Top 15 Best Torrent WebSites (Tested & Working) in 2022

Top 15 best and most demandable torrent sites in 2022 will be discuss in this post. Torrenting is growing more popular as more online streaming services emerge. However, be sure you’re downloading from one of the best torrent sites. Unfortunately, with hundreds of torrent sites to choose from, it’s not always straightforward – especially since the majority of them are full with low-quality files, intrusive pop-up advertising, and malware.

Top 15 Best Torrent WebSites (Tested & Working) in 2022

Best Torrent sites in 2022 are explained here. I frequently utilize peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing, thus I keep a current list of the best torrent sites.

And I’m sharing my list with you to make sure you’re using safe sites that still work!

Torrenters, take note!

Torrent downloading without a VPN is extremely dangerous!

Copyright trolls and ISPs are after torrent users whether they are downloading music, e-books, comics, TV shows, or movies. While torrenting, you should always use a VPN to protect your identity and ensure that no one can read the scopes of your internet traffic due to encryption.

Keep in mind that, while torrenting has legitimate uses, it is also used to illegally distribute copyrighted content.

I oppose torrenting since it is illegal.

Regardless of why you’re utilising torrent sites, the cybersecurity and privacy risks remain the same.

So, if you’re going to torrent, take precautions.

A VPN is one thing that you should always use to keep safe while torrenting.

A Quick Guide to the Best Torrent Websites

However, I recommend reading the entire report linked below.

I discuss what each torrent site is best for, as well as known mirror links and (where applicable) items to avoid.

What Characterizes a Good Torrent Website?

I sit down & ask myself the above question as I make and update this list.

To be a good torrent site, much alone one of the best, a torrent site must obviously work (and therefore worthy of appearing on this list).

However, there are other other factors to consider:

  • Resilience (Age) – copyright rules make torrenting sites a favourite target of governments. As a result, the more aged a site is, the more resistant it is to takedowns.
  • Age (Reliability) – on a similar topic, the longer a site has been around, the more trustworthy it is. Users swiftly abandon torrent sites that have been infested with malware and viruses. However, don’t be fooled by the site’s age; none of them are impervious to fraud!
  • Proxy/Mirror Links — if a torrent site has any proxy or mirror links is related to both resilience & reliability, though not to the site’s age. These can be used to access the site’s content if your government or ISP blocks the main domain, which is especially significant for users in countries where torrent sites are restricted.
  • Library Size & Variety — the larger and more diverse the library of a torrent site, the more likely you are to discover what you’re looking for. Of course, if you’re seeking for particularly specific content, a more specific torrent site would be more appropriate… However, in general, the larger the better.
  • Monthly Traffic — the more people who use a torrent site over time, the more probable it is to have a huge and diverse library of high-quality content.
  • Number of Seeders — Seeders are peers who assist in the distribution of content, therefore the more there are, the better. This criterion will vary from one torrent file to the next, and even from one day to the next, but I wanted to call attention to it.
  • Download Speeds – this is another variable that varies significantly not just from one torrent site to the next, but also from one file to the next, even within the same site. Of course, a lot of it has to do with the quantity of peers actively seeding, but some torrent sites are generally slower. As a result, the sooner the better!
  • Security is one of the most crucial characteristics to examine, but it’s also one of the most difficult to evaluate. It only takes one bad actor seeding a file to make it unusable for the rest of us. However, the better a site is at keeping malicious files off of it, the better it is.
  • Ads and Pop-Ups — On a torrent site, you should avoid seeing any ads or pop-ups. They’re not only inconvenient to deal with, but they also slow down your connection and make it easy to inject harmful JavaScript or malware.
  • Instant Download – The finest torrent sites will allow you to download files right away. To put it another route, you won’t have to go through any extra steps or create a user account to utilise them.

In-Depth Review of Torrent Sites

Are you ready to go into my list of the best torrent sites, where I explain why each site earned its spot?

Let’s go!




RARBG is one of the most reputable torrent sites, although not being as ancient as ThePirateBay (which launched in 2008). In fact, I utilise RARBG more frequently than any other website. That’s because its well-deserved reputation for high-quality downloads is well-deserved. One reason for this is that, unlike ThePirateBay (and the majority of the other sites on my list), RARBG does not enable anyone to upload a torrent file. Also check best torrent clients

RARBG moderators verify all uploads and uploaders, bringing an added layer of quality control and security to the service. Of course, this doesn’t imply you’ll never get a terrible torrent from RARBG. And having a fantastic (and well-deserved) reputation among torrenters has a cost… RARBG hasn’t been able to stay completely hidden.

