Top 4 Best Slack Alternatives On Linux

This post will explain best slack alternatives on linux. A conversation programme for the office is called Slack. It is employed for team organisation, project discussion, and interoffice communication. Slack is a great programme all around and offers many of helpful features.

Top 4 Best Slack Alternatives On Linux

In this article, you can know about Top 4 Best Slack Alternatives On Linux here are the details below;

Slack is not beloved by all Linux users, either. Therefore, we’ll talk about the top 4 Slack alternatives for Linux in this list.

1. Mattermost


A self-hosted alternative to Slack is Mattermost. It provides many of the Slack features, including webhook support, video chat, audio calls, embedded photos, private chats, and more. It is freemium and open-source.

Furthermore, Mattermost can integrate Slack user information, previous chats, and even the history of public channels. This is another best slack alternatives on linux. Also check  playstation vue alternative

For Linux users, there are a variety of Slack alternatives, including the Mattermost software.

However, it distinguishes itself by offering the option for users to import Slack data, which can make moving chat apps less painful.

Notable Features:

Users can self-host on Mattermost and take control of their conversation data.

Like Slack, Mattermost allows for both private and group communication.

Markdown formatting is supported by the Mattermost client.

Individual text channels can be marked as favourites in Mattermose for quick access.

Switching to Mattermost is significantly better than using other apps because it provides an easy Slack data import mechanism.

Download – Mattermost

Through its official website, Linux users can get Mattermost.

However, configuring your own Mattermost chat server can be very challenging, so be sure to refer to our detailed instructions on using and configuring Mattermost on Linux!

2. Riot


An open-source chat programme with a collaborative interface, is comparable to Slack.

Many Slack-like features are available here, including video calling, voice calling, emoticons, embedded images/video, and unique text channels. This is another best slack alternatives on linux.

The programme lets users self-host a chat server, similar to Mattermost.

Self-hosting, in contrast to Mattermost, is optional.

On, users can establish rooms without having to learn how servers operate.

For those seeking alternatives to Slack, is ideal.

Riot accomplishes this by giving users the option to self-host or start rooms on without charge.

Notable features:

Users of Riot can build a free room on without any technical knowledge or operate their own chat server to take control of their conversation data.

Users can establish unique chat channels for particular themes, much like Slack.

Your sensitive information is protected by end-to-end encryption used across Riot’s chat system.

Similar to Slack, Riot offers embeddable widgets and support for bots for collaborative job completion.

Download –

You may quickly download by going to the developer’s website.

However, take a look at our guide on if you’re having trouble getting the programme to run on Linux.

It clearly describes how to set up the chat application on your preferred Linux operating system.

3. Flock


A team chat programme for Linux, Mac, Windows, and other platforms is called Flock.

It was designed with teams in mind and supports a number of connectors that they find useful, including Trello, Github, Google Drive, and others. Also check justdubs

Flock includes typical capabilities like video chat, audio calling, embedded photos, and others, just like many Slack alternatives.

This is another best slack alternatives on linux. The best argument for Flock on Linux is that it works just like Slack and can be set up and operating for your team without any effort or self-hosting.

Do yourself a favour and give Flock a try if you’re seeking for an alternative to Slack on Linux but don’t want to host your own chat server.

Notable features:

A built-in, shareable to-do list is available in Flock for getting things done.

Users can also turn ongoing conversations in Flock into tasks on their to-do list.

Like Slack, Flock interfaces with a wide variety of third-party services, like Google Drive, Github, Trello, etc.

TLS 1.2 is used to encrypt data in Flock.

Users of Flock can submit polls to the group for feedback from everyone.

Download – Flock

By being made available through the Ubuntu Snap shop, Flock is accessible to all Linux users.

We’ve got you covered if you’re new to Linux and confused how Snap packages operate.

See our detailed instructions for configuring the Flock chat application on Linux.

4. Zulip


Open-source chat software for Linux, Mac, Windows, and mobile devices is called Zulip.

It provides many of the features you’d anticipate from a Slack substitute, including embedding code snippets, inline photos and videos, a full history search feature, support for file sharing, and much more.

Zulip is a fantastic alternative to Slack because of its many fascinating features, but discussion threading is by far its best one. This is another best slack alternatives on linux. Also check batmanstream 

This makes team communications much more readable and organised.

Therefore, give Zulip a try if you like Slack but want to switch to an app with chats that are simpler to read.

Notable features:

Links submitted with the Zulip chat app instantly produce a stunning inline preview.

Zulip users can always stay up to date on discussion, even if they aren’t online to participate in real-time conversations, thanks to threaded dialogues.

Numerous external tools and sources, including Jira, Trac, Nagios, Github, Jenkins, and many more, are integrated with Zulip.

Zulip’s “snappy and smart” full-history search function enables users to quickly and effectively identify certain text, conversations, or threads.

Download – Zulip

Only an AppImage file is now available for Linux users on the official Zulip website to utilise their software.

Visit this connection to understand how to install Zulip on a Linux computer.

Users may also download the Zulip application from the Ubuntu Snap Store or the Flathub Flatpak store in addition to the AppImage file.

Zulip’s Snap or Flatpak releases are the better options if AppImage annoys you.


We discussed the four top Slack alternatives for Linux in this list. There are other apps that resemble Slack besides these 4, though. What is your preferred Linux substitute for Slack? Please share in the comments area below.

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