Top Best Al writing Assistant Software For Mac In 2024

Best Al writing Assistant Software For Mac will be described in this article. It is anticipated that by 2030, the market for writing helpers driven by AI will have grown to a size of about $6.5 billion. Given that AI writing helpers are going to stay, it’s critical to get knowledgeable about the top resources available. We’ll walk you through the best AI writing programs and explain how to utilize them in this post.

AI-powered writing assistants

How AI can help writers’ workflows

By dividing lengthy paragraphs into smaller, more digestible chunks, AI writing assistant software can assist you in writing more succinctly and clearly. It is also proficient at handling spelling, grammar, and style.

Writers frequently experience writer’s block, which is the inability to begin writing. Such AI apps are helpful in this situation as they can compose a whole essay or just a few suggestions for you. Because AI-generated material may not always be excellent and is more likely to require human interaction for refining, your duty is limited to editing it well.

Top 8 AI writing assistant software

There are numerous options for personal Al writing assistants, each with special characteristics and functionalities. We advise you to try a few different ones until you find the one that best fits your needs and tastes. Here are a few well-liked AI writing resources. Let’s see how they can assist you in writing more quickly and creating better copy.

1. Elephas


Elephas is, in our opinion, one of the most practical assistants. This feature is accessible menu bar and can be used with a single click, regardless of whether you’re working in Notes or a Google Doc. You can instruct it to rewrite the entire text in a predetermined tone, or just a certain paragraph. Elephas can also translate across languages, correct grammatical errors, and do a lot more. Using the Super Brain feature, you may interact with your data to create documents, emails, chats, and even web pages in PDF, DOCX, and web format via Obsidian or Roam!

2. TypingMind

We adore TypingMind’s user-friendly UI. The app is easy enough to use even for those who are not tech savvy. Would you like TypingMind to create a text, edit it, or respond to a query? Choose a character based on your tastes. You may hire a stand-up comedian, technical writer, journalist, financial counselor, and others to write for you. You can always go back to any of the chats you have with the AI chatbot because they are all saved within the app.


3. Craft (Craft AI Assistant)

This is our third app on the list that uses AI. Find out more. It is a flexible application that can assist writers in streamlining their workflow, designers in structuring their team’s design language, and students in organizing their course materials.

With capabilities including quicker writing, idea generating, document summarizing, paragraph rewriting, social media post creation, proofreading, and translation, Craft offers an AI helper to boost productivity. Additionally, Craft enables users to work with up to five other people, interact with images, videos, and files in their papers, style material with a variety of options, build highly organized pages, and share and export their work with ease.


4. Grammarly

Chances are that anyone who deals with text has heard of Grammarly. AI is already being used by this writing assistance to speed up the editing process. You can get grammar, punctuation, and spelling help from Grammarly. However, they released GrammarlyGO, an even better product, in March 2023. This artificial intelligence (AI) writing helper for content producers can come up with ideas, write, edit, change tone, and more.


5. Plus

Try Plus if you’re looking for an app that’s not just user-friendly but also does writing duties well. Anywhere you work, this assistant can work too. To access the AI assistant, select text in any app and click Option + Space. With only one click, you can ask Plus to clarify, enhance, condense, translate, and duplicate the outcome of the text you’ve chosen.

Not quite happy with what you’ve written? plus has the ability to rewrite it, edit the grammar and spelling, or simplify the wording. Simply provide a rough draft and allow AI to refine it to its finest form. Also check How To Spot Email Scams

Additionally, Plus lets you read lengthy emails, texts, and articles faster. Simply ask it to give you a summary of them. You may also swiftly translate any text and receive explanations on complex subjects.


6. Ulysses

Is there anything more intriguing? Of course! It’s Ulysses. The program functions similarly to Google Docs or Microsoft Word, but it has a ton of strong features that you won’t find anywhere else. Open one of the built-in templates in Ulysses’ library if you’re not sure what kind of content you’re going to generate.

In relation to AI, Ulysses has an integrated grammar and style checker that helps you avoid errors and strike the appropriate tone. For more than 20 languages, there are suggestions for capitalization, punctuation, semantics, redundancy, style, and more.


 7. MonsterWriter


While MonsterWriter may not offer all the functions of the above-mentioned AI assistants, such as rewriting, grammar corrections, and tone modifications, it nevertheless stands out as a highly helpful program worth trying. MonsterWriter is excellent at formatting your text in a clever and effective way, freeing you up to concentrate just on developing your ideas and producing interesting material.

Adding advanced formatting options to your content, such headings, tables, footnotes, photos, code snippets, hyperlinks, and cross-references, is one of MonsterWriter’s most notable features.

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