February 13, 2012

In Which We Romance Blackberry 10 and Creep Out Everyone


Well hello, new OS, how’s your Valentine’s Day Eve going? How ‘bout you come on over and you can be mine… I'll even get you those stale heart candies!

Wait a second, this is a Blackberry OS ? Blackberry as in the crazy, keyboard-loving, company killing Blackberry OS? We didn’t even recognize you under those sweet threads!  Have you had work done? I mean, you’ve got widgets on your home screen, video calling implemented throughout, an universal inbox and improved folders! You clearly have changed, but is it for the better?

Man, you look different… but is it enough to bring me back from all those other contenders? Looks like you need to image and we’ll figure out if this is image or just a passing fling. Blackberry, are you up for the challenge?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: We sincerely apologize for what just happened. Its unprofessional, and frankly, these human-phone flings give us a severe case of the creeps. Again, we apologize for the eventual nightmares that will surface. Oh God, we’ve made a huge mistake.)

SOURCE: Crackberry

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