Unless you’re using a strong torrenting VPN, there’s a good probability that many users will find the site geo-blocked. RARBG’s UI is very sleek and intuitive, which I appreciate. You can utilise the search option in addition to the category pages. And you’ll see screenshots, posters, album art, and software brand graphics when you go through the search results! In the search results, one tip I’ve learnt is to click the “S” column header. This reorders them from the most to the least amount of seeders. The foremost thing to be aware of is the likelihood of pop-up windows. For years, Chrome users have complained that the browser’s pop-up blocker does not work with RARBG.

I’m hesitant to link to the extension’s page because they track your website visits.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

Jungle Cruise, Black Widow, Fast & Furious F9

How many seeds/leeches?

9133/4806, 5902/6873, 5236/925

How big is your library?

Over 800,000 intrusive advertisements?

2. The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay


The moniker The Pirate Bay is nearly associated with torrenting because it is such a prominent torrent site. It’s no surprise that it’s the oldest torrent site still operational. Despite several attempts to shut it down (including the arrest of original members like Peter Sunde), ThePirateBay has been operational since 2003!

Because of its easy-to-navigate structure, which includes an intuitive search function, it remains a go-to pick as one of the best torrent sites. Because of its popularity, ThePirateBay features one of the largest content libraries – as well as a huge number of seeders for lightning-fast downloads. ThePirateBay also makes extensive use of magnet links, which provide a faster and more convenient method of downloading torrents.

Magnet links are the standard on ThePirateBay!

Apart from the typical warnings, the largest issue you’ll probably encounter with ThePirateBay is geo-blocking.

Geo-blocks, on the other hand, will not be an issue if you use a solid torrenting VPN.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

The Fast and Furious franchise Friends the Reunion, Godzilla vs. Kong

How many seeds/leeches?

Library Size: 2505/503, 2325/132, 1912/80

3,200,000+ intrusive advertisements?

3. 1337x



1337x, which debuted in 2007, is a year older than RARBG. 1337x is frequently rated as the third most popular torrent site based on web traffic, depending on where you check. This comes as no surprise, as it, like my other two picks, has a large content library spanning every possible category!

The UI is very simple and well-organized, making it simple to find what you need. And, alike to RARBG, the search results will indicate how many times a torrent file has been downloaded as well as the number of seeders and leechers. 1337x will even tell you when a torrent was last examined by its moderators! However, there are a few flaws that prevent it from becoming my preferred torrent site. To begin with, the commercials on 1337x are frequently sleazy.

As a result, if you use the site, I strongly advise you to use uBlock Origin – or, if you utilise NordVPN, make sure the CyberSec ad-blocking option is enabled!

Second, some of those adverts contain malware and spyware, making a safe malware blocker (such as one of the two described above) much more important.

Despite the fact that the 1337x moderators appear to be doing an excellent job, I continue to receive more malware downloads than my #1 suggestion.

But, in general, if I can’t find what I’m looking for on RARBG or ThePirateBay, I know 1337x will!

Due of its popularity, 1337x, like the previous two torrent sites, has a geo-blocking problem.

But you already know the answer: use an excellent torrenting VPN.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try the following mirrors:,, and are all Chinese domains.

What are the most popular searches?

Number of Seeds/Leeches: Black Widow, The Tomorrow War, Loki

8425/3595, 2330/403, 5269/579

How big is your library?

Over 2,300,000 intrusive advertisements?

Adblocker disabled

4. TorLock



If this is your first time utilising P2P file-sharing, TorLock is a great place to start.

To complement its huge material base, the site provides a highly beginner-friendly interface.

While the library isn’t as large as my top three picks, you’ll still find things here that you won’t find on other torrent sites! Also check Torrentparadise Alternatives

The greatest issue with TorLock, similar to 1337x, is the pornographic/disturbing advertising.

A reliable ad-blocker is usually suggested, especially because some of those adverts can be harmful.

TorLock, on the other hand, deserves to be my #4 best torrent site.

