15 Best CRM Software of 2022 – Everything You Must to know

You’ve opted to use a CRM Software app for your company? Congratulations! It indicates that your company is expanding. Is it because your present client management system has proven to be ineffective? You’ve arrived to the proper location, so don’t be concerned.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 20 CRM software for 2022 in this article. There are over a hundred CRM applications available, all claiming to be the best. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, are available for free or for a fee, and can track your clients, deals, and even chats.

According to their features and typical pricing plan, we’ve grouped these 20 CRM apps into four categories. Decide which of the options is the best fit for your needs. Forcing a square peg into a round hole just because it’s free or lovely isn’t a good idea!

15 Best CRM Software of 2022 – Everything You Must to know

In this article, you can know about CRM Software here are the details below;

So, for the purpose of everyone’s sake, let’s separate these into groups first.

Any business’s nuclear reactor is a customer relationship management app or software. Your business, no matter how giant or little, requires a CRM tool to provide a consistent client experience. Without devoted and pleased consumers, no firm can survive. Customer feedback is then the foundation of any successful customer relationship.

If you can get an effective CRM and an engaging customer feedback system to work together, you’ll be able to get to know your customers the way you should. According to a recent survey from customer thermometer, 68 percent of your customers will depart because of perceived intervention. A CRM application is the ideal way to be proactive and intuitive.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Contact Management

You’ll constantly want to learn more about your current and potential customers. CRMs that focus on persons rather than tracking your discussions can assist you more effectively in this area. A contact-centric CRM would allow you to quickly learn everything you need to know about your potential consumers.



BatchBook features connections with email apps and social media platforms, allowing it to import customer data from these sources. Its interaction with Hootsuite allows it to connect to many social networks while also displaying CRM data.

The CRM app comes with unlimited users for every plan, allowing your entire organisation to use it. Even while the initial cost is higher, if you have a large company, it will end up being far less expensive. This is another CRM Software alternative.

$55 per month for an unlimited numeral of users



Keeping in contact with your customers is no longer limited to communicating with them on social media. You’ll be collaborating on their Google calendars with them and sending more emails back and forth than you’d want. Nimble can assist you in this regard. It can generate contact cards for you and then suggest who you should follow up with. The app can help you find the most prospective clients, among other things. It’s also useful for following up on leads and closing sales. The Kanban-style layout aids in the progression of your leads through the sales cycle. Nimble is an all-in-one app with only one price plan, so you won’t have to go through any additional steps to upgrade or change your paying plan. Also check Hr software benefits

Everything is $15 per user each month.



It’s a CRM that does everything. It can manage your contacts in the same way that a contact-centric CRM can, but it also has an email inbox.

Vtiger CRM manages your contacts in the same way as a contact-focused CRM does, but it also features a shared email inbox where your team may collaborate on discussions. It may also contain a support system where you may respond to customer emails and create support documents so consumers can fix their own problems, depending on your plan. It also includes a project management tool that allows you and your team to plan your own work. It’s a customer relationship management system (CRM) that will let you keep track of everything about your team and customers in one location.

Monthly fee: $10 per user $25/user/month starter plan for either sales or support functions. For complete sales and support functionality, choose the Ultimate plan.



Insightly is more than just a CRM app, thanks to its extensive Google connectivity and a design that appears quite similar to that of Google apps. It works with any programme you use, not just Google apps, and includes some useful contacts-related capabilities. It can automatically locate your contacts’ social media profiles, including LinkedIn information and more. Emails, tasks, and notes associated with that individual contact can be displayed alongside CRM data. It may be used as a stand-alone CRM, with capabilities like task management, comprehensive reporting, and more!

Price: $9 per user each month; up to three users are free.



This is another CRM Software alternative. Clevertim allows you to quickly see the details of your contacts. You are not required to go to individual pages on them. You’ll see a quick synopsis of your customer in the contact list. Even without clicking, you’ll be able to get their email address or phone number. Without having to browse through various contact pages, you can instantly filter your contact lists by name, demographics, and more. Clevertim also includes functionality for managing projects, cases, and even team meetings all in one app. Clevertim is an easy method to keep track of your contacts and business.

Price: $4 per user each month; up to two users are free.

6.Google Contacts

Google Contacts

Gmail’s Contacts feature offers more than just an address book. Any contact information can be added to your contact list. With Google+, Google automatically updates your contacts. You can store ‘notes’ on contact pages, which is a great method to keep track of information instead of keeping it on the CRM app’s contact page. Contacts also include a feature that allows you to keep track of all your correspondence with that person. When you pick an email, your contact information will appear on the side, similar to many CRM add-ons. Despite the fact that it is not marketed as a CRM, its characteristics allow you to be a part of one for free.

