Top 23 Best Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog

Best Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog will be described in this article. If it’s any consolation, I had experienced the same paralyzing circumstance as well. And to make matters even more complicated, each of the other blogs I had recommended provided a bewildering list of 50–100 blogging tools. Let me tell you one thing: you don’t need a lot of tools when starting a blog.

Just the essential blogging tools you need to publish blogs on trending subjects, encourage engagement, amass a devoted fan base, and, in the end, build a solid reputation. In order to help you grow your blog, I’ve compiled a list of the 22 “must-have” best blogging tools based on extensive research and personal experience. Also, I’ve divided up the top blogging tools according to their functions so you can understand them better. This also contains

Page Builders & Tools

You must be thinking why you would need a page builder after enduring the battle of finding the greatest WordPress theme. In public, the WordPress theme is a predefined style or structure of how your website would look. While page builders or page editing devices are WordPress plugins that allow you to adjust the set layout of your website. Yes, with the benefit of page builders, you’ll have the capacity to develop stunning landing pages and rebuild your homepage for a more reasonable first impression.

Top 23 Best Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog

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In this article, you can know about Top 23 Best Blogging Tools To Grow Your Blog here are the details below;

1. Elementor


Elementor is a runner builder WordPress plugin that allows you to produce & design your pages/website live with the use of a drag & drop user-interface. It is one of the top blogging tools in the domain of page builders. And, due of this, it has over 4 million active installations on WordPress. In simple terms, 4+ million users are utilizing Elementor to improve their websites and blogs. So, if you are a newbie or even a veteran, you must include Elementor in your arsenal of top tools for blogging.

Other Reasons To Use Elementor –

  • Easy live editing with drag & drop builder
  • Beginner-friendly user interface
  • Huge widget collection Several different kinds of ready-made, professional templates
  • Ability to create eye-catching popups and easily add responsiveness to your website
  • Different motion effects
  • little to no coding experience is necessary
  • works automatically saved
  • Numerous integrations with third parties

The majority of the “cool stuff” is included in the free plan itself, but by upgrading to one of its premium plans, you can enhance the functionality of the Elementor page builder and blogging tool.

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is an additional plus for the list of the best blogging tools. It’s a premium WordPress plugin that uses a drag-and-drop user interface to let you create responsive pages for your website or blog. You might be wondering why I advise beginners to use premium blogging tools. Well, passing it shouldn’t be an issue if you’re happy with the few features you have and willing to make compromises with the way your blog looks. But you should use Thrive Architect if you want to take your blog’s/website’s design seriously.

Other Reasons To Use Thrive Architect –

  • Instant page building with drag and drop
  • Suitable for beginners and requiring no coding expertise
  • Numerous pre-built components, including conversion-focused components
  • a collection of premade page templates
  • flexible design possibilities and layouts
  • Editing that is responsive and functionality
  • Entertaining animations and effects
  • Seamless interaction with email marketing services
  • The premium programs start at just $67 for one website/blog.

Website Speed Optimization tools

Now that you are all satisfied with a solid page builder tool, it’s time to make your website/blog quick. As we know, speed is one of the most critical aspects that effect Google ranking. If you have a burning fast website loading speed that clocks under 2 moments mark then you have higher chances of achieving better Google ranks. So to run up your blog, your array of top blogging tools must always contain a good site performance optimization & caching tool.

3. WP-Optimize


WP-Optimize is a comprehensive WordPress plugin that supplies all the tools essential to speed up & optimize your website. One of the free blogging tools that I use for my own blog is this plugin. I can declare with pride that I am extremely happy and satisfied with WP-Optimize’s services after comparing it to other “famous” caching and optimization plugins. You’ll be happy to know that WP-Optimize offers excellent image and database optimizations in addition to making your site speedy. For this, you don’t need to rely on any additional tools.