TorLock moderators verify all content hosted on the site, offering an extra layer of trustworthiness (though you should still inspect downloads).

TorLock separates out from the crowd in that it will pay you to report a false or malicious download so the torrent can be removed!

TorLock has also managed to stay under the radar better than most, despite being around since 2010.

So far, only Australia, India, and the United Kingdom have geo-blocked access to the site.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

Ted Lasso’s The Grotesque Mansion, Jungle Cruise S02E02

How many seeds/leeches are there? 111/292, 1066/2171, 405/132

How big is your library?

7,000,000+ intrusive advertisements?

Adblocker disabled




Torrentz2 is a relatively young site, having established in 2016.

It is, nevertheless, the reincarnation of Torrentz, which was one of the most prominent torrent search engines from 2003 to 2016.

One of the reasons Torrentz, and now Torrentz2, is so popular is because it functions more like a torrent search engine than a traditional torrent site.

Instead than hosting torrents, it allows users to access content from other websites.

Unfortunately, that was the original site’s undoing, as it drew enough attention to become embroiled in a series of legal troubles.

Torrentz2 features a clean, basic interface with no advertisements.

Torrentz2 may also save you a lot of time by acting as a torrent search engine instead of going from 1 torrent site to the next.

It also maintains a far lower profile than the original.

With a strong focus on music, Torrentz2 tries to keep the old atmosphere alive.

In fact, Torrentz2 is frequently used to locate decade-old torrents with 20+ seeders!

You can even utilise the torrent search engine to locate eBooks and papers without having to trawl through more specialist (and obscure) torrent sites.

The main drawback is that because Torrentz2 does not host the content, you can’t always be sure you’re downloading the safest downloads.

However, seeing the active seeders makes it much easier to choose the proper one to download!

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

Numeral of Seeds/Leeches: N/A (Torrent Search Engine)

Library Size: N/A (Torrent Search Engine)

Invasive Ads Numbering 31,102,111+




TorrentDownloads is a solid addition to our list of the most dependable torrent sites, particularly for locating rare software.

But don’t worry, it’s not simply software that’s at fault.

There are also a lot of movies, series, and eBooks available!

It has over 16 million torrents in its database.

The website (which dates back to 2007) has a simple interface and an advanced search engine that allows you to search by category, status, and content.

The number of seeders and health of each torrent will also be included in the results, making it simple to identify safe links with fast download times.

There are some unpleasant (and probably harmful) pop-ups as a drawback.

However, ad-blockers like uBlock Origin or NordVPN’s CyberSec will assist keep your torrenting experience ad-free, as they have in the past.

The good news is that TorrentDownloads maintains a low profile.

Torrenters in the United Kingdom will almost certainly need to utilise a VPN to get around the country’s geo-blocks, although most other nations haven’t done so yet.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

Batman, Fast and Furious F9 Part 2 of The Long Halloween, The Forever Purge

How many seeds/leeches?

Library Size: 12949/10392, 1168/442, 735/190

16,000,000+ intrusive advertisements?

Adblocker disabled




LimeTorrents, which debuted in 2009 and has since grown to become one of the most popular torrent sites, is another beginner-friendly alternative.

However, you might not want to go to LimeTorrents right away.

While newer torrents have a large number of seeders, older torrents are sometimes overlooked, resulting in excruciatingly slow downloads.

There’s also a disparity in that certain files are authenticated while others aren’t.

As a result, it’s not as beginner-friendly as TorLock, as it’s easy to be lulled into a deceitful sense of security, leading to the download of infected files.

Unfortunately, I came across several false links.

On addition, I received multiple pop-ups when visiting LimeTorrents in Chrome, although this was not an issue in Firefox.

Lime Torrents’ UI, on the other hand, offers it a viable choice if you can’t find what you’re looking for elsewhere.

When you search for content, you’ll discover direct connections to content categories, as well as details on when a torrent was 1st uploaded, its size, and the seeder to leecher ratio (which is displayed under “Health”).

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

Fast and Furious F9

18354/14112, 2843/427, 2,586/450 are the numbers of seeds/leeches.

14,000,000+ Invasive Ads in the Library?





EZTV is a small torrent service that has existed since 2005.

However, in that niche – TV shows and series – it is without a doubt one of the most dependable torrent sites, making it a must-have for my list!

