Top 15 Best Small Business Sales Tools Of 2022

This post will explain business sales tools. In an era of voice-activated virtual assistants and same-day deliveries, many small businesses find it challenging to provide the same level of customer service as major corporations with multi-hundred thousand dollar marketing budgets.

Given that 57% of consumers believe they rely less on salespeople when making decisions, selling to small sales is an even tougher business.

Small businesses need to work more efficiently if they want to remain competitive, and that includes using tools that facilitate the sales process from the very first touchpoint to the final delivery.

What Sales Tools Work Best for Small Businesses?

Sales are about more than simply cold calls and pitches, successful organisations are aware of this. GetVoIP claims that it is important to know your clients, cultivate trusting relationships, and offer them a service they actually require.

In fact, in an effort to increase sales, several small businesses have turned to content marketing and launched new blogs. To generate leads, they make use of blog posts, whitepapers, and digital manuals. Some people even concentrate on using bio links and social media sites like Instagram to expand their business and following naturally.

There is a concern with this tactic, though. It may take some time to get enough leads at first. Passive sales are even more difficult to come by because more than four million blog entries are published every day.

You must utilise tools to actively search for sales and offer your business a competitive edge if you want to stand out in a crowded industry. Every day seems to see the release of dozens of new sales tools. It is really challenging to decide which tools are the greatest fit because the market is growing quickly.

We’ve compiled a list of the top sales support tools for small businesses to address that issue.

These tools go further live chat and prospecting tools to assist you with sales and all business processes that support sales, including social media, invoicing, appointment scheduling, project planning, customer support, small business funding, and more.

Additionally, we’ve examined each tool in depth to describe its most beneficial aspects.

1. ProofHub: Best Project Management Tool


Anyone who runs a business, whether it be offline or online, is aware of how important it is to maintain organisation and work with groups and customers. Because of this, I advise using ProofHub, the best project management and collaboration platform available, to keep your team on track and your deadlines in check.

With ProofHub, you can delegate different tasks to the relevant team members, use kanban boards to see how your workflows are progressing, and even have internal team chats. It is now simpler than ever to observe what is happening with your team, which activities should be prioritised, and even business announcements thanks to the unique dashboard: This is another business sales tools.

As the ultimate sales tool, ProofHub can help you remain on top of prospects, contracts being sent out, tracking signatures, and much more. In summary, any successful business cannot function without an efficient project management platform. Also check data recovery apps

2. Hunter Best Email Lookup & Outreach Automation Tool


You should be aware of how time-consuming it is to gather prospects’ email addresses, verify them, and then prepare, send, and track cold email campaigns if you have ever done a cold outreach campaign.

Hunter makes everything seem very simple. They gathered all the tools required for effective cold outreach in one location, enabling you to automate every stage of the procedure.

Depending on the final information you need, Email Finder, Domain Search, and Author Finder make it simple to locate anyone’s email address (list of all people working for a specific company or just a single specialist).

In addition, Hunter gives you the option to use Email Verifier to check the validity of any email addresses you discovered elsewhere.

You may automate and customise the entire outreach process using Hunter Campaigns, their free platform for cold outreach. Campaigns will handle scheduling and sending follow-ups for you, so you don’t have to.

3. UniTel Voice: Best Cloud-Based Business Phone System

UniTel Voice

Every time a potential customer phones your business, there is a chance to seal a deal. However, if you’re a salesperson on the road or a busy business owner, you probably aren’t always at your desk.

Because of this, it’s essential to have a cutting-edge business phone system that keeps you linked wherever you are. And here’s where UniTel Voice can be of use to you:

A virtual phone system called UniTel Voice enables you to do business from any location and on any device. You won’t ever miss an opportunity to interact with a potential customer and seem professional, whether you’re at home, the office, or on the go.

In addition to having all the cutting-edge phone system capabilities you require, UniTel Voice also offers customer support that is available at all times. Their clients can attest to that.

4. Beaconstac: Best QR Code Generator Software


You’ll quickly realise how useful QR codes are if you don’t already use them in your business. To increase brand recognition, provide discounts and coupon codes, and even simplify administrative procedures, employ QR codes.