Other Reasons To Use WP-Optimize

  • Additional Motives for Using WP-Optimize –
  • Accelerates your blog through caching
  • Database maintenance
  • Optimise and compress image quality
  • carries out automated cleanups
  • For mobile devices, caching
  • Compression with GZIP
  • Sluggish image loading
  • Preloading cache for increased speed
  • Compatibility with multiple currencies and languages
  • Site usage is limitless

Nearly all of the features listed above are sufficient for new blogs and are also part of the free plan. Due to this benefit (and more in premium plans), WP-Optimize rises to the top of the list of blogging tools.

4. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket, as its name suggests, is a cutting-edge WordPress caching plugin with a talent for dramatically speeding up your website or blog. I have no problem believing WP Rocket when they say they are currently speeding up more than 1 million websites. Because of its success and effectiveness, it is deserving of a spot in the list of the top blogging tools. Other Benefits of Using WP Rocket: The Most Powerful Caching Plugin for WordPress Faster site loading

Other Reasons To Use WP Rocket –

  • GZIP compression and static file compression
  • Lazy picture loading
  • Optimizing and cleansing the database
  • optimization of Google fonts
  • With all CDNs, integration is simple.
  • Adaptation to mobile platforms
  • eCommerce friendly
  • Multilingual compatibility

To use this website speeding & caching solution, you’d have to subscribe to its excellent programs that start at $49 for 1 website.

KeyWords Research Tools

As a result, your blog is currently attractive and quick. What’s next? We now move on to produce content or articles on trending themes. But how would you determine what topics to focus on or which trends to follow?

At this point, keyword research tools enter the scene and earn a particular spot among the top blogging tools. You could locate the appropriate keywords for your articles, together with their relevant search volumes, using these keyword research tools. Additionally, using these specific keywords in your blog will inevitably result in a significant increase in traffic and Google rankings.

5. Ubersuggest


The most recent and well-liked keyword research tool was developed by none other than Mr. Neil Patel, and it is called Ubersuggest. Mr. Patel freely provided Ubersuggest for free to many new bloggers, digital marketers, and businesses while all the other main keyword tools are pricey.

Note: As of February 2020, Ubersuggest is a premium keyword research service. The majority of the necessary functionality are still, however, free to use. Don’t forget to look into its alternatives as well.

Ubersuggest is adored by the entire blogging community, and I concur personally. I would be remiss if I left Ubersuggest off of this list of the finest blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Ubersuggest

Additional Benefits of Using Ubersuggest – Trustworthy Free Keyword Research Tool

  • Volume and suggestions for keywords
  • Historical volume of keyword searches
  • Predicts the difficulty of a keyword for paid search
  • A thorough study of your and your competitors’ domains
  • See the best SEO pages
  • Content concepts
  • Backlink analyzer

Ubersuggest provides all the features you would require for keyword research as a novice. The premium edition of this tool is not at all expensive, though.

6. Semrush


Semrush describes itself as an all-in-one marketing suite for digital marketers, and users from all over the world readily concur. Semrush has everything you need, whether you need it for keyword research, competitor analysis, traffic analysis, or anything else connected to understanding and expanding your business. Semrush merits a particular spot among the top blogging tools for bloggers as a result.

Other Reasons To Use Semrush –

  • Top-notch keyword search capabilities
  • Term complexity
  • Complete competition analysis that takes into account campaigns that are organic, paid, and other
  • SEO on-page checker
  • Position tracking or ranking
  • Facebook monitoring
  • traffic monitor

Writing & Editing Tools

Ad creator with advertising research Detailed performance reporting

You can take use of a number of other advantages with Semrush in addition to these features. The initial premium package starts at $99.95 per month, and there is a generous 30-day trial period. Once you’ve done your homework and extracted all the necessary keywords, it’s time to let the blogger in you loose.

However, you will need a competent online writing and editing tool in order to put your thoughts on paper. An online writing tool is preferred since it automatically saves your progress. We could certainly claim that the offline tools would still function without an internet connection. However, what would you do if you weren’t carrying a laptop or computer? Therefore, I advise adopting online writing and editing tools together with other blogging tools so that you may access your written content whenever you want (along with other advantages).