There’s a lot to chose from, including both older and newer shows.

You can also use EZTV’s live “countdown list” to keep track of impending events – but, as I previously stated, I’m not releasing this list to avoid promoting the illegal download of copyright content.

However, there is one drawback to EZTV: there is no option to download entire seasons, so you’ll have to download each episode separately.

I propose using a fast torrenting VPN to do so safely.

EZTV used to be free of advertisements as well.

However, adverts have been creeping in since 2015, and while I haven’t seen any malicious ones yet, they can be bothersome.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try the following mirrors:,, and are,,

What are the most popular searches?

S05E04 of Private Eyes, S02E02 of Ted Lasso, and S03E17 of Love Island

163/61, 174/58, 114/31 are the numbers of seeds/leeches.

How big is your library?

152,000+ intrusive advertisements?

Adblocker disabled

9. Zooqle



Zooqle, which was founded in 2013, is newer than the majority of the torrent sites on my list.

However, it swiftly became one of the most popular alternatives to ThePirateBay!

Part of the reason for this is because Zooqle offers a large library of movies and television shows, as well as games, software, and eBooks.

The most popular torrents based on seeding counts are prominently displayed on the site’s homepage.

This may save you a search, but if it doesn’t, the search bar will generally guide you to it.

While it’s a acceptable thing Zooqle has kept a low profile, the massive number of pop-ups is one of the explanations it’s managed to do so.

Close these can be a pain, especially if you don’t notice the ones that open behind the active window.

I always advocate using uBlock Origin to keep safe while browsing in general, but it’s especially important with Zooqle.

A decent anti-malware programme is also recommended to avoid being caught with a bad download.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try,, and as mirrors.

What are the most popular searches?

Joker, Black Widow, Trolls World Tour

How many seeds/leeches are there? 5129/1469, 692/142, 2660/336

4,900,000+ books in the library

Invasive advertisements?

Adblocker disabled


Nyaa might be the slot torrent site for you if you’re an anime enthusiast! is a Japanese torrent site, as its name suggests.

It was only launched in 2017 as a replacement for the original Nyaa platform, which may surprise you.

The site is (understandably) capped to content from China, Korea, and Japan, given its focus on anime video and audio.

The restricted specialty emphasis is the main reason is so low on my ranking of the best torrent sites.

But, as I already stated, if you’re seeking for a specific type of information, this is the best of its kind!

You can also check if you’re downloading a complete season or just one episode, as well as the language and whether or not the torrent includes subtitles.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Try the following mirrors:,,

What are the most popular searches?

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S02E04, Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 40, Boku no Hero Academia S02E04 105

1521/31, 1145/37, 1026/11 are the numbers of seeds/leeches.

How big is your library?

No intrusive advertisements?

11. ETTV



If you only want to watch series, ETTV is an excellent alternative to EZTV.

In my list of the finest torrent sites, I wanted to add some comparable alternatives.

One of the reasons ETTV is presented as an alternative to EZTV (rather than the other way around) is that it is less popular.

One of the site’s best features is that it covers a wide range of genres and contains both older and newer episodes.

However, ETTV is less likely to carry the most recent episodes.

Still, if you don’t mind shelving a few weeks, you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Having trouble loading the official website?

What are the most popular searches?

Monkey King, Fast and Furious F9, Break

How many seeds/leeches are there? 3004/2976, 1201/312, 478/467

How big is your library?

150,000+ intrusive advertisements?

12. Torrent Funk



As an interactive torrent search engine, TorrentFunk is best compared to Torrentz2, which has been operating since 2011.

However, it behaves differently.

TorrentFunk is more accurately described as an aggregator torrent site than a proper torrent search engine.

TorrentFunk displays various torrents on its homepage rather than operating as a search engine.

These torrents come from various torrent sites including ThePirateBay, EZTV, and YTS (which we haven’t covered yet, but will).

The good news is that TorrentFunk displays when a torrent link has been validated by the moderators of the originating torrent site (whether a direct or magnet link).

You can also see other information such as the upload date, the number of seeders, and the identity of the original uploader.

However, I recommend starting with Torrentz2 if you’re looking for a torrent search engine to save time instead of going from 1 torrent site to the next.

In this regard, TorrentFunk as an aggregator works against it, as you are less likely to uncover more obscure stuff.

