February 21, 2013

Sony Reveals the PS4, Without Revealing the PS4

Sony may have announced their next generation console last night, but that doesn't mean every question was answered. How much would the PS4 be priced? What about an emphasis on mobile? What does the PS4 actually look like? Some might say these are valid points that should be address at the unveiling of a new console, but Sony defied common sense and instead announced some of what the PS4 has to offer. In addition to improved graphics that are on par with PC games and a new controller with an included ouchpad, Sony also announced a heavy emphasized on shared, social gameplay with friends. Players can share video game clips and have friend actively watch and sometimes influence other people's games. Moreover, Sony also announced an improved Playstation Eye that allowed for a fuller, more dimensional use of the Playstation Move accessory. In keeping with their recent acquisition of game streaming service Gaikai, Sony also announced a heavy emphasis on quick and easy streaming and testing of PS3 and PS4 games, but there's still a question on how fast standard Internet speeds has to be to make this more than a talking point. Last, but not least, there were many games on display yesterday, including titles such as Diablo, Infamous: Second Son, and Killzone III. There's a lot of death and destruction in those few games we mentioned, but at least you'll be able to share your violent conquests with your relatives on Facebook, should you want.

Ahh Sony, there's nothing like announcing so much and yet telling us so very little. Kudos.

SOURCE: The Verge


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