7. Google Docs

Google Docs

There is no need to introduce Google Docs. You must have used this at least once, I’m positive of it. But to make sure we’re all on the same page, I’d be happy to remind you that Google Docs is a free online tool for producing and modifying documents. You only need a Google account (which everyone has by this point) to access Google Docs. Additionally, you may save your documents online and access them from any location or device thanks to the account linkage.

Other Reasons To Use Google Docs

  • Provides cutting-edge editing and styling tools.
  • Several resume, report, and other document templates
  • Available via a Google account
  • Use from anywhere and on any device.
  • Surprisingly, it also functions without internet.
  • Share ideas and work together with your team.
  • works automatically saved
  • Google Doc to Word conversion and vice versa
  • Get your Google Docs file in a variety of formats.
  • Organize and save files on Google Drive

One of the good free blogging tools is Google Docs. All you need to do is sign in using your Google account.

8. Microsoft Word Online

Microsoft Word Online

Another free blogging tool worth noting is Microsoft Word Online. It is the online equivalent of the traditional MS Word program you have on your laptop. The online version of Microsoft Word provides everything, including the ability to write online and create Word documents as well as easily style them. It is simple to open a Microsoft account because Microsoft Office is preinstalled on every laptop. And it appears that’s all that’s necessary to access Microsoft Word Online.

Other Reasons To Use Microsoft Word

  • Additional Benefits of Using Microsoft Word Online –
  • A useful tool for writing and producing online papers
  • Numerous choices for customizing and altering content
  • A few pre-made flyer, report, etc. templates.
  • Available everywhere and on every device
  • Automatic progress saving
  • Simple document uploading and downloading
  • Saving with a single click to OneDrive
  • Collaboration and sharing with others

Microsoft Word Online is a free writing and editing tool, just like Google Docs. Additionally, it includes 5 GB of OneDrive storage. By purchasing a premium plan, you can access this area and more sophisticated features.

Grammar Check & Proofreading Tools

The words a blogger writes are his most effective ally. However, if they are misused or worded wrong, those words are useless. Additionally, your overall statements would be illogical. Therefore, I would like to recommend a few grammar check and proofreading programs to give you a safety net and assist you in producing error-free papers.

I’m writing this essay while using these grammar checking apps, so be assured that I will correct any mistakes I make right away. In the end, these tools will assist you in not only writing flawless articles but also in making your points more understandable.

9. Grammarly


Grammarly is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate your drafts for clarity and errors in language. Therefore, if you are writing an article and using Grammarly at the same time, it will underline the error in red to immediately alert you to it. You’ll be thrilled to learn that you can paste previously written material into the Grammarly editor to have it checked for grammar. It’s that simple! Finally, it integrates flawlessly with all online writing tools, and to top it off, Grammarly also offers a free Chrome extension. This is what distinguishes Grammarly as one of my top blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Grammarly

  • Using AI, check your grammar
  • Using a comma correctly and incorrectly
  • Corrects incorrect word spelling
  • Adds any missing articles
  • Increases readable
  • Provides word synonyms upon a second click
  • Encourages proper grammatical construction
  • Aids in reducing terms that are overused
  • Adding new words to your own dictionary
  • Suitable for use with all online editors
  • Can to be used with Google Docs
  • Offers grammar checks for editors of social media as well.
  • A Chrome add-on

Grammarly might be your ideal grammar and proofreading tool if you’re a beginner blogger or even if you’ve been writing for a while. You could choose to purchase a premium subscription if you want to completely eliminate your serious writing problems. A tool for checking for plagiarism is also provided. Here are some additional plagiarism detectors for your usage.

10. Hemingway App

Hemingway App

You are completely mistaken if you believe that the Hemingway App is just an online writing tool. This software has a “Readability Enhancement” module in addition to writing features. Simply put, you can begin writing or paste the content here and increase readability by adhering to the provided advice. Overall, the Hemingway App is a useful tool that ranks among the top blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Hemingway App –

  • A free resource
  • No word counts
  • Increases reading efficiency and displays word count
  • Adverb frequency and passive voice
  • A desktop application for Windows and Mac

Use of the Hemingway App is totally free. However, a one-time price of $19.99 would be required in order to use its desktop application.