Having trouble loading the official website?

What are the most popular searches?

Space Jam, Black Widow The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard: A New Legacy

How many seeds/leeches are there? 11122/3281, 8090/2222, 6267/627

How big is your library?

16,866,639+ intrusive advertisements?


Torrends is a torrent search engine rather than a torrent site, therefore it’s a good alternative to Torrentz2 and TorrentFunk.

This has the obvious benefit of making it easier to find direct and magnet connections to torrent files from other prominent torrent sites, such as those on this list! also makes it simple to see the torrent file, as well as the torrent uploader, upload date, file size, link health, & the number of current seeders, in your search results.

This makes it simple to stick to trusted uploaders and determine which torrents are safe. is an alternative to Torrentz2, however it isn’t as well-known and occasionally displays advertisements.

There is also only one verified mirror:

What are the most popular searches?

No intrusive advertisements?


14.Solid Torrents

Solid Torrents


SolidTorrents, a 2019 torrent metasearch engine that analyses files stored by other torrent sites, is a last option to Torrentz2 and

SolidTorrents has the advantage of making an effort to only show torrents from reliable sources.

This makes it a little easier to find what you’re looking for while maintaining as much security as a torrent site can reasonably provide.

SolidTorrents is occasionally flagged as potentially dangerous by Chrome and Firefox browsers.

The last time this happened on the site (which was a long time ago), the message informed me that dangerous links had been found.

This is, of course, why SolidTorrents is ranked #14 on my list of the most dependable torrent sites rather than a higher-ranking Torrentz2 alternative.

The site appears to be safe to me right now, but proceed with caution. Use a malware-blocking tool like NordVPN’s CyberSec, and scan all downloads with your antivirus software.

SolidTorrents’ unattractively basic design would push its ranking down even if the sporadic warnings didn’t occur!

There are currently no known mirror links.

What are the most popular searches?

N/A (Torrent Search Engine) (Torrent Search Engine)

How many seeds/leeches?

Library Size: N/A (Torrent Search Engine)

No intrusive advertisements?

Adblocker disabled

15. YTS (Yify Movies)



How the great have fallen… YTS (previously Yify Movies) used to be one of the best torrent sites, however that is no longer the case. Also check yify alternatives

YTS is still a popular torrent site, particularly among movie fans.

And movies remain the site’s only focus, with it being the only option when looking for old, rare films.

Anyone who has used Netflix before will find the UI very familiar.

However, it was moved to the bottom of my list due to some severe issues.

According to the TorrentFreak, YTS’s operator has been willingly giving Hawaii attorney Kerry Culpepper subscribers’ email addresses and IP addresses.

Even more concerning, Culpepper has been utilising this information to send emails to alleged YTS torrenters in the United States, threatening to suit unless they pay $1,000.

Because it was unclear whether Culpepper was asking the same bribe from all putative users threatened, withheld the actual number to preserve the threatened accused user’s privacy.

So why did I mention YTS in the first place?

To begin with, if you follow the torrenting safety guidelines, you won’t be giving anyone your email address (and if you do, I recommend using a fake email).

To hide your IP address, you need also utilise a reputable torrenting VPN.

Nonetheless, YTS is at the bottom of my list.

I strongly advise using the other torrent sites mentioned above and only using YTS as a last resort.

Having trouble loading the official website?

Avoid These 6 Torrent Sites

YTS narrowly avoids being included to my list of torrent sites to avoid, and that’s entirely due to how easy it is to avoid the site’s dubious activities.

There are, however, some sites that should be left alone — even as a last resort:

1. IP Torrents


IPTorrents requires users to register with an email address and pay a monthly subscription charge.

You’re better off sticking to the gratis options because there’s no evident benefit to membership, such as assured privacy protections or security perks.

2.Pass The Popcorn


PassThePopcorn advertises itself as a secure torrenting platform (which is meant to offer some security advantages with more dedicated moderation).

To log in, you must supply an email address and a password, but the site looks to be nearly hard to join.

On Reddit, someone will occasionally publish a claimed sign-up link, but these are always bogus.

Some are innocent gags that redirect you to the real site’s “invite-only” page, such as this April Fool Reddit post, while others may be harmful’

It is guided that you don’t click on any of them.

