July 11, 2012

An Interview with the Crew of Yeah, It’s That Bad

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Sometimes, movies with a good premise, a solid cast, and/or or prestigious director go awry. For example, have we all forgotten the mess that is Halle Berry’s Catwoman? Let’s not forget Jim Carrey’s The Number 23 either. And when the hearts of movie goers everywhere are broken, the men of the Yeah, It’s That Bad podcast go to work. What’s that work? The podcast’s regular intro sums the premise up:

Yeah, It's That Bad is a show that looks at supposedly bad movies and asks the question: is it really that bad? What that boils down to is that it looks at movies that are rotten on Rotten Tomatoes and reevaluate that score. Is the movie really that bad?
With a ragtag, three man podcasting crew, a plethora of running jokes, and the infamous beefcake scale, Yeah, It’s That Bad is one of the most played podcasts at Techblitz HQ. We had the pleasure of speaking to Joel, Martin, and Kevin of the aforementioned podcast about success, beef cakes, and our beloved spastic, full-body actor artist, Nicolas Cage.

TECHBLITZ: For a being a relatively new broadcast, how did you become such a popular podcast so fast? You definitely have an active and devoted fan base!

Joel: That's an interesting question, I never really considered us to be a very popular podcast, but I appreciate the kind words. As for how this happened, it was completely due to the fact that Apple featured us in the New & Noteworthy section when we first premiered, we slowly picked up steam from there.
Kevin: We have passionate, dedicated, beautiful, and sexy fans that have spread the word.
Martin: I didn't think we were popular.

5 beef cakeTECHBLITZ: The podcast has kept a mysterious anonymity that both covers your identity and your dark, checkered past. How many beefcakes would you give yourself, if you were to rate your appearance? If you were to refer to any actor (or actress, if you're into that sort of thing) that looks like you, who would that actor be? George Clooney may be a possible choice here.
35 beef cake
Martin: I'm a five out of five beefs, there isn't enough cattle in the state of Texas to supply me in enough beef cakes. I don't think there is anyone in Hollywood that I look like.
Kevin: I'm a three out of five beefs, there is plenty of room for improvement. People say I look like Ethan Hawke.

5 beef cakeJoel: Five out of five beefs, all the way, and I look like The Rock, if he had absolutely no muscles or charisma.

TECHBLITZ: The podcast has seen a lot of wonderfully bad actors and actresses. Any particular stand outs? Cough Nicolas Cage cough.

Kevin: Katherine Heigl, because she never has chemistry with any one else on screen in anything I've ever seen her in.
Martin: Jessica Biel, because it seems like she lacks the ability to make the connection between words and emotions on screen, it's getting to the point that it’s ridiculous.
Joel: I'm going to buck the trend and unlike these two misogynists, and I won't pick a woman. My vote goes to Cameron Bright and every other child actor that has ever appeared in any of the movies we have watched.

TECHBLITZ: There are several running jokes on the podcast, from the "weak, weak, weak man" to the beloved "beefcake" scale. Did these running jokes exist before the podcast, or have they been created during podcast recordings? Do you have a particular favorite running joke?

Joel: The running jokes all happen spontaneously during recording, usually we'll say something stupid, and if some one laughs we'll bring it up again and again until it isn't funny any more. As for my favorite, I love the extreme hyperbole, whenever we mention numbers we always over exaggerate them.
Kevin: The beefcake stuff is my favorite running joke. (EDITORS NOTE: See the above question for a graphic depiction of the joke.)
Martin: Calling each other weak men is very humorous to me.

TECHBLITZ: You guys all have different jobs that aren’t YITB related, yet you all have managed to be consistent in keeping the podcast updated and active. How much time do you guys devote to the podcast? Any lapses between your main job and the podcast?

Joel: In addition to watching the movie, recording, editing, and posting the episodes I spend around ten hours working on the show.
Kevin: There are times when my real job has precluded me from participating in this precious podcast.
Martin: There's been times were I've had more pressing matters I've had to attend to as well.

Lots of thanks to Joel, Martin, and Kevin for taking the time to talk with us. You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Zune (give them a good rating), and you can follow the podcast updates every Tuesday at the Yeah, It’s That Bad website. Additionally, you can follow Joel (@yeahitsbad), Martin (@yeahitsmartin), and Kevin (@yeahitskev) on Twitter. But seriously, listen to this podcast. It will amaze you.

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