11. Grammarly Checker by StudyCrumb

Grammarly Checker by StudyCrumb

StudyCrumb is another fantastic grammar checker, in my opinion. This software mostly provides essay writing services to students, academics, etc. It has a free grammar checker tool in its arsenal of tools to get rid of all the grammatical mistakes in your writing.

Other Reasons To Use StudyCrumb –

  • Online is without cost. accessible from every nation on earth.
  • Improves grammar and sentence structure and checks spelling mistakes.
  • A maximum of 400,000 characters can be checked at once.
  • Specifies any grammatical, spelling, or other improvement opportunities.
  • Developed to check a variety of texts, including letters, essays, scientific papers, and SEO texts.
  • utilizes state-of-the-art artificial intelligence built on a complex syntax recognition algorithm. Even the smallest fault can be found and corrected using this approach.

Stock Photos Tools

The proverb “a photograph is the worth a thousand phrases” applies here. Keeping this adage in mind, it’s practically a requirement that your blogs and website contain eye-catching but pertinent images. But you need to be really selective about the image you choose. Simply put, you can’t choose a picture and use it. You would open yourself up to copyright disputes if you did this. Therefore, using stock picture tools and obtaining royalty-free images is advised to avoid this potential problem.

12. Pixabay


Pixabay deserves to be mentioned among the top blogging tools. Pixabay is a website offering a ton of free stock photos and videos, much like its rival Pexels, but it also provides a number of vectors and illustrations.

Other Reasons To Use Pixabay

1.606972 million+ free pictures, vectors, movies, and drawings are available in this resource. There are only high-quality resources and photos. This is another blogging tools.

  • Offers no-cost commercial use
  • There is no need to provide credit.
  • Easy to download
  • A lively conversation forum
  • Mobile software from Pixabay

There’s a good chance that Pixabay offers the kind of photographs you’re looking for. And for stock photographs & resources, it is what makes it one of the greatest blogging tools.

13. Pexels


A well-known collection of free stock images and videos is Pexels. To share their work, a sizable group of photographers and artists gather. And, most importantly, give up their creations (pictures, videos, etc.).

Other Reasons To Use Pexels

  • Library of totally free stock images
  • Photos of a high resolution
  • No cost for commercial use
  • There is no need to credit the images

All photos have accurate tags and are quickly found by searching.

Graphics Designing Tools

You can trust me; I use Pexels and Pixabay to obtain relevant, cost-free photographs. You won’t be dissatisfied with the image library, and as a result, Pexels is one of the trustworthy free blogging tools for photographs. It’s time to alter the free stock photographs you found and make blog-related graphics now that you know where to look for them. We can disagree on utilizing the stock photographs as they are, but be honest with me: Would that be good for the reputation of your blog? No, you need eye-catching, pixel-perfect pictures that will stick in your readers’ minds. It’s harder said than done, though. In order to use the greatest blogging tools, you also need a few (or only a few) tools for graphic design.

14. Canva


There’s a good possibility that you’ve heard of Canva if you use any digital platforms or spaces. It is indeed widely utilized and popular. But if you are still one of the minority of people who are unaware of this marvel of a tool for making graphics, then allow me to explain more. This is another blogging tools.

Canva is a graphics-designing application that allows you to create virtually anything, including graphics of any kind, logos, posters, blog feature photos, social network postings, and more. Canva is one of my personal favorites among the top tools for blogging as a result.

Other Reasons To Use Canva –

  • A free program for creating graphics
  • All platforms and circumstances have ready-made templates.
  • Editing and unique templates
  • Drag and drop interface for effortless design
  • Social media graphics designs and templates that are already made
  • A little collection of stock photographs
  • Putting our own images online
  • Large font collection
  • Graphics supervisor
  • Filters and effects for photos
  • A large number of free icons, shapes, and components
  • Simple teamwork with your partners
  • Arrangement with other applications

Sharing and downloading in several formats with a single click

(For a detailed study, see Canva Review.) The majority of the creative tools in Canva, the top graphics design tool on the market in terms of value, are available for free. The fact that we have only just begun to scrape the surface will astound you. You could even sign up for its $9.95/month premium membership if you wanted to dive even further into the world of design.

