files or Remux Directly into Videos
  5. Batch-Download More Videos in One Go with Fast Speed
  6. Download Metadata Information for Easier Management

You may watch Netflix movies and TV programs on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, TV, and any other MP4/MKV compatible device using StreamFab Netflix Video Downloader without using up your internet data.

How to download Netflix movies on Mac and phone using StreamFab Netflix Downloader?

  1. Choose & Open the Netflix website

After downloading and starting it, go to the left-hand VIP Services menu and then to the right-hand Supported Services tab to access the Netflix website.

  1. Sign in to your Netflix account and play the video you wish to download.
  2. Start to download the video. While you are watching it, it will be downloaded automatically.

How to download movies on Netflix using other Netflix video downloaders

1.     Y2mate Netflix Downloader

Y2Mate Netflix Video Downloader allows you to download videos from any Netflix’s regional website, with additional capabilities coming shortly. It will auto select the audio and subtitles for you based on your default language settings.


  • High-resolution download
  • Save the selected multiple videos simultaneously
  • Ads in Movies are removed


  • One cannot easily tell whether or not the downloaded content was created legally.

  1. FreeGrab App

FreeGrabApp provides you with free applications to use in downloading and converting videos from Netflix. The movies and TV shows of your liking are obtained straight from Netflix on your laptop or PC. This app especially is helpful in situations where you want to keep your movie even after Netflix decides to remove the title. It also lets you choose your most preferable subtitle to download together with your movie.


  • Allows for mirroring and projecting videos from Netflix on bigger screens.
  • Makes possible to download many titles from Netflix direct to your PC


  • One cannot easily tell whether or not the downloaded content was created legally.
  1. Anystreameam

Do you happen to miss a movie already because you’ve just realized that your content has expired? Anystream allows you to easily download a whole series or your best documentary from Netflix before the expiration period catches up with you. This downloader has an additional allowance for converting your videos to different formats using video editing software.


  • Comes with a simple-to-navigate user-friendly UI.


  • Your content is left unprotected once downloaded as an MP4 file.
  1. NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader

As known, Netflix’s downloading function is limited to iOS, Android, and Windows 10 apps. What if you want to play Netflix videos on other devices? No worries, NoteBurner Netflix Video Downloader is born to help you out. It is a professional video downloading program for Netflix, capable of downloading both movies and TV shows from Netflix to the computer effortlessly. With the help of such a smart tool, you can enjoy Netflix videos on any of your devices anytime.


  • Download Netflix videos in HD quality.
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Subtitles and audio tracks are kept together.
  • Free software updates and technical support


  • There are just three media platforms available (Netflix, YouTube, iTunes)
  • There aren’t all-in-one purchase options for many websites.
  • There isn’t an embedded browser.
  • The free trial only allows you to download the first 5 minutes.
  • The output quality and format are insufficiently precise.
  • There are no download speed options.

What more?

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix comes with three plans. The Basic plan, Standard plan, and Premium plan. The plans are different in terms of pricing, quality of media you have access to, the number of devices you can watch on at the same time, and the number of devices you can have downloaded on. The figure below will give you the complete breakdown of the various Netflix plans.

The Basic plan: is $9.99 per month and it allows you to watch Netflix content on one screen at a time on any compatible device. Also, your streams will be in standard definition (maximum 480p), which is as good as a clear standard broadcast TV show.

The Standard plan: is $15.49 monthly, you can watch Netflix on up to two screens simultaneously, and it comes in high-definition (maximum 1080p). This package is ideal for most users, letting you avoid any nasty arguments whenever your roommate or spouse wants to watch Friends while you’re enjoying The Great British Bake Off.

The Premium plan: $19.99 monthly and if you own a 4K TV and have an excellent internet connection, the option is yours for the taking. You will be able to stream 4K Ultra HD content on up to four devices. For each of the above packages, you get your first month free, so you can choose an option that suits you best.

Netflix fans all across the world may now download great shows and movies in addition to watching them for free on the streaming service. As much as several members like watching Netflix from the comfort of their homes, we’ve heard that they want to keep watching ‘Stranger Things’ on planes and other places where Internet connectivity is expensive or limited.

Final statement.

Netflix has provided quite a friendly way for its subscribers to stream and even download their content for offline viewing. However, to enjoy unlimited content without fear of expiration, StreamFab Netflix Downloader is the best option to use in downloading your favorite show due to its robust performance and capability.

With it, you may download and watch any Netflix video offline on any device without wasting internet traffic or disrupting Netflix’s limits!

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