Price: Free; bundled with Google Apps for Work, which costs $9.99 per month. $5/user/month

Using a CRM to keep track of discussions

Conversational CRMs bring up the contacts you need to follow up with or identify potential leads. It makes it more leisurely to keep track of all of your interactions or to handle several people in a conversation. keeps track of your phone calls and emails. It is a platform that is built around phone integration. You won’t have to unlock another window to make sales calls. You’ll be competent to keep track of your logging and recording. This CRM programme can also be used to pass sales calls on to other salespeople. When a consumer phones you or your firm, you’ll be able to immediately fill in contact information, including prior talks.

With one-click links, connects you to the reports and contact views. This app would be ideal if you or your company prefers to communicate via phone rather than email. Also check Best live chat software

Monthly cost: $59 per user.



Consider having an assistant that scans through all of your team’s emails, determines the most critical connections, and then distributes that information to everyone who needs to know. SalesforceIQ is what it’s called. Despite being a Salesforce software, Salesforce IQ is rather different from the others. It offers a one-of-a-kind user interface. SalesforceIQ focuses on your discussions rather than being crammed with configurable database features. Salesforce, formerly known as Relatel IQ, will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your customer relationships.

Price: $69 per month per user



Nutshell is capable of working in tandem with your Gmail communications. It finds and presents the tasks and contacts that require your attention on that particular day. It now has the ability to draw in information such as weather, time, and even your connections’ Twitter profiles. This is another CRM Software alternative.

This can assist you prepare for your next speech or start little chats to break the ice during your introduction. The sales procedure at Nutshell is also based on a Kanban board. It can aid you in staying on top of the sales process at all times. The feature-rich dashboard keeps you up to date on even the slightest facts about where your organisation is headed while still allowing you to have one-on-one conversations with each contact.

$22 per month per user



If is focused on phone integration, Contactually is focused on email communications. It comes with a number of customisable email templates that can help you save a lot of time and work. Contactually’s dashboard is structured by the priority of your contacts and most recent emails. You’ll be able to send follow-up emails directly from the app. You can also use the talks you have to evaluate your performance. Your communications will be proactive thanks to Contactually.

Monthly cost: $29 per user

Using a CRM to follow-up on leads and deals

When you think about it, salespeople were the ones who popularised CRM software. They were known as leads and deals CRM, and they were able to track potential prospects and follow them until the sale was completed. These apps are intended to keep track of customers during their buying process. They begin as potential leads and eventually evolve into sales.



Pipeliner allows you to link your contacts together as well as organise your offers into stages. Every step of your CRM process may be turned into a graphic by using the pipeline. You can see how your possible leads and deals fit together in this way.

After you’ve organised all of your deals and leads on the Kanban-style board, use the mindmap-style editor to arrange all of your contacts. This makes it easier to figure out how everyone is connected. Pipeliner’s native PC and Mac apps allow you to work offline as well.

Price: $35 per month per user



You’d be able to see what has to be done for the day using PipelineDeals. While many CRM systems structure their dashboards based on the most critical discussions, PipelineDeals’ dashboard displays everything. You may see your team’s actions, pressing tasks, and charts with ongoing negotiations. Every day, you will receive an email with a summary of your daily activities and details.

PipelineDeals makes it simple to find deals or jobs you need with a simple sentence-style sort field.

Monthly cost: $24 per user



This is another CRM Software alternative. The ability to view all of your contact lists or pipeline phases on one page is a feature that the majority of CRM programmes tout. The user interface for Base is a little different. It’s been condensed to show you just what you need to do next. When you look at a step in your sales process, you’ll see only that step and a bar to go to the next phase. With easy, Drag moves on to the next stage.

Base simplifies not just the procedure, but also the user experience. It aids in the organisation of contact information, recent chats, calls on a page, and notes that you can quickly access. Base can always phone or message your contacts if text isn’t enough. The base also offers capabilities for keeping track of notes and emails, as well as keeping a log and recording your calls. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of your communication needs, including phone calls.

Monthly cost: $15 per user

14.Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho’s suite of software offers everything you need, from word processing to email hosting and spreadsheet programmes to accounting apps. Zoho CRM is a CRM tool with many of the capabilities you’d expect from a high-end CRM.

You’ll be able to collect leads from your website’s forms or even your Facebook page. Then, by bringing these leads into and through your sales funnel, you can automate the process. To discover the most prospective contacts and prospects, the programme employs Pulse and Forecasting technologies. The Zoho integration allows you to mail merge all of your contacts’ documents. From the app, you may start an email conversation or a video conference call. Custom modules allow you to expand the features and customise the CRM to meet your specific needs. Also check Okr software

Price: $12 per user each month; up to three users are free.



Prosperworks allows you to keep track of leads and deals, as well as your contact lists and conversations. With a clever combination of three functions, including Gmail integration, you can keep your information up to date automatically. This is another CRM Software alternative.

ProsperWorks is continuously on the lookout for fresh contacts to convert into leads. All of your chats are visible, and you can track and follow significant interactions. Finally, through your sales process, turn them into deals using the Kanban-style board.

Monthly cost: $19

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