15. Stencil


You could put your complete reliance in Stencil if you wish to excel in social media marketing. Your ambitions for graphics design will undoubtedly be met. In addition to being the best at making social network graphics posts, Stencil is equipped with everything needed to produce gorgeous graphics for commercials, blog headers, and much more.

The fun part is that Stencil also provides slick extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that are useful for quick graphic design. Because of this, Stencil is among the greatest blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Stencils –

  • Free and easy graphics design software
  • The drag and drop editor
  • A number of pre-built templates with fixed sizes
  • A variety of design and color options
  • Large stock photo collection
  • A large selection of fonts
  • INTEGRATED color-picking tool
  • 2 million plus icons and components
  • Simple option for image scaling
  • Filters and image effects
  • The picture to text ratio for Facebook advertisements grid
  • Simple social media share option
  • Downloading of high-quality images
  • Extensions for Safari, Firefox, and Chrome

Unplugging WordPress

Again, the options for producing visuals with stencil expand as you delve deeper. Despite the fact that the majority of the functions are free, you may access premium features and extra resources by paying $9/month.

SEM Tools

No matter how attractive your blog may be or how interesting your material may be, the SEO of your website eventually matters. Your Google ranking will improve as your SEO improves. The features needed to carry out both on-page and off-page SEO are typically included in all the keyword research tools described above. However, if you have a WordPress blog, you should absolutely take into account these SEO plugins and tools designed specifically for WordPress. You can optimize your blog for search machines in a variety of ways if you install these SEO tools. This is another blogging tools.

16. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

The Yoast SEO plugin springs to mind when I think of an on-page SEO tool for WordPress. All types of search engine optimization can be carried out for your blog with this straightforward plugin. As an illustration, consider the following: keyword focus, meta title and description, keyword density, taxonomy, sitemap, and more. If you’re still not convinced, listen to the 135 million+ WordPress users who gave Yoast SEO plugin 4.9 out of 5 stars.

Other Reasons To Use Yoast SEO

  • Install with a single click
  • Simple to implement
  • Keyphrase focusing and keyword optimization
  • A tool to check keyword density
  • Looks for keyword use in headings
  • Provides information regarding extended paragraphs and awkward sentence structure
  • Score of your readability
  • Snippet editor for meta title, description, & slug
  • Live glimpse of the Google SERP
  • XML sitemap for your website that was generated automatically
  • Built-in social media sharing functionality
  • Settings for taxonomies, breadcrumbs, and RSS
  • Integration with Google Search Console in one click
  • Searches for duplicate content

If you are just beginning out your blog or looking to grow it then you should utilize Yoast SEO along with other great blogging tools. Ideally, the free version will meet your requirements. For more advanced SEO tools, you can always purchase the premium version.

17. Rank Math

Rank Math

As suggested by the name, Rank Math performs all of the SEO calculations, optimization, and analysis necessary to rank your blogs highly on Google. Rank Math has exploded into the SEO industry like a new kid on the block. Over 200K+ active installations have been created on WordPress in just a few short years. Rank Math will eventually rank among your top blogging tools for SEO, especially when you take into account the variety of SEO elements offered for free. This is another blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Rank Math

  • Nice interface to use and straightforward setup
  • Contains pre-set ideal SEO settings.
  • A fully functional LSI keyword tool
  • Straightforward Google Search Console integration
  • Track keyword positions on Google
  • Settings from other SEO plugins can be imported
  • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages is provided.
  • Google Schema Markup is integrated
  • Social media optimization
  • Carries out comprehensive SEO analysis
  • Automated picture SEO
  • 5 keywords every post or page should be optimized for.
  • XML sitemaps that are automatically generated

The SEO plugin for WordPress called Rank Math is totally free to use. Yes, neither premium plans nor feature limitations exist. It is now one of the best tools for blogging as a result of this.