3.SUMO Torrent


Before viewing any of the torrents hosted by SUMOTorrent, you must first download and install its proprietary torrent client.

That alone is a significant red flag… The site also has a lot of grammatical problems, which is a classic hallmark of phishing sites.

4.KickAss Torrent


KickAssTorrents was formerly on my list of the best torrent sites.

Unfortunately, once its founder, Artem Vaulin, was imprisoned, the original KickAssTorrents (founded in 2008) shut down in 2016.

The rest of the team is said to have rebuilt KickAssTorrents as a mirror site, but it’s no longer the same.

To utilise the site, you must now install an extension, which is a major red flag because fraudulent browser extensions have been known to steal personally identifying information.

5. Torrent9


Pop-ups are 1 thing, but redirects are a whole other level of danger. Torrent9 and all of its mirror sites, unfortunately, frequently redirect visitors to a number of other websites.

Redirects are nearly usually a warning sign, and this site appears to prefer referring visitors to sites that may include adware, spyware, or other malware.



When you visit YourBittorrent, you will be bombarded with pop-ups and sexual adverts as soon as you click on anything on the site.

This is significantly more intrusive than on the other torrent sites on my list, therefore I’m leery of the advertising agreements this one has formed.

What is the difference b/w private and public torrent sites?

Simply simply, if you have the exact URL, you can visit a public torrent site. The public, on the other hand, cannot easily access private torrent sites. They’re usually hosted by people who know one other, even if only online, and they only expand to a certain extent.

Members only have access to the torrent links on private torrent sites. If you read my list of torrent sites to avoid, you’ll notice that I mention PassThePopcorn as a private torrent site. However, just because PassThePopcorn is on the “to avoid” list doesn’t mean all private torrent sites are bad!

So, what are the benefits & disfavors of each?

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Public Torrent Sites

The benefits of using public torrent sites include:

  • Accessibility – no registration required!
  • Variety – while not always assured, the fact that public torrent sites are open to the public implies that more people can contribute to the content kind.
  • Instant Downloads – as part of the site’s accessibility, you get instant downloads, which means no additional steps or sign-up is required.

The following are the disadvantages of using public torrent sites:

  • Bad Peers — on a public torrent site, bad peers are individuals who introduce phoney torrents with viruses.
  • Insufficient security – while some torrent sites attempt to verify all torrents, this is a challenging task, especially when the site is already popular and has a big content library. Some torrents (if not the majority) will not be scrutinised, and if moderators feel compelled to rush through verifications, there is a higher danger of human mistake.
  • Slow Downloads — there’s always the potential of leechers causing slow downloads on public torrent sites. While technically everybody who downloads a torrent file is a leecher, the term is most commonly used (as in this example) to refer to individuals who merely download without contributing to the upload. Other peers will have slower downloads as a result of this.

PRIVATE torrent sites have the following advantages:

  • Exclusivity Security – Most screened torrent sites are founded by persons who know and trust one another and gradually expand to include others who know and trust them. While terrible peers are occasionally admitted, they are usually swiftly detected, removed, and barred from future admission.
  • Faster Downloads – bad peers can also be leechers (in the negative sense), which are also deleted on a regular basis. Maintain a healthy seed-to-leech ratio to keep your membership active. Some private torrent sites even need a certain ratio to be invited to join.
  • Inaccessibility – this may seem self-evident, but private torrent sites are unavailable to anyone who isn’t a member or unable to become one.
  • Lack of Privacy – Because screened torrent sites operate on a membership basis, they are inherently insecure. Members must be easily recognisable, and they must be able to verify their identity while accessing the site. Some sites also require that you be personally known by at least one other active member or undergo an interview. Others will want evidence of a favourable upload-to-download ratio. All of this could make private torrent sites much more appealing to hackers and others looking to steal personal information.
  • Payment Barriers – While this isn’t always the case, some private torrent sites let prospective torrenters to purchase membership by making a “gift” that doubles as a membership fee.
  • Fake Invites: Because membership is by invitation only, the more people who learn about a secret torrent site, the more people will want to join. Unfortunately, there are lots of criminal actors eager to develop a phishing link that looks like an invitation in order to collect personal information. They might even go so far as to conduct a mock interview (some private torrent sites do demand an interview!) to obtain more personal information. The temptation to defraud eager would-be members is even greater on private torrent sites that charge a membership fee.
  • Limited variety – this isn’t always the case, but a more selective membership means a smaller group… As a result, there may be fewer users adding new torrents to the site’s content repository, and their tastes may be more discriminating.