This is another business sales tools. I wholeheartedly recommend using Beaconstac to automate your QR code creation process, whether you use them for internal measures like employee ID cards or document verification, or customer-facing on product packaging and business cards.

These are practically always applicable to locally based firms, but they are also helpful for online businesses.

5. ProProfs Quiz Maker: Best Online Quiz Software


Even though social media marketing is heavily populated with advertisements, businesses of all sizes still find it to be quite useful. For small businesses with little means to develop their online presence and produce leads, this presents a big barrier. A wonderful and surprisingly underappreciated solution to this issue is offered by ProProfs Quiz Maker.

To increase engagement on your website and across all social media platforms, you can simply create quizzes that are both extremely interesting and shareable with this online tool. It includes a huge question bank with more than 1 million ready-to-use questions, supports more than 15 different question categories, and has more than 100 customization options. Also check MRI Software

By including a lead form that can be customised and used to collect information such as name, email address, company, location, etc., you can even utilise your quizzes as a lead magnet. As a result of the feature-rich tool’s support for integrations with all significant marketing tools, like Salesforce, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Active Campaign, etc., you can automate and expedite lead segmentation and nurturing to develop email campaigns that are efficient and highly effective.

6. Spendesk: Best Spend Management Software


Spendesk was created to give finance teams full control over every dollar, pound, and euro spent at work while facilitating employee spending. This is another business sales tools.

Users have access to real expenditure cards that may be customised and are much more secure than company credit cards. They can fully automate the expense report process and create virtual cards for use online.

Because these automated tools reduce the amount of time needed for end-of-month close, this greatly increases production. Now just 3–4 hours per month, as opposed to days, are spent reconciling payments by finance staff.

7. BirdEye: Best Prospect Interaction Tool


When people contact a business, whether they are prospects or customers, they just want the quickest answers to their inquiries. Businesses can stay on top of all interactions with prospects and clients thanks to BirdEye’s comprehensive customer experience platform.

Through texting, live chat, and mass messaging, your team can connect with leads and customers using BirdEye’s comprehensive interactions platform. You may turn more website traffic into leads thanks to it. BirdEye tells you each time a consumer messages your business, whether it be through Facebook, SMS texting, or live chat, through one unified inbox. Never miss a message again and keep track of all of your conversation history in one location. Through timely, automated review requests, BirdEye may also assist your business in receiving more reviews.

8. Eversign: Best Electronic Signature Tool


Users may prepare, sign, and manage contracts online from any device using Eversign’s user-friendly e-signature application without having to print or scan them. Eversign complies with the strictest security and authentication standards. A signed document becomes enforceable in court and has legal effect.

This is another business sales tools. In a cloud architecture that is encrypted, documents are safely kept. Every transaction has been recorded in the thorough audit trail provided by eversign.

Users have the ability to set up numerous businesses and teams, assign responsibilities, and manage the access permissions of each team member. Users can automate the generation, delivery, and signing of documents using Eversign’s fully featured JSON-based API, or they can link Eversign with other programmes. In addition to Eversign, there are several other free signature generators available.

9. Right Inbox: Best Email Marketing Software

Right Inbox

In 2021, email marketing will still be one of the greatest methods for converting prospects. A solid email platform should be near the top of your list when it comes to improving the tools you use to grow your small business.

The only drawback is that most email solutions are cumbersome and demand external applications. You may easily utilise Right Inbox by simply integrating it with your business’s G-Suite:

No matter the objective, Right Inbox covers all the fundamentals for excellent email marketing with features like drip emails, campaign scheduling, and more.

10. Google Drive for Business: Best File Manager

Google Drive for Business

Even the most organised business owner has trouble keeping their paperwork organised.

Storage is needed for all types of infographics, be they for marketing and sales purposes or, more significantly, for private information. This is another business sales tools.

Files can easily get unmanageable if you use contractors or part-time employees. A cloud-based file manager called Google Drive for business lets you store and sync data across many devices.

Google also gives users the ability to share documents with other users, add comments, upload a variety of media, and track changes to documents. It is a remarkably strong file manager. Also check Tally Accounting Software

You may already be acquainted with Google Drive if you often use Gmail. However, the business edition of Google Drive comes with a number of extra capabilities that are not included in the free version.

