Top 6 Best Apps like Zenly And Zenly Alternatives

Best Apps like Zenly And Zenly Alternatives will be discussed in this article. As the world’s economy, riches, and technology advance, so do crimes and dangerous situations. Before that, with the aid of some intriguing apps like Zenly, you can at least keep path of your loved ones & ensure that wherever they are—they are safe. To put a stop to these events & keep your loved ones safe, you would probably require a good team of years to bring out the movement.

About Zenly

With the help of the people and locations you are near to, Zenly is a social media app that enables you to create your own map of the globe. You can use this app to find out where your friends, relatives, and other people are in real-time, whether they are at their place of residence, their place of employment, or somewhere else.

Zenly is a useful app for keeping tabs on your loved ones and friends, but the bad news is that it will soon be shutting down, so even if you download it right away, you won’t be able to use it for very long. Many users were alarmed by the aforementioned comment, which prompted them to look for Zenly-like programs. If you are looking for alternatives to Zenly, you have come to the correct place. In the article that follows, we will provide a list of 6 effective Zenly substitutes.

Top 6 Best Apps like Zenly And Zenly Alternatives

In this article, you can know about Zenly Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Life360


Life360 Apps are similar to Zenly PHOTO CREDIT – APP STORE iOS Android Life360 is a home social networking app that offers superior location, driving, and digital safety features as well as location sharing for your complete family. This is another Zenly Alternatives. Also check PDFsam Alternatives

In plain English, it is a family locator that will make it simple for you to stay in touch with the people that matter to you without actually bothering them by calling and messaging to inquire about their whereabouts. One of the best apps like Zenly is Life360 because it offers a variety of common features like location sharing as well as more sophisticated ones like notifying you of a family member’s location whenever they are running late or if they were involved in a car accident.

Key Features

  • Make ‘circles’ of people you may talk to privately, including family members.
  • Receive notifications when family members depart from or arrive at particular locations.
  • You can use the locator on your phone to look for the whereabouts of other people’s lost or stolen phones.
  • See the current whereabouts of family members and a private family map that only you and your circle may see.

2. Find My Friends

Find My Friends

PHOTO CREDIT – software STORE iOS Android Find My Friends is another location software that enables you to find relatives and friends using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. You may quickly share your location with others after downloading this app, and you can also follow the whereabouts of those who have shared their locations with you. This is another Zenly Alternatives.

The best aspect is that you can quickly and simply hide your location with a single tap if you don’t want to be followed. Additionally, Find My Friends includes location-based alerts that can help you be informed whenever a friend or member of your family enters or exits a specific location.

Key Features

  • Pick whether you wish to broadcast your location indefinitely or just sometimes.
  • Using AirDrop, you may quickly and easily let friends and family members who are nearby know where you are.
  • The app is 3D Touch compatible.
  • Over 30 languages are supported by Find My Friends worldwide, including Arabic, Australian English, British English, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, and Korean.

3. GeoZilla


IMAGE CREDIT: software STORE iOS ANDROID GeoZilla is a well-liked and dependable software for finding your family members. To do this, you must first invite your family members to download the app; if they do, you can start sharing your live location and track everyone’s whereabouts.

GeoZilla is one of the profitable apps like Zenly since it allows you to track other devices like an Android smartwatch and an iPhone while using an Android. This is another Zenly Alternatives.

The app also employs a safety reporting system that will alert you whenever a family member is texting or talking on the phone while operating a vehicle or a bicycle at excessive speeds. Additionally, the emergency contact list contacts will all be notified right away if a crash is detected.

Key Features

  • In order to prevent your battery from running out, it uses a substantial location change (SLC) that keeps your location tracker in sleep mode until you move and exit a particular room or area.
  • Every time someone leaves the house, makes a safe arrival, or arrives on schedule, you’ll receive a notification.
  • Share your whereabouts in a private circle that only certain family members can see.
  • Verify the locations your family has visited recently, whether they have done so collectively or separately.

4. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a popular location-finding program that may help you travel the world more quickly and easily. PHOTO CREDIT – program STORE iOS Android Google Maps is one of the top location-finding apps. The software covers more than 220 nations, including regions with millions of establishments and places with precise location information.

It does not assist you in creating private groups, chat, and maps, in contrast to other programs like Zenly that are mentioned in this post. However, a wide range of apps, such as WhatsApp, Messages, etc., still allow you to share your current location by using the GPS on your device.

Using Google Maps, you may update your family on your present location and the scenario as it appears on the map while you are going. Additionally, you can benefit from the advanced features of the app, such as audio instructions, which eliminate the need for you to constantly check your phone for directions and receive all the information you need about your location.

Key Features

  • Utilize the app’s real-time ETAs and traffic information to avoid traffic and other relevant problems.
  • Real-time information allows you to catch your bus, ridesharing, and train.
  • You can avoid delays caused by oncoming traffic, road closures, and incidents with the use of an automatic rerouting option.

5. Glympse


A helpful, cost-free, and easy-to-use program called Glympse lets you to share your whereabouts with friends, family, and coworkers using your device’s GPS tracking. Here, you can form an online group for your family reunion and notify your friends and family that you are on your way. You can also find out if someone is running late. This is another Zenly Alternatives. Also check ClipGrab Alternatives

You can also take a variety of other actions, such as telling your family about your safety while running, biking, cycling, or driving, making it simple for your friends to find you at a concert or festival, sending your client an ETA when you’re stuck in traffic, planning a fun night out with friends, and more.

Key Features

  • There is no need to sign up for the app, which has a straightforward user interface.
  • To view the live location shared by anyone through the Glympse app, you don’t require the Glympse app.
  • It tells you if a charity run is taking place, and you may join followers on Twitter or Facebook on the same route.

6. Family360


PHOTO Recognition – APP STORE iOS Android Family360 is a family finder that provides precise whereabouts for your family based on GPS coordinates and position data. This app permits you to follow the whereabouts of mobile devices that have registered with it. However, since the other person needs to accept your invitation, this cannot be used to stalk anybody. This is another Zenly Alternatives.

Additionally, it can be useful if your phone is stolen or lost. A GPS tracker will be used to determine the cell phone’s present location. Additionally, you may locate your family on the map, let people know where you are, and check the most recent traffic information to see ahead of time whether there will be any delays for you or other travelers.

Key Features

  • Create several personal groups to which you can invite other people.
  • You can view a complete location history of the locations and journeys that you and my friends in all circles have taken.
  • It provides cutting-edge security options like “Watch over me” and “Send SOS.”

Final Words

We have listed the top Zenly alternatives in this article since they have gotten positive reviews from consumers and come with a 100% security guarantee. The internet offers other possibilities, but if you want to use the best, you should start by using apps like Zenly, which were discussed in the aforementioned article.

Frequently asked Questions

Exists a free alternative to Zenly?

Yes, there are other excellent Zenly alternatives that are available for free to use. These include Google Maps, Find My Friends, GeoZilla, Life360, Glympse, and Family360.

Which app is a worthy alternative to Zenly?

There are numerous excellent apps that are comparable to Zenly, but GeoZilla, Google Amal’s Life360, Glympse, and Family360 may be the most dependable of them all.

What is the purpose of the Zenly app?

With the help of the geolocation app Zenly, you may share your whereabouts with friends and other people and keep them informed as you advance toward your destination. The software is useful for a variety of things, including keeping track of one’s location and making sure pals get to their houses safely.

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