February 23, 2013

Falcon Pro Chafes Against Twitter’s User Restrictions

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I may not be too fond on Twitter’s recent policies, for good reason: their new API is far too restrictive and closed minded of a platform that benefits from outside innovation. The fallacy of Twitter’s recent policies are rearing their ugly head once more, with popular Android Twitter client FalconPro hitting the 100,000 user token limit and now unable to take any more users. Despite being a paid app, FalconPro has proved especially popular on the Google Play store. The app, while still available for purchase, will not accept any new logins or new accounts. Though developer Joaquim Verg├Ęs is fighting to extend Falcon Pro’s token limit, the fight may be a futile one: other apps such as Tweetro had to pull their apps and release a separate, marked up version just to bypass the restrictions.

SOURCE: Android Police

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