February 22, 2013

The Chromebook Pixel May Be Real, but the Price is Unreal

April Fool's isn't until April, Google.

Through murmurs the Chromebook Pixel was't real, Google announced their halo Chromebook device yesterday. A core i5 machine with a 3:2 touchscreen display and a resolution of 2560 x 1700, Google mystified reporters who questioned why ChromeOS needs a touchscreen when it's not built for touch. Never mind that question, however, because a bigger mystery is the price: the Chromebook Pixel is $1,299. Yes, Chromebook that runs solely web apps costs more than a MacBook Air or any functional Windows machine. It's okay to laugh. Because even fair and balanced reporting has its limits, and the Chromebook Poxel pushed itself into the realm of sheer absurdity. But hey, at least you get 3 years of 1 terabyte storage in Google Drive, should that paltry 32 gigabytes of local storage not be up to snuff.

This isn't a joke, guys.

SOURCE: The Verge


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