Is there a champion?

Not at all. Finally, it is determined by your level of experience and tastes. It’s still your duty to be safe, regardless of whatever torrent site you use.

What is a torrent? A Quick Overview

You’re new to torrents. Don’t worry; all you contain to do is follow these easy instructions, which I go through in detail.

Let’s get started!

1. Get a torrent client and install it (I recommend qBittorrent)

A torrent client is required before you can begin torrenting.

This is the desktop application that handles things like initiating and controlling your P2P network uploads and downloads. Although uTorrent is one of the most popular alternatives, I do not recommend it. This is due to the discovery of several privacy and security problems with uTorrent in 2018.

I prefer qBittorrent instead. Unlike BitTorrent, qBittorrent is fully free (there are no paid premium editions) and isn’t infested with “optional” downloads that somehow end up on your PC despite your best efforts. I also found it to be significantly faster and lighter than its “premium” cousin. Simply go to the qBittorrent website, click “Download,” and select the appropriate installation for your device.

Recall to scan the installation file with your antivirus programme after downloading qBittorrent. If everything seems good, open the installation file and continue the procedure by following the on-screen directions!

2. Client Configuration

It’s time to configure the torrent client now that it’s been installed. This is a personal choice; your config choices may differ from mine. For example, you can have qBittorrent start automatically when your computer starts up or manually when you wish to use it. For torrent downloads, you can also provide a file destination.

But there’s no need to modify it if you’re pleased with the default! However, I recommend that you use UPnP port mapping to get the best download speeds possible. Finally, this is an excellent moment to impose upload and download speed limits to conserve bandwidth. You can always easily revise it later if you want!

3. Get the file.

Torrent Downloads

You’re ready to visit one of the finest torrent sites from my list above now that you’ve configured your torrent client!

Each web has its own set of rules, however the essential procedure is the same:

  • Locate the torrent content you require;
  • Check the health of the swarm (how many peers are seeding vs. how many are leeching) as well as other data such as file size and content quality.
  • Confirm the download by clicking the link.

That’s all there is to it!

No, not at all.

I’ll offer some important safety guidelines to follow while torrenting in a moment, so for now, these are just the fundamentals.

4. Open the .

Torrent Files to Download the Surprise Content!

The.torrent files you get from torrent sites aren’t the real thing.

These files just contain the metadata that your torrent client requires in order to connect to the appropriate peers and download the real content.

If that helps, think of them as “P2P URLs.”

When you click on them, your torrent client should open and begin downloading content from seeding peers.

You’ll find the scope in the folder you specified when configuring your torrent client after the download is complete.

You’ll need different software to open them depending on the content type and file extension – for example, VLC Media Player for video and audio.

Before launching a download, I recommend running it through your antivirus programme.

Quick Recommendation:

Typically, once you first download and open a.torrent file, your torrent client will ask if you wish to do so automatically for all.torrent files.

To sidestep the extra step in the future, confirm!

What is the fastest torrent site?

Before I get into which torrent site was the fastest for me, it’s important to note that speeds might vary based on a variety of factors.

As a result, the speeds I obtained during my tests may differ from the speeds you obtain during your tests.

How Can I Stay Safe When Torrenting?

You’ve learnt how to torrent easily; now it’s time to learn how to torrent safely!

Don’t worry, it’s quite simple.

I’ll also go through everything you need to know!

Let’s get started!

1.Always use an antivirus programme.

I’ve said it heretofore, but it bears repeating: always use an antivirus programme.

Even if you’re not torrenting, you should be doing so!

While there is a restricted free version that allows you to manually scan your computer, the premium version is more superior.

You can receive real-time web protection and set up automatic scans this way.

Furthermore, the real-time web protection will assist you in avoiding dangerous websites and will even prevent malicious (or possibly criminal) advertisements.

However, I’ve found that using a properly customised Firefox with the uBlock Origin extension works better for entirely eliminating advertisements and pop-ups.