Social Media Management Tools

If I told you that you were going to start getting organic traffic for your site, how would you react? Your blog will expand naturally if you use the blogging tools mentioned above. Let’s not stop there, though. Make a bold move in the direction of developing a strong social media identity.

You and your blog have the chance to reach the widest possible audience now that practically every second person is using social media sites. However, to get the greatest results, you need to include a respectable social media management tool to your blogging toolbox.

18. Hootsuite


Nobody can assist you more effectively than Hootsuite if you want to present your “A-game” to the social media industry. Hootsuite is a mechanism for addressing social media that enables scheduling, monitoring, analysis, and promotion across practically all social media networks. Simply put, Hootsuite will lessen your effort across all social media platforms by saving you from having to manually complete several browser tabs and other activities.

Other Reasons To Use Hootsuite –

  • An app that manages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube all in one place
  • Schedule countless posts
  • Work along with your group
  • Post material automatically at the best time for the most engagement.
  • Calendar for all publications
  • Planned and reported advertising efforts
  • Sophisticated Hootsuite analytics
  • For all social platforms, a single social inbox
  • Monitoring and labeling messages is simple.

Other add-ons can be utilized for improved social media management in addition to all the premium capabilities. If you wish to utilize Hootsuite, you need first try it out for free for 30 days. Following that, you can sign up for any of its paying programs. This is another blogging tools.

19. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is yet another accolade for the greatest blogging tools. The best all-inclusive social media management tool is this one, if you have some extra cash to spend. With the help of Sprout Social, you can post, reach, engage with audience members, track results, and generally forge stronger connections on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. In addition to these fundamental yet crucial elements of social media marketing, Sprout Social is renowned for providing a number of excellent social management capabilities.

Other Reasons To Use Sprout Social –

  • Integrated Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest tool
  • Link many social media accounts
  • Across all platforms, plan, publish, or draft
  • Several social media accounts can be accessed through a single email.
  • Social media calendar
  • Simple platform-to-platform review management
  • A distinctive social CRM tool
  • Reports that are thorough and insightful
  • Paid advertising tools
  • posting at the best moment possible
  • Examination of Twitter trends
  • Android and iOS apps

Sprout Social will assist you in utilizing the full potential of social media marketing and its simple administration if you choose to subscribe to additional higher plans, as was previously mentioned. The monthly cost for the entry-level Standard plan is $99.

Email Marketing Tools

The finest tools for promoting your blogs to your audience are definitely the email marketing solutions. When you first start a blog, you should put your attention on creating targeted leads for your website. Fear not—many email marketing providers provide registration form modules, popup forms, landing pages, and other lead-collection tools.

However, if your subscriber list is strong, you shouldn’t hesitate to promote your content. Send them a weekly or monthly newsletter and let them know about your most recent blog entries. Not to mention that the easiest approach to advertise any services or goods you have to offer is through email marketing techniques.

20. Sendinblue


The finest email marketing service for a beginner blogger, in my opinion, is SendinBlue. Because I use it for this platform, I can attest for it. Regardless of my opinion, you may find that Sendinblue provides all the email marketing capabilities necessary for promoting blogs. Bulk email sending, scheduling, an easy email builder, email personalisation, and more are a few examples. The majority of its fantastic features and other marketing modules are offered in an entirely free plan, which is where the finest part comes in. This is another blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Sendinblue –

  • Email marketing solution available for free
  • Create newsletters using a drag and drop builder.
  • Matching your blog or brand across all design aspects
  • A Collection of ready-made newsletter templates
  • Email customization
  • Segmenting and managing subscribers
  • Modules for generating leads such as signup pages
  • SMS promotion
  • campaigns with triggers for emails
  • Sending emails
  • Total automation of email marketing
  • Options for application integration

You can upgrade from Sendinblue’s free plan to a premium one if you need to send more emails than you already do.