Google Drive for Business offers the following for roughly $5 per month:

  • Two times as much storage (you can upgrade to unlimited storage for about $10 per month)
  • Telephone customer service available 24/7
  • Auditing tools that enable administrators to view where files have been shared and who has accessed each file
  • Admin tools that let you manage minute aspects like who may sync and who can access files offline.
  • Having access to an API so you can programme further features
  • Google has spent $30 billion on cloud hosting, which can be combined with Drive for Business, to increase functionality even more.

The storage & power of Google Drive for Business are unbeatable for the price.

11. BIGContacts: Best Customer Relationship Management Tool


Strong customer connections are built on personalization. You may increase customer satisfaction and hence increase your profitability by getting to know your prospects and customers better. BIGContacts is a robust and user-friendly CRM application that makes this simple.

This is another business sales tools. BIGContacts is an all-inclusive CRM application that enables you to track and manage sales prospects utilising a personalised pipeline. You can use the application to keep track of previous communications, upcoming plans, preferences, and other crucial details about potential clients and consumers.

Additionally, it allows you to automate repetitive chores, send tailored follow-up emails, and examine a complete calendar of all outstanding tasks. Additionally, it offers a strong reporting tool that makes it easy for you to keep track of your business’s statistics. Additionally, BIGContacts enables you to manage client connections and data from any location using any mobile device. Additionally, excellent assistance is available around-the-clock to assist you if you ever get stuck.

12. NordVPN: Best VPN Provider


Today, protecting data privacy is more important than ever. We must take all necessary precautions to protect the privacy of our data given the frequent hacks and breaches that occur.

Because of this, I suggest NordVPN as one of the best VPNs for secure online browsing. You should absolutely enrol on a VPN if you don’t have a personal, dedicated access to your office.

But don’t worry, they’re really inexpensive (less than $10 per month). Since you never know whether the person sitting next to you might be a hacker, I myself always use one when using public WiFi networks like those at the airport or my neighbourhood Starbucks.

In terms of speed and dependability, NordVPN is the provider I find to be the best. This is a feature you absolutely cannot afford to overlook if you ever find yourself updating your CRM from Starbucks or somewhere else. This is another business sales tools.

13. GoToMeeting: Best Meeting Software


You require a reliable video conferencing technology to keep connected if you work with a remote team or have clients all over the world. Although there are other products available, GoToMeeting stands out for a number of reasons.

The application downloads quickly and enables users to send meeting links without any issues. Hosting repeating meetings is made simpler because you receive a personal “meeting room” with a predetermined URL. Additionally, participants can participate from a computer or a mobile device, which is handy for everyone.

14. Lastpass: Best Password Manager


This is another business sales tools. A password manager is necessary in any business. Perhaps never before has cyber security been more crucial. As technology develops, hackers’ capacity to compromise data also grows.

A password manager can assist you with a variety of duties when trying to expand your business. For instance, integrating a new employee, collaborating with organisations that require your credentials, protecting the privacy of your data, etc.

It’s recommended to use Lastpass: One of the top password managers available is Lastpass, which consistently receives high ratings. See this guide for a thorough, in-depth review of Lastpass.

15. Loganix: Best Service Reseller Agency


You need to improve the quality of your services if you own a small business and want to increase sales.

For illustration, suppose you wish to attract more clients for your SEO or SaaS business. You’ll probably need more convincing social proof to do that. And to do there, you’ll need to give expert-level value to every single consumer. This is another business sales tools.

This can occasionally require years of practise to master. Thankfully, businesses like Loganix exist, enabling you to offer their services under your own brand:

It’s one of the best creative sales tools in the guide. Why? You are using your own brand to leverage professional skills rather than paying expensive SEO managers hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Final Tips

You need to stay up with the big players if you want your small business to prosper in the modern digital environment. To do so, you must provide devoted customer care, execute orders quickly, and use omnichannel marketing. Tools like the ones mentioned above assist you better serve consumers by supporting them throughout the full sales process.

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