I recommend watching Techlore’s video on hardening your browser for improved privacy and security:

Before launching a torrent file with your torrent client, manually scan it by right-clicking it and selecting “Scan with Malwarebytes.”

Do the same with the final material download, and just in case, conduct a Quick Scan.

This free online application examines your files using a variety of common antivirus packages.

If you don’t want to download an antivirus programme like Malwarebytes, VirusTotal comes in handy (though I still recommend doing so).

2. Always use a reputable torrent VPN.

Even some of the best torrent sites recommend using a VPN while torrenting!

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts your data to protect it from prying eyes, such as hackers or the government.

It also prevents your ISP from detecting that you’re torrenting, preventing them from blocking or throttling your bandwidth.

A VPN also masks your real IP address by replacing it with the IP of the VPN server.

This is just as crucial as the encryption since it prevents malevolent peers from seeing your true IP address and using it to track you down or launch a DDoS attack.

VPNs offer more than merely prevent your Internet service provider from limiting your connection.

If you’re in a nation where torrent sites are geo-blocked (like Japan or Australia), you can unblock them by connecting to a VPN server in another country.

I usually encounter that VPN servers in Slovakia or Austria work best for bypassing torrent geo-blocks.

Because I live in Slovakia, this is the case.

So, for the best potential speeds, try choosing a P2P-friendly VPN server in a location as close to you as feasible.

As a torrenting VPN, I prefer NordVPN.

3. Beware of Fake Torrents

Even if you use the best torrent services, you must know how to spot phoney torrents in order to be secure.

Here are a few pointers to remember:

  • Always keep an eye on the seed-to-leech ratio, which should be in the middle, with more peers sowing than leeching. The best ratio is usually two seeders to one leecher. Just be wary of torrents with an excessively high seed-to-leech ratio; if there are far more seeders than leechers, it’s most likely a fake.
  • If at all possible, use “verified” torrents. This isn’t always possible because public torrent sites only have a small team of moderators to manage millions of torrents. With websites like RARBG, where initial uploads are closely monitored, you’ll get a good sense of which uploaders are reliable quickly.
  • Don’t download the most recent movies or series from torrent sites. This is not only illegal, but it also increases the likelihood of fake and malware-infected torrents. The new Black Widow film from Marvel, for example, is already being used to spread malware.

When dealing with video or audio torrents, avoid WMA and WMV files. These are pretty outdated file extensions, & you’ll almost certainly be redirected to download & install other software – & if the torrent file itself isn’t highest of malware, the software/program will be. Stick to the MP3, MP4, AVI, or MKV files instead, but don’t shirk to scan them with your antivirus regardless!

  • Finally, always inspect the comments section on the torrent site before clicking download. If anyone else glimpses the file is corrupt or full of malware, they’ll caution others in the comments to look after their peers.

Torrent Site Not Loading? Here Are Tips to Fix It

Occasionally, you might encounter that a torrent site isn’t loading.

Most of the time, it is because your ISP is thwarting access to the site.

Usually, this is because the govt ordered them to do so as a heavy-handed endeavour to prevent online piracy of copyright materials.

The best way to improve this issue is by utilising a VPN with P2P-friendly servers.

This way, you can easily beat the geo-blocks by spoofing your location – and, at the same time, hide your real IP address & encrypt your online traffic.

However, a law enforcement agency might have grabbed the torrent site’s domain in more severe cases.

If only the leading domain is seized, you can still utilise the mirror domains to access the torrent site.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, & you might ought to resort to trying a different site from my list above.

IMPORTANT: Even though some how-to posts suggest utilising The Onion Router (Tor) for torrenting, the Tor Project’s faction has said before that torrenting through Tor isn’t a good idea.


Is Torrenting Legal?

How Can I Access Private Torrent Sites?

Why Does the Torrent Site I Utilize Have a Different Address?

What Are the Best Torrent Trackers?

What If I Get Caught Torrenting?

The Best Torrent Sites – Wrapping Up

Torrenting is a fabulous way to easily share large documents and even applications with others. Because it leans on peers simultaneously uploading portions of a file to the shared network, it can help distribute those files faster.

I aided you identify 15 of the best torrent sites that still perform right now. But remember your online privacy & safety while torrenting is still your responsibility, even when sticking to the best of the best. Always utilise a reliable torrenting VPN, ad-blocker, and antivirus, at the very least.

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