21. MailerLite


Another fantastic illustration of a solid email marketing platform created exclusively for beginning writers is MailerLite. I suppose not just fresh bloggers. MailerLite delivers all the features and performance you need to stay happy if you’ve been using other mass emailing applications and want to make the ultimate transition. One of MailerLite’s best features is that it provides a completely free plan for life. So it’s feasible that you’ll never pay a dime to send emails, depending on your emailing requirements. And for that reason, it ranks among the greatest blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use MailerLite –

  • A way to advertise your blogs via mass emails
  • An unendingly free plan
  • HTML, rich text, and drag-and-drop email builder
  • Many newsletter templates
  • Use landing sites, sign-up forms, and other tools to promote subscriber growth.
  • Advanced segmentation and tagging for subscriber management
  • Give your emails a personal touch.
  • Pop-up ads for products and services
  • Fully functional email automation
  • Deliver emails according to the timezone of your subscribers.
  • Many linkages with outside parties

Conduct polls inside of emails

The greatest Sendinblue substitute might be MailerLite, if you looked closely. It not only provides a free plan, but it also has a few distinctive characteristics. The premium subscriptions, which start at $10 a month, are the best choice if you want to send an unlimited number of emails.

Analytics & Reporting Tools

Someone who produces quality content and articles is a good blogger. The finest bloggers, though, monitor their sites’ effectiveness. As soon as your site is up and running, you’ll probably know where to find solid keywords and how to create an SEO-friendly blog from it. However, you also need to be aware of how your blogs are doing once you’ve published them. So, in order to track the development of our blog, monitor incoming traffic, see how readers engage with our content, etc., we need a few analytics and reporting tools.

22. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

One of the free blogging tools that displays how your blog/website functions in Google search motor results is the Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools). Your blog’s search engine exposure is built on this blogging tool. In addition to warning you of any potential errors, it also makes it simple for you to remedy them. Google Search Console essentially provides a behind-the-scenes look at how, where, and on what devices visitors are finding your blog. There are several other life-saving features in addition to these. This is another blogging tools.

Other Reasons To Use Google Search Console –

Free to use software. simply a Google account is necessary.

  • Setup is simple
  • Permits you to send a sitemap
  • Displays search terms for your blog.
  • Locates the best-performing sites
  • Perspectives on tourists’ locations
  • Determines the device used to read your blog
  • Verifies mobile usability
  • Backlinks are also checked
  • Alert me to any inaccuracies or broken links
  • Examines website security concerns

THIS blogging tool’s amazing feature of being totally free. Neither usage limits nor feature limitations exist. To get started, just link your domain to your Google account.

23. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Now that your domain or website is linked to Google Search Console, you can easily keep an eye on how people are finding your blog through search engines. But the work is just partially completed. Additionally, we ought to monitor how these visitors are interacting with your blog. Examples of these interactions include how long people spend on a given blog post, their location, whether they click any links, etc. This is typically a highly time-consuming operation, but with Google Analytics, you can complete it quickly.

Other Reasons To Use Google Analytics –

  • Free to use in full
  • Requires a quick setup process
  • In-Depth Perceptions Of Visitor Behavior
  • With specific date ranges, compare performance
  • Set targets to monitor conversions.
  • Ample geographic data
  • Simple integration of Google Search Console with Google AdWords
  • Details of the keyword source
  • The most popular sites and content

To monitor the general development of your blog, Google Analytics may be one of the best blogging tools you may use. Guess what, too? It is totally free for you to use.

Wrapping UP

It’s time for you to get going now that you’ve read through the list of the 22 top blogging tools for expanding your site. These blogging tools have all been tried and tested by me, and I now use the majority of them. So you can choose whichever of the top blogging tools from each category you choose and start using it for the development of your blog.

Note: Find out more about various digital marketing initiatives that guarantee the fastest possible expansion of your company or website.

Remember that the majority of the blogging tools on the list above are free. So don’t hold off on giving them a try. Some of them are additionally offered for small fees. Last but not least, if you have any questions regarding any of these blogging tools, please feel free to post them in the comments section. You can count on me to lead the way!

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